I'm trying to combine a lightbox script with a gallery script for my client's web gallery.

However, when the two are combined only the gallery functions seems to work. The lightbox will intiate to its loading screen, but then can't call up the image.

Here is my website in progress:

Here is a demo of the gallery script:

Here is a demo of the lightbox script:

If anyone has any hints as to where I'm going wrong or suggestions on how to more harmoniously combine these two scripts, I'd be super grateful.

FYI, I'm a total newbie at js, and usually only dip into it for readymade scripts, so please bear with me if I'm being dense. If you need more information, I'll be happy to do my best to answer questions.

PS- I've intentionally taken out the preview pane (big image showing) of the gallery. I was hoping I could replace that functionality with a lightbox instead.