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    Is there a better way?

    I'm currently expanding on an online trivia game that I have written where people can add questions and edit the questions. The game works pretty good and I have the add/edit section working, but I was wondering if there was a better way to grab the date from the php file called forward.php? It seems there should be a better way to pass variables to the forward.php file ( url: "forward.php?direction=" + id + "&lastRec=" + lastId, // The PHP file that retrieves the questions: )? It's not a big deal for this portion of the script works.
    	function forwardFCN() {
    		$.ajax({ // Start of ajax:
    			url: "forward.php?direction=" + id + "&lastRec=" + lastId, // The PHP file that retrieves the questions:
    			dataType: "json", // Format type:		
    			success: function(info) { // Grab the data from php and then display it:
    				id          = info.trivia_id;
    				lastRec     = info.lastRec;    
    				question    = info.trivia_question,
    				answer1     = info.answerA,
    				answer2     = info.answerB,
    				answer3     = info.answerC,
    				answer4     = info.answerD,
    				correct     = info.correct;
    				$('#editId').attr('value', id);
    				if ( info.confirmed == 'yes' ) {
    					$('input:radio[name=confirm]')[0].checked = true;
    				} else {
    					$('input:radio[name=confirm]')[1].checked = true;
    				$answerA.attr('value', answer1);
    				$answerB.attr('value', answer2);
    				$answerC.attr('value', answer3);
    				$answerD.attr('value', answer4);
    				$('option.editOption').each(function() {
    					if ( $(this).attr('value') == correct ) {
    						$(this).attr('selected', 'selected');
    			} // End of fetching data:
    		}); // End of Ajax:
    	} // End of Call Ajax Function:
    Here's the php file that goes with the above Ajax call:
    PHP Code:
    if (isset(
    $_GET['direction']) || !filter_var($_GET['direction'], FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array('min_range' => 1))) {

    $edit_id $_GET['direction'];
    $lastRec $_GET['lastRec'];    
    $e = array();

      if (isset(
    $current_id)) {

        try {
    $query "SELECT  id, confirm, question, answerA, answerB, answerC, answerD, correct FROM movieTrivia WHERE id>=:current_id ORDER BY id ASC LIMIT 1";
    $stmt $pdo->prepare($query);
    $result $stmt->execute(array(':current_id' => $edit_id));

    // If the query ran OK, fetch the record into an object:
    if ($result) {

    $trivia $stmt->fetch();
    $e['trivia_id'] = $trivia->getId(); 
    $e['confirmed'] = $trivia->getConfirm();
    $e['trivia_question'] = $trivia->getQuestion();
    $e['answerA'] = $trivia->getAnswerA();
    $e['answerB'] = $trivia->getAnswerB();
    $e['answerC'] = $trivia->getAnswerC();
    $e['answerD'] = $trivia->getAnswerD();
    $e['correct'] = $trivia->getCorrect();

          } else {
            throw new 
    Exception('An invalid page ID was provided to this page');
        } catch (
    Exception $e) { // Catch generic exceptions

    Any help or insight will be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    P.S. If anyone is curious what the game looks like, here's a link to it:https://www.pepster.com/ and it's even responsive.
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    1) even for jQuery AJAX GET requests you can put your data into the data config property. you could also choose to use the $.getJSON() shorthand method.

    2) [PHP]
    - there is a filter function to use input directly:
    PHP Code:
    // does not need a previous check for isset($_GET['direction'])
    // if this entry does not exist, filter_input() will return NULL
    filter_input(INPUT_GET"direction"FILTER_VALIDATE_INT, array('min_range' => 1))); 
    - $_GET['lastRec'] is not used => remove it.

    - $edit_id = $_GET['direction']; only hides that you’re using userland data. you can feed the GET data directly to PDO (and you are always reminded that this is unsafe user data)
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