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    How to force an AJAX call

    Firefox 19 on Windows 7.

    var ajaxRequestObj = getXMLHttpRequest();
    var ajaxParm = "test?cmd=testFunc";
    sendRequest(ajaxRequestObj, ajaxParm);

    The above codes work fine on IE and Chrome, but failed on Firefox (19), to trigger the call to function testFunc on the java side (Spring).

    Next I did is use the javascript debugger (firebug), went through line by line, and yes the testFunc was triggered. Now back to the non-debug mode, it failed to trigger the testFunc again.

    It seems I need to somehow force the ajax call.

    How could the same codes failed on Firefox?

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    could be getting cached. check the expires, date, and last-modified headers of the server response.

    a past expires will prevent caching in all browsers.
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