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    How do i keep "&" from being converted to "&" ?

    In a MySQL database i have the following entry: "Fruits & Vegetables"

    I retrieve this to display on a webpage using PHP, convert to JSON, pass to client, process using JavaScript. the PHP code that is passed to the client is

    $z = rawurlencode(json_encode($reqVar));
    echo $z;
    where $reqVar is the array of results queried from database, including one that is "Fruits & Vegetables".

    When it's passed to client using AJAX, the JavaScript to process the string (decode it and then convert from JSON string to object using Prototype framework) is.

    var response = decodeURIComponent(transport.responseText) 
    var respObj = response.evalJSON(true);
    I can then display it in page. but when i pass it back to the PHP script using AJAX using the exact same process in reverse, at some point & is converted to & and if i re-enter it into the database it looks like "Fruits & Vegetables". How can i prevent this conversion??? does the order in which i convert to and from JSON and encode/decode need to be changed?

    Thanks, G

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    i think this may be a SQL question more than an ajax... but none-the-less... (not sure of direct answer as I have no xp w/ php) but the term you are looking for is passing a literal value... so you want the & to display literally... see a similar thread I posted as I was having an issue with needing to display literally \D in my C# code... each language has it's own "method" for incoperating this... make sure you keep this in mind when assembling your strings

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