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    Exclamation 2 tasks (i) drag n drop (ii) contentGlider

    Dear forum helper,

    I believe I have found heaven, as I have just stumbled upon this forum today.
    I have entered a forum board such as this because I had a professional looking into what I wanted developed and they seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.
    It was a bad sign when they asked me if I could speak less technical in what I required which I found bizarre coming from an IT professional who was going to charge me money to do my work.
    Please note I am not kidding in my profile that I am a newbie but do note that I have a lot of enthusiasm and motivation and as you will soon see, am very pedantic (ie. want flexible variations or options available in the scripts if someone does help me out).

    These 2 projects are purely a hobby, just for me. If anyone by chance is helping me out and is sending me finalized code please send it as a private message.

    Please find a ZIP attachment containing my first project which is javascript.
    My second project is a link to an Ajax contentGlider which I want modified for extra features.

    The ZIP attachment contains a text file which is outdated. Please delete and use this forum post for references.

    First and foremost for my ZIP attachment, I need info regarding what are my options for what formats the codes must work under in order to be the most dynamic/efficient however please note that I would also like a barebones javascript version working on html page.
    What are all my options for the premium version of what I want done, please continue reading.
    Currently I just want the scripts to work off a html page on my USB Flash Drive, using W98, Firefox, with Javascripts enabled.
    I do have the latest version of Java installed also in the case someone with some time on their hands creates an applet for me which would be an example of one of the premium options available for me.

    1st Project

    Note see ZIP attachment, referring to my 2 sample html pages 1.2 & 1.3, if you use a Browser Zoom function, the thumbnails lose their position and are no longer aligned in the table.
    Must design a script where thumbnails slot into each table row and therefore making the thumbnails snap-fit lock-in to the table thumbholder and if for example use Browser Zoom, the images dont lose positions in table.
    The script must have a codename ID or something for each table row and for each table thumbnail slot (ie. rows and columns).

    Note that the script must work (back and forth) between at least 2 different tables (ie. 2 separate rows of thumbnails).
    Or is it better (for the script to work more efficiently), to create a large table which has a large portion in the middle that is empty, giving the visual impression that its 2 separate tables, and have the script working within just the 1 large table that has many rows but only some rows (eg. top row and bottom row) are being used for script?
    Actually I realize I need 2 versions (1 version that works within a large table with various rows that are interactive or non-interactive) (Another version with 2 or more separate tables because in some cases I will like to run drag n drop script within the contentGlider script, more info on that 2nd project later).

    Once a thumbnail image is drag n dropped onto another thumbnail slot (note that the thumbnail image can be dragged onto any and all other thumbnail slots that are interactive) that within the script, I have pre-set in the script which new image will replace that thumbnail slot. Is that even possible with javascript or only with a java applet?
    For example if I drag n drop the Green-thumbnail-image onto Red-thumbnail-image, the new value of the thumbnail slot where Red was positioned, will now be Yellow-thumbnail-image.
    Is it possible in javascript or some similar dynamic code where a replacement thumbnail can load up if the user drags and drops another thumbnail image ontop of an interactive thumbnail?
    Or must an applet be developed or can both options be developed but the applet is more robust and can perform more features.
    I would prefer both options developed for me as I still want a javascript version despite applet being more dynamic.
    Definitely want a javascript version exhausted to its fullest capabilities the language can offer.
    Note that other scripts such as jigsaw javascripts could aid in developing this hybrid-combination script that i want.
    For inspiration please see:
    Note regarding the snapfit script there should be a settings for my hybrid script to allow the mouseover silhouette color changes turned on or off, depending on what I want at the time.

    Also note that some thumbnails cannot be dragged/interactive and are fixed (permanently locked-in to the slot) therefore the script must allow for this function.
    I must have the ability to set if the thumbnail slot is fixed/static or interactive (or some sort of code that allows me to adjust the setting for fixed/static).


    values for fixed/static

    0 = off
    1 = on

    Note that the number of columns (thumbnails) for each rows may vary therefore must be compatible/adjustable in the script.
    Just curious, Is there a limit to the number a rows I can make (interactive), eventhough at the moment Im only working with 2 rows of thumbnails?

    Please check my 2 sample html pages 1.2 & 1.3

    You will notice that currently the drag-able thumbnails are just floating ontop of thumbnail images found in 2 tables.
    It is just an illusion that the drag-able images appear to be in tables.

    I have attempted to move the code for the first row of drag-able images into the first table, replacing the old code for the first table. My test/theory was unsuccessful.

    I leave it in your hands to play around with.

    If by extensive research anyone discovers that javascript alone will not allow the new value of a thumbnail image to replace an older thumbnail image in a thumbnail slot, please dont drop the project altogether.
    I will still accept just being able to move the interactive thumbnail images around which lock-in to interactive thumbnail slots (columns).

    2nd Project


    There are other examples of script written by other authors but I think this one provided may be one of the better examples?

    Heres another good example:


    Part A:

    Slide-in right to left > a horizontal TABLE of thumb images (optional where thumb images can be clicked onto, to link elsewhere eg. a new page or a popup page)
    At either end/side of the TABLE > create arrow buttons for left or right navigation of next or previous table

    Buttons positioned as are in example, if possible place BACK button in first position.

    Each slide panel (ie. horizontal TABLE of thumb images) has a corresponding page which loads in an iFrame under the buttons GUI.
    The corresponding pages for each slide panel explain/detail the content in each of the slide panels.

    NOTE: the horizontal TABLE of thumb images may be like the tables used in Drag N Drop which contain 1 row or can be tables with multiple rows and different sized columns etc.

    NOTE: sometimes a corresponding iFrame (with its descriptive content page) wont be needed to load up therefore I must be able to easily delete that code in the script or in the script settings can set NO iFRAME AT ALL TO LOAD UP.

    The 2nd Project is more for image galleries, click onto thumbnail and load up fullsize image. But also want a variation available for me, see below.

    Part B:

    Now if we where to use a modified version of the 2nd Project to function with the 1st Project is this possible, or there are too many scripts and tables running which could clash?

    For example, I would like the top row table of Drag n Drop thumbnails to remain static/fixed, each time you load up a bottom row table of thumbnail images using the AJAX content glider/slider, the top row table does not refresh or reload I believe, such is the dynamics of AJAX.
    Is it possible for a Drag N Drop hybrid script to work with the fixed top row table and the AJAX loaded bottom row table?
    Also include in the script the feature of a corresponding iFrame (descriptive content page) to be available or not available depending if its needed for what Im doing.

    Thanks for your attention.
    Apologize for the pedantic variations that I require but honestly if anyone knows these code languages and possesses a problem solving mind, I believe all these features can be created.



    Thank you for not running away mad with hands flailing around in the air.

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