Hi ,

I am totally new to programming in javescript .My purpose is to call a python file in javascript .The python script inturn calls a database function .Javascript acts as a web interface to insert data into the postgres db .

There are several fields (string and numbers) in the form and a submit button . After entering data in the form and when the user presses the 'submit' button the main.js makes the follwing Ajax call .But it is not working.

The call is

function submitForm(event)
name =document.getElementById("name");
var u = 'http://url/test.py'
var dataStr = 'name=' +name.value + '&Location=' +Location.value
url: u,
datatype: 'xml',
data: dataStr,
type: 'POST',
success: function(xml){
var status = $("result",text).find('status').text()
return checkstatus(status);

function checkstatus(status)
if(status == "Success" )
} else{
alert("Enter valid values")

The problem is the no insertion of data happens into the database and the xml file is empty .

Even though all the values are provided into the form it always goes to 'Enter valid values' .

And in the python file there is a statement like
print "Content-type:text/xml\r\n\r\n"
Before the database conenction is closed the following sttaement is print from the python file

[code in python]
print '<result>'
if au == True
print '<status>Success</status>'
print '<status>Fail</status>'
print '</result>'

[code in python]

I am trying this in a safari browser .This is urgent .Any help is truly appreciated .

And when I execute the URL in the variable u its working fine and data is getting inserted into the database .Only when I am inserting from the form I have a problem .