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    Improving, moving and expanding existing site


    First off this site is in Norwegian, shouldn't be a major problem. I just need to be able to translate the front-end and some of the back-end to Norwegian.

    General info:
    The site has been around for some time, and been through a few redesigns over the years. It is coded and designed by me. As you might (hopefully) see, I am a better designer than a coder. I guess you can categorize me as a hobby amateur at best.

    Site: www.amedisin.no

    The site currently contains:
    - Index page (Alternative Medicine)
    - Introduction of doctors, and their individual profile pages(num. 15)
    - Collection page for articles, individual pages (200+)
    - Introduction of treatments, and their individual profile page (num. 24)
    - Customer feedback on one page (about 50)
    - Customer questions/answer, individual page for each Q&A (200+, growing fast)
    - Div. static pages; Contact us, About us, Job, Offers,
    - Div. static forms; Customer feedback, Customer question, Book appointment online, Newsletter

    Expand to include:
    - A new level below the current index page: One theme/category for GP doctors, Alternative medicine and Health&Beauty.
    - Below this new level will be much similar to the existing structure.
    - A page(s) containing info on food that will span over the three themes/categories.
    - A page(s) containing info on deceases/pains etc (mainly connected to the GP doctors section, but where appropriate it might also link to appropriate alternative treatments)

    - Articles is related to one-or-more therapies, doctors, customer questions
    - Therapies is related to one-or-more: doctors, customer questions, customer reviews, articles.
    - Doctors is related to one-or-more therapier, customer questions, customer reviews, articles written
    - Customer reviews is related to one-or-more doctors and treatments.
    - Wiki/Information page: related to one-or-more alternative treatment options that we offer.

    General about new site:
    - The customer questions section will be similar for each theme/category, however it will be split between the categories.
    - The same of customer feedback
    - Articles
    - Therapies (Function the same under each category but have different names; Alternative medicin = Therapies, Health&Beauty = Treatments; GP = Specialists areas)
    - Information site, similar to a wiki (about therapies that we do not currently offer, but that we have alternatives for or can link to 3rd party clinics). This site will be very similar to the above, but needs to be stand-alone so not to confuse visitors. This is used mainly to attract new visitors, and guide them to alternatives, which we offer.
    - Most static pages is the same for each category, but some might have their own static pages such as offers...

    - I've looked at ExpressionEngine looks impressive (not the standard blog type, and it seems more secure)
    - Open to all kinds of CMS, but it is important that they are extremely user friendly, and easy to understand, and cheap

    - Search function important
    - Ajax search function; Auto-suggest, Auto-complete
    - Apple style; grouped by category both the auto-suggest and the result page.
    - See mockup image: http://bildr.no/view/431820

    Deadline: No deadline as of yet, see this as a project that is in its early stages. The project will be done, however as the clinic is in growth there is a lot on our plate at the moment.

    We are also interested in ideas that we can implement into the site, so to improve the quality of the site, and the experience of the user. As well as attracting new visitors.

    Current mock-up of how the site can look in expression Engine:
    - Article page: http://www.amedisin.no/a/index.php/amedisin/artikkel/
    - Doctor profile page: http://www.amedisin.no/a/index.php/amedisin/terapeut/

    Current mock-up of an alternative design:
    - Pink color: Health&Beauty category: mouseover menu: http://bildr.no/view/431659
    - Blue color: http://bildr.no/view/431525
    - Colors of all categories: http://bildr.no/view/431369

    Mock-up of structure: http://bildr.no/view/431667
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