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    XML beginner. Help for a code


    I'm a kind of beginner with XML. Recently, I've downloaded a software (a sort of calendar), which enables to organize my everyday life. And you can customize it. All the codes must be opened with XML. Therefore, I use a very simple tool: Notepad. But I've been trying to change a specific thing for a while, but no results yet.

    So, what I'd like to reach is to see my daily task appear in a specific color and when it is done, this very task has to be stricken through by itself.

    But the problem is that by default this software or system gives me only either the color for my daily task and when it's completed, impossible to strike through, or one basic color for my task (white), and when it's completed, it is automatically stricken through.

    I have either this: 1) or this: 2)

    That's why I'd like to find out how to combine it to choose one specific color for each category and simultaneously to have it crossed out when the task is completed. Here is what I'd like to have:
    And this, for the same category.

    Here is the code for 1):

    <category id="Holidays">
          <appearance target="2" layer="0" priority="0" element="font.normal" color="color.holiday" effect="NORMAL" align="TOP-LEFT" indent="-10" />
          <appearance target="4" layer="0" priority="0" element="font.normal" color="color.holiday" effect="NORMAL" align="TOP-LEFT" padding="10,0,0,0" />
          <appearance target="16" layer="0" priority="0" element="font.bold" color="color.holiday" effect="NORMAL" align="TOP-LEFT" />
          <appearance target="8" layer="0" priority="0" element="font.medium" color="color.holiday" effect="NORMAL" align="TOP-LEFT" padding="15,0,0,0" />
          <appearance target="1" layer="5" priority="2" element="bitmap.icon.small.holiday" align="TOP-LEFT" showalways="1" ignoredefault="1" />
          <appearance target="30" layer="0" priority="1" element="bitmap.icon.holiday" showalways="1" />
          <appearance target="32" layer="0" priority="1" element="bitmap.icon.small.holiday" showalways="1" />
          <appearance target="64" priority="1" element="bitmap.schedule.event.yellow" />
    Here is the code for 2):

        <category id="Health">
          <appearance target="1" layer="5" priority="2" element="bitmap.icon.small.health" align="TOP-LEFT" showalways="1" ignoredefault="1" />
          <appearance target="30" layer="0" priority="1" element="bitmap.icon.health" showalways="1" />
          <appearance target="32" layer="0" priority="1" element="bitmap.icon.small.health" showalways="1" />
    So, my question is: How to combine these two above codes in order to get on the one hand the color wanted for a specific category and on the other hand to have the task stricken through when it's completed.

    Hope I'm at the right place to ask that

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    I don't think you supplied enough information to make any type of guess to answer this for you. Could you give us the web site that has the software (a sort of calendar) that you downloaded?
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