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Brief description:
Well i am a new website designer still in high school, mostly learned from books. I know HTML, CSS, php, mysql, and java. I'm not a pro at any of these yet, far from... But i am learning and advancing in each very rapidly. I was originally working on modding a game called runescape I had a team who barely knew how to do anything and barely ever helped. I coded for long hours and finally released it... It was a big success too big that Jagex (Creators of Runescape) emailed me saying that they will sue me for like taking there product. I was scared so i shut it down... Now I want to create a 2D MMO created in Java, I know Java isn't the best language to program games in but I like it and its one that I kinda know. I already have a website and custom template which looks very cheesy and needs a lot of work done to it. I will be working on a register and login system in php and have a good protection for it.

The 2D MMO will be based on a fantasy world were you are under the command of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades (Greek Gods) there will be 3 different worlds all linked together where you can teleport in the game... In this game the main idea will be surrounded by mystical creatures such as cerberus (3 headed dog), chimeras, zephyrs, and other mythological things. We will create the storyline once the project has begun. it will be like zelda style of fighting and the ability to create your own dungeons, and task giving through player to player.

Target aim:
Developers will work hard to release this project in order to have a fantastic game.

all Developers hold rights over there product and as a team we will reinforce our finished product to the public. Depending on the amount of developers will determine the percentage of potential revenue.

Talent needed:
Our team is in search of anyone with good knowledge of java game development, or modeling, or anyone who can help in any way to this project.

Team structure:

Sclyfe Team:

1) Max Zerroni
Project Founder
Website developer
Game developer

2) (Name not wanted through public)
Project co-founder
website developer
Game developer

3) JD
server/client developer



under construction


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