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  1. Query with Special Characters
  2. Inner joins
  3. Resolved using replace into - is it an efficient option
  4. Tips to develop a site to send SMS
  5. Getting the nearest SQL results if a query cannot find an exact match?
  6. SQL creates high server load?
  7. Select date time for the different status of the field
  8. Allow user to edit and delete row
  9. Make SQL ignore a specific search value if clicked in a dropdown?
  10. order of mysql results, depending on SUM value from two variables from two different
  11. Resolved Need help on creating ticket ID
  12. INNER JOIN query help
  13. Insert (if not exists)
  14. Join query leads to error?
  15. HELP: 1227 - Access denied; you need the SUPER privilege for this operation
  16. Best way to make a Admin Panel
  17. Paid registration system
  18. Resolved interesting results and wonder why
  19. How to post Multiple values from one selection
  20. insert ignore , trigger - before insert
  21. Issue with DISTINCT and ORDER BY with UNION
  22. Count the number of results?
  23. Return unique values only?
  24. how do add everyone only voted
  25. mysql not retuning query need help
  26. MySQL database Log in script. Page keeps on loading
  27. How can i fetch all the values in a minute from a table ?
  28. Working with large DBs
  29. Help! textarea value doesnt insert into msql database
  30. Selecting withing a range of timestamps
  31. Resolved update query inserting blanks instead of specified values
  32. MySQL Updating using HTML form and PHP
  33. double data insertion
  34. Building a General Database?
  35. INSERT Rows where userid=(SELECT id FROM userinfo)
  36. Multiple row updates
  37. editing using an html form and php
  38. Need Help with database Queries in HTML tables
  39. base 64 decode in mysql
  40. Update table from query
  41. SUM() AND COUNT() in same recordset
  42. Help with Query
  43. Add column to table in mysql
  44. Returning only 1 row
  45. Access Error
  46. MySQL - Select Count help !
  47. Stop automatic rounding of numbers
  48. SELECT DISTINCT returning duplicates
  49. Problem with mysql_connect()
  50. Capturing checkbox value of a string and moving to another table.
  51. Delete query syntax not right
  52. A Join that exlcudes if data does exist
  53. SQL syntax
  54. Trying to export Joomla database without phpmyadmin
  55. column can not be null
  56. Data truncated for column ...
  57. Database table data not being displayed in right format on browser
  58. Doubt with SQL syntax, but same result
  59. log queryies from stored proc
  60. Correct syntax for getting information from two tables
  61. Limit not working for avg query
  62. php/mysql int default syntax error
  63. Resolved using data from mysql_fetch_array
  64. Tracking Watched Videos
  65. Back Up MySQL Databases
  66. Resolved Problem trying to Update a mysql record
  67. Resolved Average page display from field query
  68. Mysql query newest entry for each idproduct?
  69. Multiple keywords search in multiple columns
  70. Negative values become high integers
  71. Primary keys, indexes and auto deleting rows from multiple tables
  72. Drawing an ER diagram for an implemented database
  73. Resolved proper field for microtime
  74. ReOS mySQL Issues
  75. How to reset ID when deleting row?
  76. please let me know where i am wrong in this query.
  77. PHP Database Abstraction Layer
  78. DB input form design
  79. error in shoppingcart
  80. MySql database file import problem
  81. Split A Folder Path
  82. Union Order By Question
  83. Updating data in a MySQL database
  84. Create a "Search Engine" of a MySQL Database
  85. Resolved MySQL error
  86. How to pull a list....
  87. One table vs. multiple tables
  88. How to use data generated from form?
  89. Filtering using OR statement problem
  90. zendserver problem now cant login to mysql...
  91. How to order by date?
  92. Resolved What's wrong with my SQL query ?
  93. list info from several tables and calculate
  94. Resolved SQL Query compare time field with year
  95. PHP mysql Calculations
  96. How to Show User IP and User Name When Logged in
  97. Union Query Results Problem
  98. Help with a value replacement query
  99. Select distinct ID's results from ID's within IN()
  100. need help in getting the equivalent month of week
  101. MySql is saying I have an apostrophe when I don't
  102. Output image using path in Database??
  103. does not recognise a variable in url
  104. MySQL Full text search
  105. varchar/10 = 0 ?
  106. Input form writing to database/spreadsheet
  107. Hit count. - Need Help.
  108. join to narrow results?
  109. Retrieve/get current image from Nextgen gallery db
  110. Foreign keys question
  111. How to install MySQL on a self hosted server
  112. Problem with MySQL database connections.
  113. How to set auto_increment_increment ?
  114. right syntax to use near '
  115. Data obfuscated in phpmyadmin - don't know why, need help!
  116. Design database for collections/groups
  117. I can FTP to a server but I don't know how to SSH to it to use MySQL
  118. Using 'In" Array for Only Part of a Query
  119. Multiple Insert
  120. Timeout issue with update request
  121. how to get interest calculation for 12 months in store procedure?
  122. Insert into MySQL - obfuscated
  123. Designing Database for web application similar to dating website
  124. structure - many to many - with conditionals?
  125. Converting MySQL Data to Excel
  126. Best way to grab query results?
  127. moving column with invalid character
  128. how to select whole row depending on choosing highest 2 values of columns
  129. How to generate a league standings table
  130. Resolved Delete HOUR or DAY ?
  131. Question about MySQL Indexes
  132. Multiple databases?
  133. MySql order by COUNT and list the total count
  134. Update not working properly
  135. Returning random mysql row & looping
  136. query results distinct from many different tables
  137. left join select statement help
  138. Reserve A Specific ID Number
  139. Retrieving the desired row from MySQL table!!
  140. Need Help Inserting
  141. Issue with MYSQL Select and CURDATE()
  142. Mysql Update is not working
  143. Query Optimization
  144. need help in using case in select statement
  145. Best way to setup a tutorial database
  146. Performing count on DATETIME field, time only
  147. Losing records on iterations of a query after updating a record
  148. php & mysql - search with all terms
  149. Possible? DIR access saved in table
  150. Query multiple databases and change data
  151. is it possible to get password from mysql
  152. Need help with a query syntax
  153. Resolved Add variable to existing database value?
  154. Moving data from single-table db to relational db
  155. join two queries from the same table
  156. Get most recent 6 entries
  157. Best approach for showing only states in DB
  158. College PHP/MYSQL Validation Help :)
  159. Sql filter command only if column value not equal
  160. A WARNING for all you PHP/MySQL users out there!
  161. Limit results from MySql
  162. Please help: "Parser Error Message: The entry 'MySql' has already been added"
  163. 2 tables, count dupicates in one and join with other
  164. need some help
  165. SMS from Mysql
  166. Resolved MySQL query, between 2 tables to get the right answer
  167. Can you left and right join
  168. Set PHPbb Thread View Numbers
  169. Rename Table names in export.
  170. help with this query
  171. Saving into table
  172. MySQL Error Help!
  173. Email to be sent when record has been deleted…
  174. I need helping fixing mysqli error and warning
  175. Another Unknown column 'sex' in 'field list'
  176. Possible Strict mode issue
  177. Can't retrieve correct records
  178. How to add "space" when entering "string" into table
  179. Can any1 help me tuning this sql codes so that it take less time to execute ?
  180. How to remove the warning below in mysqli
  181. How to insert RATING values into DB
  182. What Do I Put In This Code?
  183. MySQL Error!
  184. What is a "counter column"?
  185. Member Accounts and Paypal
  186. Select rows with dates in upcoming days
  187. ORDER BY a certain sequence in a fetch array
  188. basic table structure ?
  189. right join produces less records
  190. Need help in using if condition to select query
  191. Storing and retrieving html in Mysql
  192. keeping my memory usage nice and slim
  193. Mysqli - using select case but other data is not bound
  194. Mysql syntax error
  195. Query within query?
  196. How to Nest a select statement in FROM clause?
  197. Allowing remote connection from anywhere
  198. Need help in using LIKE
  199. Query to pick up INT in database
  200. Website Login System
  201. Beginner with SQL
  202. SQL Setting with High Performance
  203. SQL select statement
  204. Mysql Syntax error at line 1
  205. help with query joining 3 tables
  206. Setting a priority for a given row
  207. Looking for "http" as part of "variable" content
  208. DATE_SUB Select
  209. Count records based on Epoch dates
  210. Calling meta tags from mysql
  211. Resolved LEFT JOIN, no results when a WHERE in the joined table does not return true
  212. Stuck with a slow query
  213. Fundamental Question about how SQL DB's works
  214. Storing e-mail addresses
  215. Select where in varchar array
  216. adding a clause in my query where something equals an array of data?
  217. Unknown column 't.ID_FIRST_MSG' in 'on clause'
  218. Can any one advice how can this be fixed?
  219. MySQL inside a Real Time Web Server
  220. Automatic tracking + a (google) map in a networking website
  221. Problem with encoding russian text to mysql
  222. "Merging"(?) Submissions & Reviews (Results) from Specific User and Sorting
  223. pricelist return
  224. Prevent duplicate usernames in mySQL with PHP form.
  225. Help with Select query
  226. Users Table: User ID Number of Username?
  227. Resolved mySQL LIKE condition
  228. trying to save table column into array
  229. Resolved Get all of the today's items from mysql
  230. How to select unique values in MySQL query?
  231. trying to display UNIQUE entries from table
  232. Resolved MySQL Results into Multiple Columns using CSS
  233. Resolved to take monthly report need good design
  234. mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through soc
  235. 'add' to field syntax?
  236. Resolved Inactive user account without deleting
  237. Need help with SUM
  238. Wrong parameter count for mysql_query()?
  239. top 5 league
  240. MAX date?
  241. How to import Drupal Blog Posts into a Wordpress website
  242. cron
  243. Negation , comparison
  244. phpMyEdit Login Failed?
  245. db structure advice for large site needed
  246. Sum Of All Rows-Cols
  247. Drop down menu
  248. Left Join causing multiple rows
  249. What does a successful delete query return?
  250. MySql db design question

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