Is there a way to set up an email link in XML?

I'm TOTALLY NEW to XML, keep that in mind. I'm trying to use XML instead of a database, since I know even less about databases.

Thanks for the help!

Oh, here's my code:




<script type="text/javascript">
function testclick(field)
var row=field.rowIndex



<xml id="jclick" src="test.xml"></xml>

<table border="1" datasrc="#jclick">


<tr onclick="testclick(this)">
<td><div datafld="CAREER"></span></td>


<table border="1" bgcolor="yellow">
<tr align="left"><th>Career: </th><td id="career"></td></tr>
<tr align="left"><th>Duration: </th><td id="duration"></td></tr>
<tr align="left"><th>Description: </th><td id="description"></td></tr>
<tr align="left"><th>School:</th><td id="school"></td></tr>



I would like an email link on the school name, if possible, or a whole new link for email.

Thanks a bunch!

Also, while i'm asking, is there a way to set up a download link on the career name maybe? To be able to download the information in a word file.