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    saving xml file under different file names in c:/ using asp??

    hi all, how to save an xml file under different file names in c:/ using asp without hardcoding the file name in asp?
    Eg. user inputs desired file name through a form, click on submit and the xml file will be saved under the desired file name in c:/. how to do that? i need help on that badly....! thx..

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    Cross-posted and CLOSED:
    saving xml file under different file names in c:/ using asp??

    Please do not post the same question in two or more forums. It confuses people who are trying to help you and annoys moderators (like me).

    wanye, I've seen you post more than one question that's more related to ASP programming than it is to XML in this forum. Please consider this a warning: this forum is for questions specific to XML. Asking for help in getting a filename from the user to feed to ASP is not a problem XML can fix. Please choose the right forum carefully, but more importantly choose one forum.
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