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    Scrolling transactions in ajax when emailing statement from database

    I need to scroll transactions of Music Royalty Account
    (of Distributor, Producer, Writer, Artist, Musician) in ajax while Royalty
    Statements from database(Mysql, Access) are being emailed. One problem of many is that the email "send" command is issued after acumulating all the
    transactions of the account in the body of the email in an html variable. while email is sent on an account by account basis the ajax email scrolling is taking place transaction by transaction in the royalty account. I don't have clue what to do. I anyone can help me . if example could be shown sending JSON for Mysql
    database with PHP AND sending XML when using Access and ASP jquery and/or javascript.

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    well for php it's easy; echo json_encode (phpArray), and whatever current "mysql recordset to array" command php has will shove json over the wire.

    not sure about asp+xml, yuck...
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