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  1. problem with mySQL
  2. Concatenating the contents of a column by a character
  3. Problem in sums that return from the same database
  4. Dual join on the same two tables
  5. installing mysql on Mac osx 10.1
  6. MySql problem
  7. Inner Join conditional
  8. flush hosts
  9. ordering/grouping?
  10. Mix of collations
  11. Convert MSAccess db to PHP and MySQL
  12. cannot get any search results
  13. oder by asc don't work
  14. what does this error mean
  15. Populate a table from txt file?
  16. Starting defualt value for auto-incrementing primary keys
  17. SQL Can't Order By Date W/ 2 Tables?
  18. Convert Existing Dates to UNIX Timestamps
  19. getting the latest data from a table.
  20. MySQL full-text searching and special characters
  21. connecting remote server in mysql
  22. msaccess->mysql cpanel migration
  23. Cannot install MySQL
  24. importing to mysql
  25. Copying out and Deleting in 1 query
  26. Connection String - mysql database with an asp script
  27. how do I add 4 numbers?
  28. Syntax error in string in query expression '''
  29. Connecting to a outside database (not localhost)
  30. Accessing a databse through javascript
  31. Problem with login script
  32. MySQL Subquery using NOT IN
  33. update script, but check if the value is the same on other rows
  34. formating date() for my timezone
  35. sql issue
  36. Count and GROUP BY help
  37. basic questions on mysql
  38. Need help with joins
  39. Need a good CS brain to help solve a simple problem
  40. cant insert this record in phpmyadmin!
  41. Transaction secure code question
  42. Hi, it doesnt want to connect :(
  43. gettint the MySQL database on my CPU to work with my Web Site
  44. Coverting a from PostgreSQL to MySQL
  45. hostname problem on RH9
  46. Optimizing MySQL Databases...
  47. Big query-Problem! Please help...
  48. JOIN Statement problem
  49. Fetch Array Problems
  50. SQL Statement Problem
  51. Shoutbox
  52. 0000 Turns to 0 with INT
  53. Trying MySQL guided by a book.
  54. Getting MAX when using REGEX match on varchar
  55. Slow query... sometimes
  56. How to get the changing id value
  57. order of results from a sql statement
  58. Powerfully Sorting
  59. MySql Triggers and Foreign Keys
  60. extracting data for mail function
  61. How can I make this SUM query by LEFT JOINing 2 tables?
  62. How can I stop 2 concurrent processes in mysql to avoid avoid duplicate payments?!
  63. Restore data by copy the data file
  64. upload mp3 file and info into database how??
  65. tweaking vSignup script
  66. Using InnoDB for almost all my tables, what's your idea?!
  67. Need help with sql statement
  68. why is this select query not working?
  69. mySQL, mySQLD, mySQLD_MAX ?
  70. PHP or MySQL
  71. Retreaving data based on whats not in a table
  72. Missing Index File?
  73. SQL Query Not Inserting data into MySQL
  74. a problem with make a query
  75. Only displaying so many characters of a result(php mysql)...
  76. Using SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS...
  77. speeding up searches with indexes
  78. Another MySQL Problem (Getting data from the database)
  79. MyISAM vs. InnoDB
  80. PHP/mySQL Search Script
  81. mysql date help
  82. randomly shuffle MySQL records
  83. using transactions
  84. multi filed foreign key?
  85. New to mySQL - Adding Users Q.
  86. Limiting # of rows returned per page...
  87. convert filemaker to mysql
  88. Is it possible to have multible fields in a field?
  89. Getting Autonumber
  90. Help Please! A couple of stupid questions.
  91. Complex query with group by
  92. Newbie question on loading mysql table
  93. anyone know where to get a db of USA states and zipcodes?
  94. Activating MySQL in RedHat Linux 9
  95. eliminating duplicate rows
  96. Please post non MySQL database questions in the new forum
  97. Extract correct values from Mysql
  98. ORDER BY (istrue)
  99. MY sql error
  100. How to query columnA or columnB="content"?
  101. listing table content by fields
  102. Teaching Schedules via MySQL?
  103. installing MySQL and PHPMyAdmin
  104. opening a database with mysql_select_db in php
  105. little help needed with loops
  106. problam connecting to mysql server
  107. Passwords
  108. Episode Guide
  109. question
  110. multiple queries, one script
  111. Adding new users
  112. Moving from MS Access to MySQL
  113. Retreiving MySql data with Perl (DBI)
  114. Searching MySQL db
  115. deleting duplicated entries in database
  116. Summing sums
  117. Invision Board Question
  118. size limit of a row
  119. need help with mysql_num_rows
  120. Insert Value Into ENUM Field
  121. Select query troubles.. conditional order by?
  122. having problems using a function to call a sql query...
  123. fetch row vs fetch array
  124. Date selection
  125. changing filename
  126. Please help me with a simple table structure!
  127. Storing Day of week
  128. Substring
  129. Supplied Argument Warning help
  130. help needed for inserting using variables in a loop
  131. Can a MySQL database be shared between Windows and Linux?
  132. Basic stuff not working... cant locate error!
  133. db to webpage
  134. Something's wrong with my MySQL INSERT query - please check syntax
  135. help with html specialchars
  136. Contains data
  137. Test MySQL
  138. Not all results are displayed
  139. not reading html section of code after php
  140. Need help coding a php file to sync up with mysql db
  141. Need a Query Wiz
  142. database driven listings section
  143. Set auto increment starting number
  144. beginner questions
  145. MsSQL & ASP question
  146. PHP + MySQL
  147. Joins Question
  148. Union Without Union
  149. Search and results help please
  150. mySQL Stopped working :/
  151. Tech help with mysql?
  152. Triggers
  153. Uploading Images to Blob Column, Good or Bad?
  154. Usefulness or lack thereof of storing images in DBs
  155. Importing data via text file. Size limit!
  156. First time install on Windows - admin user&password problem
  157. Update and Set in MySQL, Please help
  158. transfer a data base to my site
  159. Please Help
  160. Urgent Help Needed Please!
  161. backing up a table...but being able to access the backup
  162. mysql and php
  163. Why am I getting a parse error?
  164. create a password camp
  165. How cna i grab any value less than?
  166. Creating table information from existing db
  167. Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /usr/local/httpd/h
  168. help with join/where clause
  169. MySQL joining tables...
  170. Query Not Performing Rule...
  171. best Excel to MySQL conversion (or alternative)
  172. MySQL Error - syntax
  173. phpMyAdmin isn't working, it won't create a table
  174. How do the mySQL tabs work?
  175. MYSQL input meta tag info question
  176. Export copy of all data from field to text file..
  177. What's Wrong with this Stored Procedure?
  178. Outputting Data with Many Rows
  179. Form Problems
  180. MyODBC - Updating Joins
  181. Problem with Updating a table
  182. TEXT column type storage capability
  183. Web Based MySQL Editor
  184. Query phpbb2 from an external page
  185. I can't get my test snippet to work
  186. trying to write tricky update query
  187. Ordering by Ascending and Descending
  188. Searchin DB With PHP
  189. HELP NEEDED (pleaz :o) "Normalization"
  190. Connection Error
  191. Displaying table constraints
  192. This Script Doesn't Work.. Why?
  193. Indexing MySQL?
  194. Multiple foreign keys vs. Join Queries
  195. MySQL 4.1 is alpha.. is that bad?
  196. query help needed please
  197. mySQL Installation
  198. Database connection problem
  199. The Basics...
  200. Understanding MySql
  201. Percentage query
  202. problem starting mysql
  204. Backing up a Sql Database
  205. What's this Error 28 from table handler that I get? is it my fault or server's fault?
  206. Error when trying to get MySql to run? Need Help?
  207. How do I SELECT most recent status entry for object in a JOIN?
  208. MySQL Union and Group by
  209. LIMIT statement
  210. Dreamweaver dynamic forms & PHP...
  211. Apache 2, php 5, mysql 5 ~~> Error???
  212. How to encrpyt passwords in database?
  213. Parse Error with MySQL query
  214. Inserting the Current Date
  215. Deleting all rows that start with lower case
  216. Getting the difference between two tables...
  217. Undefined Indices
  218. command prompt execution of SQL commands
  219. Getting the number of a row?
  220. UPDATE using TRIM problem
  221. Replace from a file Syntax
  222. 30 Second Run Time Limit
  223. POST fields from dynamic table list
  224. MySql admin help please
  225. Search within a field (mysql)?
  226. Need help with Foreign Key Query
  227. Some permissions lost after restart?
  228. Debian with Apache, php4, mysql and phpmyadmin
  229. multipy fields
  230. connecting 2 colomns
  231. Complex querries involving several rows
  232. my.cnf
  233. SELECT date records between two given dates.
  234. Data Extraction Help...
  235. Float Precision and BETWEEN
  236. Trouble with line returns in fields
  237. Creating table isn't working
  238. Cant load text file into table from remote browser
  239. phpMyAdmin/MySql help please
  240. Troubles with Nested SQL While loops
  241. New in mysql - pls help
  242. Which column type for URIs?
  243. formating query results to capitalize first letter
  244. Correcting spacing problems in a table
  245. uploading pictures to a mysql database
  246. Random Row Order
  247. SQL to check for a file? Is this possible?
  248. order by... help
  249. Servlet and SQL
  250. sub query not working

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