1) Project Details: Need a few functions implemented, some design tweaks, SEO work and simple backend user data gathering functions integrated to existing site. Site was built by sourced team of coders but due to some "issues" with them, we're seeking someone new to clean it up and finish the job. Ideally, I would like someone who can grow with the project. This will require a reasonable amount of talent and creativity, not a job for beginners.

2) Payment Amount: Please IM and provide the following:

* Your name and affiliation (if you work for a company)
* The country you're from
* References and feedback from all pertinent past jobs (getacoder, elance, scriptlance feedback, references from this forum, etc).
* Examples of your work.

Respondents will be directed to the site and given a general list of things we need done. From there, you can bid. Please be very aggressive as my budget is not large. "Shoot for the moon" bids will be deleted without reply.

3) Payment method/ details: Paypal, escrow. For well established bidders with solid references (yes, I will check them carefully), 30% upfront, 70% upon completion. As trust is established (for future work), payment will be made upfront.

4) Additional Info: Due to SEO issues, native English language speaking programmers will be preferred. Due to cost issues typically associated with Western programmers , coders from everywhere, please feel free to inquire. Basic English language fluency is a *non negotiable*. It is nearly impossible for a coder to execute a clients vision if there is a language barrier, thus, English language proficiency must be high.

Scammers, losers, people with lacking ethics, talent or creativity or people who are needlessly difficult to work with- need not apply.

For all you great coders out there, $$$ ready. Thanks.