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  1. Compare and get result from two tables
  2. Music Database Design help
  3. About how to use the cursor
  4. Questions when reviewing code
  5. Problem with ON clause in MySQL 5
  6. Server vs Client version
  7. One to Many
  8. updating table with data
  10. Weird Error Code
  11. Query help for an SQL challenged designer
  12. update 5.0 to 5.1 or 6.0 ???
  13. Table Structure Advice
  14. Newbie question - WHERE statements
  15. help with a query
  16. How query results[SELECT] appear in tabular form,using an image with source fromFIELD
  17. query help
  18. Reset indexes?
  19. REGEXP range of characters [a-d]
  20. I learned something today...
  21. How to make this efficient?
  22. Two Questions
  23. Incorrect time value: '' for column
  24. Query puzzle...
  25. Table in My SQL
  26. #1044 - Access denied for user 'cruisew'@'localhost' to database 'emailer'
  27. my sql query do not like me!
  28. Need to retrieve donor information AND total donations given for date range
  29. performance vs many records
  30. ODBC or DDE Link help
  31. formatting Localtime()
  32. mysql statment help
  33. what is the difference between ""and ''?
  34. how to subtract values from two tables
  35. Error 2002: Cant Connect To Local MySQL Server Through Socket
  36. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  37. Solved! - help with hebrew in mysql!
  38. what files are need from the /mysql/data folder??
  39. Constant table corruption.
  40. Order
  41. SQL Query Random
  42. How to add X minutes, myql way
  43. 60 Gb of mp4 files in MySQL database
  44. count??
  45. Query Optimization help
  46. Need Dummies guide to mysql field structure
  47. Restrict # characters from field
  48. tools to see visual structure of a MySQL database
  49. Can't make select statement with default value
  50. Sql Synt Prob
  51. Insert/Update error
  52. Ordering in queries by sequence of elements in "IN"
  53. How to do Bulk delete of records?
  54. How to make social network table
  55. setting MYSQL rules
  56. How I add to a dadabase table field [eg 1st row 4 th col] an entry [image or url] ?
  57. blob size
  58. You have an error in your SQL syntax??
  59. sql procedure?
  60. Best file type to use
  61. cannot create table in phpMyAdmin
  62. MySQL query strange order results
  63. LOCK TABLES issues
  64. fill a table with dates in pure SQL
  65. New, Confused, and A couple of questions
  66. how to read composite values in tables
  67. Can you call an sp from another sp?
  68. Return longtext losing line breaks etc php html
  69. syntax error in the query
  70. Is it possible to select multiple entries from one column?
  71. SQL sub query and ORDER BY problem
  72. help with my php/mysql search
  73. Web-based Chat
  74. I want to design a MySQL table to hold 2 columns, News CMS
  75. can not lock
  76. upgrade to MySQL 5.1.7 to use RENAME DATABASE
  77. phpMyAdmin - #1044 - Access denied for user, used GRANT ALL PRIV...
  78. next id on auto increment field
  79. what is wrong with that line?
  80. Help:How can I load this text file into MySQL?
  81. Is this a good table setup (just started)
  82. Sum, Union and balancing accounts
  83. sorting by a column with letters and numbers
  84. insert in 2 tables
  85. Importing new data into empty fields of an existing table
  86. Avoiding Inline MySQL With PHP?
  87. problem with mediumblob
  88. On what port is MySQL running?
  89. Limit Query to 1st occurrence of a value
  90. Import Sql file into PhpMyAdmin
  91. Need more help with news system
  92. Deleting a "test databse"
  93. Running a modify SQL command, When a INSERT is done on a Table
  94. mysql weight
  95. mySQL question
  96. I can't seem to find my.ini anywhere in the /mysql/ directory
  97. Problem in Sql..
  98. WHERE - 2 cases
  99. Join from 2 dbs
  100. Is there a website that offers schema for different types of tables
  101. Simple SQL bug
  102. Importing data into new tables
  103. error!! help me insert into
  104. What Chars Do I have To Worry About
  105. Rows and Total
  106. Please Help Check My Answers!. SQL Noob
  107. $user IN (table.Assigned)
  108. daylight saving and CONVERT_TZ
  109. upload files
  110. referring to count in output [was: Count ME in!!?]
  111. MYSQL - Date and Months query? And VB
  112. Whats wrong with my syntax?
  113. People Realy Simple Sql Question
  114. SQL Syntax question
  115. Refresher required! Easy question. How to pull information from the MySQL DB!?
  116. Help wrapping my head around joins
  117. Get strange record in Group by & order by
  118. MYSQL - Removing Duplicated Rows
  119. Getting Error on Date_Add using Variables
  120. Change date/time stamp in mysql
  121. stumped by a JOIN...plz assist.
  122. COUNT warning error I can't understand
  123. how to use nested query to get different names
  124. how to best connect the data
  125. Conducting a search with MySQL
  126. Connector for Microsoft Access?
  127. Joining 2 tables
  128. complex query - joining to self
  129. Really slow UPDATE IGNORE with innodb
  130. The art of printing Mysql columns
  131. Ignoring blank fields
  132. Change table type to MyISAM
  133. Incorrect Integer Value Error
  134. To make an advanced search...
  135. insert new rows with qty values from existing rows
  136. Difference between ascii_bin and ascii_general_ci
  137. Alternative to tons of selects from diff tables to populate many <SELECT> elements?
  138. mysql error and not quite sure why
  139. How to design a movie-cinemas database?
  140. Fulltext searches
  141. MySQL column value as percentage
  142. MySQL JOIN - List Items Under Categories
  143. select all fields of specific row in multirow result
  144. How Much Load Can MySQL Handle?
  145. Dedicated MySQL Server... Very Slow
  146. PHP/MYSQL problem!
  147. Help in displaying records in Single row.
  148. MySQL in PHP Dreamweaver
  149. Retrieving last auto-increment
  150. Help in Truncating string column in Sql
  151. Ordering SQL Query Results
  152. importing txt file to table
  153. stored PROCEDURE problem
  154. data from two tables
  155. PMA Colossal Blunder
  156. Detecting high CPU usage queries
  157. Creation of a CMS with PHP & mySQL
  158. Connect to MySQL
  159. could multiple calling of mysql_fetch_array possible?
  160. Questions regarding Primary Key/Design
  161. Not sure to use filer or sort
  162. query not working if nil results
  163. mysql/php help with form [was: Noob question =(]
  164. MySQL database structure?
  165. Need help optimizing FIND_IN_SET()
  166. table structure question
  167. SQL errors
  168. help with left join query
  169. measuring query times
  170. Poorly performing update queries
  171. Multiple COUNTs Against A Single Table
  172. Need help in qriting mysql query
  173. printing table from mysql to lpd on linux box
  174. UPDATE record & upload image
  175. phpbb with mysql
  176. Mysql Query help
  177. Quick Question : Checking against multiple columns
  178. SQL archive news statement
  179. Nested query?
  180. select * from
  181. flat files....
  182. mysql_connect is failing
  183. How bad is it for a script that uses lots of queries?
  184. Listing results by first creating category header, then displaying subcat results.
  185. num_rows issue
  186. How many queries script used?
  187. Help in refining the sql query
  188. multiple SUM queries - nested?
  189. Linking HTML to a mysql data source
  190. how to use a dictionary table twice as a ref for 2 diff columns in a join?
  191. innoDb -v- MyISAM question
  192. query from 3 table in one (3 in 1) ?
  193. PHP Upload MySQL server has gone away
  194. sum() in SQL
  195. automatic updates
  196. help please, returing data from two tables
  197. question about querying in two tables.
  198. Syntax Error????
  199. MySQL Quit with PHP 5
  200. Sql problem
  201. PHP MySQL Statistics Algorithm
  202. Error trying to grab a news post from phpBB
  203. MySQL server has gone away
  204. ERROR 1364 (HY000): Field 'DateIn' doesn't have a default value
  205. WAMP server settings changed
  206. Quick Question, how to make ON DUPLICATE KEY ---DO Nothing---?
  207. Calling a variable from a different php file
  208. Alter Table!
  209. execute an SQL doc
  210. sustaining tables relationships
  211. INSERT not working...
  212. SELECT WHERE any field is blank?
  213. i... uh... deleted the root user...
  214. Get Next and Previous Records
  215. Whats wrong with this query?
  216. InnoDB vs MYISAM for mysqli functions
  217. need help in update query
  218. Database Design Question
  219. Displaying picture from a mysql table
  220. how to create relationship between tables whwn unvoidable redundancy is there?
  221. query vs logic speed
  222. datestamp on records?
  223. Confused about tinyint,medint,bigint...
  224. query problems
  225. Group By and Order by Help
  226. displaying result by querying first 3 letters
  227. Inner Join help
  228. MYSQL Sum() Join Group By
  229. Changing data in a table
  230. Relationships
  231. Populate DB from a PHP script
  232. Ordering with GROUP BY
  233. Optimizing MySQL for a new server setup
  234. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong in the short MySQL command?
  235. Creating a simple form that displays field output
  236. Can't get SQL right
  237. import an excel sheet in mysql
  238. Field consolidation [ was: Row Consolidation]
  239. help with complex query
  240. Several Queires on A Single Page
  241. Return a count of number of rows before desired row.
  242. Tricky Join
  243. instert multiple records
  244. MYSQL Sorting
  245. My query is throwing an error
  246. I am trying to enter the program mysql but I keep getting the error
  247. MySQL query
  248. I'm new to MySql......how do I?
  249. How to find duplicates in two columns and count for each row found
  250. table structure question

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