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    Website Recoding (Already full-designed website)


    I have an already fully designed website with graphics, one flash item, text, php-forms (linked to mysql database) and google-optimised metatags. Although the website is fully functioning, I have the following problems which need to be fixed (I may add to this list if I discover more problems):

    Visual rendering issues: (Does not render correctly in some web browsers)
    -in IE, two white gaps at very top of page
    - in IE, navigator bar fails to line up with box for email subscription
    - in IE, white gap above and below images
    - in firefox, excessive white gap between image and text
    - in firefox, grey box at bottom of page has gap between it and the white background of rest of page (blue background is visible in between)
    -different size of white spaces at bottom of page between browsers
    - many css and markup problems according to w3 validation
    - similar rendering errors in safari

    Javascript navigation bar may need to be recoded to css to improve compatibility? (if necessary) – whilst maintaining exactly the same appearance.

    ALL of the above issues need to be addressed. This would entail a COMPLETE RECODING of the website (HTML and CSS), whilst maintaining exactly the same content, text and design. The php form code can probably be kept the same.

    Please PM me for a link to the webpage, so that you can determine if you are still interested in the job.

    If you get the job, you will receive a WinRAR file containing the entire website (including its arrangement in relative folders). You will need to recode one of the pages and, using this recoded page as a template, apply this new code to ALL pages in the entire website (whilst maintaining the content of the individual pages). All hyperlinks and filenames are to remain the same as the original.

    Payment Amount

    Negotiable. Please provide your best price (in AUD) – the quote may be given after you have viewed the link. Please provide two quotes (one for without the new css navigator bar and one with). In addition, please provide details of your experience in HTML/CSS as well as PHP.

    Payment Method



    Thank you for considering my project.

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    I gave you a quote in a PM. It does include recoding the navigation as well.
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