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    xml.Send for Transparent Database Engine

    I am using the below code to link into a payment processor for e-commerce. My question is------
    On the xml.send "info to be passed" line, how can I pass in ASP code that I request from the form such as------
    CardNo = Request.Form("strCcNumber")
    ExpMonth = Request.Form("dtmCcExpire")
    ExpYear = Request.Form("dtmCcExpire2")
    Total = Request.Form("intTotal")
    ID = Request.Form("intOrderID")

    Passing values to Transparent Database Engine

    Response.Buffer = True
    Dim objXMLHTTP, xml

    'Create & initialize the XMLHTTP object
    Set xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")

    sRemoteURL = "https://www.pl"

    'Open the connection to the remote server
    xml.Open "POST", sRemoteURL, False

    'Send the request to the Transparent Database Engine
    xml.Send "ePNAccount=060&CardNo=4356&ExpMonth=02&ExpYear=05" & _
    "&Total=22.99&Address=401 Alma &Zip=85224&HTML=No"

    'store the response
    sResponse = xml.responseText

    Response.Write "<html><body>"

    'parse the response string and handle appropriately
    sApproval = mid(sResponse, 2, 1)

    if sApproval = "Y" then
    Response.Write "Your transaction has been approved. "

    iPosition = instr(sResponse, ",")
    if iPosition > 0 then
    iAvsLength = len(sResponse) - iPosition - 2
    Response.Write "AVS Response: <b>" & _
    mid(sResponse, iPosition + 2, iAvsLength) & "</b>"
    end if
    elseif sApproval = "N" then
    Response.Write "Your transaction has been declined with the " & _
    "following response: <b>" & mid(sResponse, 3, 16) & "</b><br>"
    Response.Write "The processor was unable to handle your " & _
    "transaction, having returned the following response: <b>" & _
    sResponse & "</b><br>"
    end if

    Response.Write "</body></html>"

    Set xml = Nothing

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    If you cannot get an answer to you question and are not locked in to that particular payment processor, take a look at $$$ ON THE NET(tm).

    Sorry I cannot help you more...
    Steven Sommers (blog)
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