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    Simple Project - Using HTML and CSS

    1) Project Details: I have been currently creating a website but i cannot finish two certain aspects of the website.

    First: On the splash screen i would like there to be 1 button available for users visiting the site for the first time which they can click which states "do not show this page again" and links them to the homepage while also saving their choice in their cookies or something. In doing so i want the visitors to choose if they want the splash screen or not. Upon re entry to the website url the splash screen will show up if they said continue and will not if they said do not show again.

    I am not to efficient in coding and have no idea how to do this.

    Second I have a homepage html web page with the option for users to login with their username and password. I would like this login system to be linked to the vbulletin forum.

    So for example when the user inputs their forum username and password into the homepage login fields and presses "login" their forum username is placed instead of the login fields if all is correct. With this login i would like them to be logged in to the whole website including the vbulletin forms and not have to login again on the forums etc

    I am pretty new with all this hiring people for the job, so if anything sounds impossible or the payment is under or over, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    2) Payment Amount: $20

    3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Paypal

    4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders):

    Like i said before any feedback on these two projects would be appreciated

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    Your project is not impossible in any way, I can do the work for you though i must say that it will be more than 20$. Please email me if you are interested. webdesign@slappyjaw.com

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    I read your project and willing do it in your budget
    my work is present at charag.wordpress || charag . com
    send me your details and will do it in 2 days
    only my request is send money via payoneer.com by enter my email
    services@charag.com, my paypal account is limited so cant accept on it.

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    If you haven't already found someone to do this for you, I'm a student from Norway looking for projects just like this one! I have good knowledge of PHP and MySQL, I can do this in a couple of days.

    I can accomplish this by using PHP. I will be using cookies for the Splash screen and combined sessions/cookies for the vBulletin funtionality. This is not doable in simple HTML/CSS
    Contact me through one of the following methods if you want to start working together!
    Skype - Andodo007
    Google Talk - aban0809
    E-Mail/MSN - anton_abilov@hotmail.com
    PM here on CodingForums

    I'm willing to provide even more funtionality for your website if you want,
    Looking forward to hearing back from you


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