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    Smile ASP.Net MVC3 - Progressive Enhancement Web Site

    I developed a web application using ASP.Net, MVC3, Spring.Net, nHibernate, MySQL5, Server Side XML/XSL Transformations and Web Services with AJAX/jQuery.

    The application uses Plug-n-Play architecture where every detail on the screen is a separate Zone that can be plugged in or out.

    It has full Role-Based, Field-Level Security enabling different CRUD actions on a per-user basis.

    My initial approach to this application relied heavily on AJAX/JScript and was a problem when JScript was disabled. This version is not using JScript for functionality at all. I am currently completing the AJAX part, to be in line with Progressive Enhancement...advice I got from this forum...Thank You guys.

    The application can be used for any Business Model, whether a Hotel Group, a Used Car Outlet or a Hotdog Vendor. Plugin architecture at it's best.

    Every Registered User has the option to select from a list of functionality they want to use. Like Contact Lists, Grocery Schedule, Collectables, My Kids, Resume and a whole lot more. I include Zones as I develop them...just plug it in and its available for users to select.

    So far I am quite happy with the application and its look and feel.

    I would like to get a honest opinion from people on this forum.

    Please take a look at www.dime7.com and let me know your thoughts, questions and suggestions. I appreciate you taking time to assist me in this endeavor.

    PS: If you need a Demo Login, contact me and I will set it up.

    Thank you
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