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    How do I get search engine results programatically?

    How do I get search engine results programatically? Some search engines use AJAX to display content and so the URL does not change. This makes it difficult to get result content from a search engine programatically.

    Most search engines do not use AJAX. But two popular ones that I am interested in is YANDEX and DUCKDUCKGO. Both of these search engines use AJAX to advance beyond the first page of results. How do I find a way to programatically access these pages?

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    the url always changes, just maybe not in the url bar.
    use firebug or [F12] to find the real urls that bring in more results.
    if you have permissions to fetch those urls, they should be nearly ready to go.

    btw, you can use yahoo and google's APIs to search those services from any page using JSONp.
    google's was called its "ajax search api" last time i used it, and yahoo has pipes and YQL are going strong.
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