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    I can't make it correctly insert the information from the XML fields...

    I have a page that is sortof a template that I use so that I don't have to make a million slightly different HTML files. So instead, I am inserting them with an external XML file.

    For part of the page, there are multiple links to search different sites for the specific musical artist. As it currently is, it works... But the size of the XML file is dreadfull and will only get a thousand times worse because of the amount of entries will end up being put in there.

    I need to be able to insert the parts into the links rather than having the full link URL into each entry because since there will be hundreds of entries, the file size will get colossal.

    Here is how the link should look after the things are inserted...
    <a href=http://tickets.com/search.cgi?q=Kylie+Minogue>Search tickets.com for concert/event tickets for Kylie Minogue</a>

    Logically, here is how I think it should be... But it dosn't work! It's making me go insane!
    <a href=http://tickets.com/search.cgi?q=<span id="showPRICE" DATASRC="#albums" DATAFLD="SEARCHARTIST"></span>>
    Search tickets.com for concert/event tickets for <span id="showPRICE" DATASRC="#albums" DATAFLD="ARTISTNAME"></span>
    But for some insane reason, the resulting link on the HTML page is:
    and the link text that you actually see and click on is (WITH the less than sign):
    > Search tickets.com for concert/event tickets for Kylie Minogue

    PS, here are the fields I'm trying to have it access in the above script (excluding irrelivant fields)
    And having those 3 fields saves a TON less space than:
    (and there are a bunch more that we use, but you get the point)
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