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    Question Mysql database connection -AJAX and XML

    Dear Sir,
    I develop a website in asp.net with c#. And also, I develop a toolbar in the toolbar studio separately.

    Aim of the Website: Enabling the visitors to become a member of our webiste
    by downloading the toolbar from our website.

    After the member downloads the toolbar, The toolbar is added to the ie browser. The member can get the facilities such as searching, weather online, internet radio,etc., The toolbar includes a home button. When the user clicks the home button, the page will be redirected to our website.
    Member benefits will be displayed in our website. Therefore, the toolbar is added to browser separately. When the user clicks the home button, our website will be opened.

    My Request is,

    Toolbarstudio provides the unique toolbar id for each user(member). I save the unique toolbar id in the mysql database. For saving the toolbar id, we use the client side javascript by using the following connection string

    var adoConn = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Connection");
    //var adoRS = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Recordset");

    adoConn.Open("Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};Server=VBNET4;Port=3306; Database=netmusk; User=root; Password=harsha;Option=3; Min Pool Size=5; Max Pool Size=60; Connect Timeout=2;");

    adoConn.Execute("insert into tb_savetoolid values('" + tool.toolbarid + ")");


    I can save the toolbar id via toolbar to mysql database from the remote system if the remote system is installed with odbc driver.

    My problem is,

    I need to save the toolbar id via (browser) toolbar to mysql without installing any odbc driver in the remote system.

    I believe that you have got my problem and please give me a solution.

    Can I solve the problem via Ajax with javascript or XML.

    Awaiting for your detailed answer,

    Thanks in Advance,

    J. Mohan.
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    Yes, you may send data to a DB using AJAX via a server-side application (php probably)
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