I've never really done any JavaScript development, but decided I wanted to play around with AJAX. I got it to do what I want in the simplest form, but I came across an issue with not being able to pull form values via JavaScript on a select box generated via AJAX.

Here is what I have and how it should work.

1) There is a select box with various options such as Institution, Students, etc. When I click on Institution, AJAX will will generate a new select box to the right that will have a list of institutions pulled from a database (they same goes for students). This part works beautifully.

2) When a list of institutions of students is generate I should be able to click on that particular institution or student and generate yet another select box based on the institution/student id's pulled from the database.

For some reason I am unable to pull data from the form that is generated via the AJAX call. Can javascript not access the document form values of AJAX generated forms? If I even make a reference to the select values of the generated select box, the original select form won't even function.