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  1. Indexing Mysql tables
  2. Moving column & values to second table [was: Is This Correct?]
  3. Is SQL DATETIME() AND NOW() equivalent to PHP's time() function?
  4. Resolved Tinyint bitwise 'or' on an update ?
  5. Detect Duplicate Entry & Return Code To PHP When Inserting To MySQL?
  6. on duplicate key update
  7. pulling WHERE results from database
  8. Retrieving the column count of a temporary table?
  9. how to make a scheduler system
  10. What does this trigger do?
  11. Help me layout this database
  12. Not a valid MySQL result resource
  13. Joining 2 tables, second column contains duplicates
  14. Resolved Counting table rows based on a match url
  15. firsh time in database...
  16. Resolved Combining Select Statements
  17. convert one field to another?
  18. How to find the date range of a week
  19. why is my group by not using my index?
  20. MYSQL field loop with increment by 1 each loop
  21. Do indexes get created with this code ?
  22. TIMEDIFF Issue!
  23. LEFT JOIN only returning one record.
  24. PHP/MySQL: Select.. Where for a range of values
  25. Error in MySQL Syntax [Help Please]
  26. MySQL Search Query
  27. Supplied argument is not valid - Yet it still works?
  28. selecting coming birthdays?
  29. reliable way to import into mySQL
  30. Lock Rows in INNODB
  31. Regexp
  32. Query for Search in two tables
  33. Q re: getting records older than a few hours
  34. find records one above minimum
  35. Getting "Resource id #8" when trying to pull out data from a database?
  36. How do I over-write one table with another?
  37. How do I update the last row of a table ?
  38. WHERE column * -1?
  39. Large Blocks Not inserting...
  40. Not ordering alphabetically
  41. Display latest threads along with all groups
  42. speed
  43. New "INSERTS" insert Before Older Entries in the Database
  44. Problem with this date format ?
  45. does this query works
  46. Installed php Myadmin but keep getting Access denied
  47. SQL Query Questions...
  48. preg_match_all for mysql?
  49. Automatic e-mail depending on values in a certain column
  50. php mysql using PEAR adodb connecting but returning null ressult
  51. Can You Just Confirm Please?
  52. Have I Done THis Right?
  53. Need help & ideas on searching multiple tables - full text search or is another way??
  54. Calling a Stored Procedure from within a Store Procedure and returning results?
  55. select distinct question?
  56. nested while/foreach loop question
  57. check for empty parameters
  58. sql statement help
  59. code for checking myqs table size
  60. Help! Stored Procedures
  61. not randome, but rather all records in roll
  62. Wordpress Date Question
  63. overkill sql
  64. Does SUM use Indexes?
  65. Choosing More Than One Category
  66. autoinc not working
  67. Is Their A Limit
  68. What Do I need To Do To Get This To Work Please?
  69. replace, detect uppercase
  70. Form to Query and back again
  71. Nested Count
  72. Inserting data into multiple Table
  73. Storing Dropdown option value
  74. How Do I get this drop down menu information to be stored in the database
  75. Subquery that returns multiple rows
  76. clause is ambiguous
  77. Select Subset of Parent-Child-GrandChild schema
  78. Can I update the current row of my table ?
  79. Resolved Two date fields in form. One posts correctly, one not.
  80. is this statement right ?
  81. corrupted index ?, Repair with no effect
  82. the size of database
  83. find duplicates like 'john doe', 'doe john' name surname and such
  84. PHP MySQL update
  85. failing at doing a mysqlimport from a mysqldump file
  86. Clear out wrong data
  87. Not a question - but a message for Old Pedant and FishMonger
  88. INSERT problem
  89. missing table - entire backup fails
  90. Resolved Getting the WHERE clause to return a range
  91. save javascript function to mysql
  92. HOW Do I do This Please?
  93. Updating multiple MySQL records using LIKE
  94. It is possible to say WHERE item is in array in a query?
  95. max_user_connections
  96. Automatic page refresh
  97. query to find closest to [viewer] by zipcode?
  98. remote connection problem
  99. error in my SQL string LIVE
  100. key field, int versus varchar
  101. Help with parent/child lookup
  102. Resolved Count instances in a column
  103. Can I use max and minimums for row results ?
  104. random string
  105. Is using max(columnX) and Order By columnX DESC limit 1 the same ?
  106. Mysql-Datetime addition help
  107. Replace in MYSQL
  108. Faster Alternative Query
  109. Making the primary key from one table print the name linked to that key in another
  110. connecting and creating table with php
  111. create view and query troubles.
  112. Use MySQl t increase Salary by percentage
  113. Summarize data by week and by month
  114. entering data in non-native language.
  115. MySQL - How do I get the ID of the next and previous row?
  116. Mysql Tutorial Help Please
  117. count explanation ?
  118. Error: mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1
  119. How Do I find This In The Msql Database?
  120. I am New To MySql.. Can You Please Explain
  121. DB's and WordPress
  122. Resolved switch contence of columns
  123. match in more points
  124. VB6.0 please help..
  125. Database for Calendar Application
  126. Merging Two Tables with Data
  127. Help- how do I re-install my .sql file to db
  128. MySQL query getting error...why?
  129. How do I remove the '$' symbol from the 'pricing' column ??
  130. Problem in SQL Data?
  131. inefficient query
  132. Delay SQL RSS feed
  133. Database design software
  134. Mysql DB
  135. How To Switch Users in mysql console.
  136. Update DB using PHP FORM
  137. Goodness me ... How do I do that?
  138. Check before insert ?
  139. MySql Syntax Error Please Help
  140. Error: Unable to select database
  141. comdination WHERE GROUP ORDER not working
  142. problem looping through database fields
  143. Which is Best Database Apache or SQL Server
  144. 2 tables not joining
  145. Selecting DISTINCT values across 2 column from table
  146. Is there a way to use IF in UNION ??
  147. Can I create a VIEW from two different DB's ??
  148. Resolved Syntax error with DECLARE variable?
  149. Help with INSERT and ON DUPLICATE KEY
  150. Sum and Group By
  151. eliminate duplicate emails
  152. Resolved Backup db php script help
  153. conditional update field a or b
  154. Xor
  155. Total more than 300 in any two months period??
  156. private messages table logic
  157. Assistant Needed : specifing stored content in variable from copied rows
  158. part of join explanation
  159. Load data infile
  160. Possible?
  161. dissappearing characters :(
  162. What is this?
  163. SQL not joining properly?!
  164. DATE type returns a time (midnight) as well?
  165. Which software to start with??
  166. PHP/MySQL database feeds
  167. Associate value with primary key
  168. datetime field sort problem
  169. SQL Query - Within Range of Dates
  170. where is the record ? alias, what is null
  171. Limited Choices of Encrypt/Decrypt Functions Here
  172. dynamic sql within query
  173. Trying to display in field to then update...
  174. delete duplicates - You can't specify target table 'xxx' for update in FROM claus
  175. cant display images with mysql
  176. Comparing two tables
  177. mySQL next / previous query
  178. mysql_fetch_array() error
  179. Add single quotes for better security?
  180. best practice - primary_id in hidden field for input
  181. Is there any problem in this query
  182. load multiple tables from file
  183. Get number of users logged on daily
  184. MYSQL/PHP & SMS (Short Message Service) Capability
  186. find upper and lower value
  187. DELETE rows within date range (based on current_date)
  188. Handling post counts?
  189. need help Connecting to a mysql sever with c++
  190. Result of Query Returns False
  191. send 10,000 email with php and mysql
  192. Crawling through a menu tree
  193. help on importing excel to mysql via php
  194. Simple SELECT freezes after running script
  195. referancing the same ?
  196. Stored Procedure
  197. How to print Out Mysql ID after Posting
  198. SQL interview questions
  199. Where = speific month results
  200. Query to multiple tables
  201. Joining and searching on 3 tables
  202. delete duplicate
  203. Problem with mysql query
  204. SQL Query Problems
  205. Insert OR Update
  206. What does a Full Text index LOOK like?
  207. Resolved rewrite query
  208. Multiple Values for 1 Entry?
  209. order by and gorup by in single sql statement
  210. Simple Problem displaying results of query
  211. really random - any ideas?
  212. SQLyog connect to webhost
  213. Mysql - phpmyadmin help
  214. Help with a join
  215. Implementation Ideas? Scan directory then return states
  216. Get user session and insert
  217. Resolved How do I make use of Index?
  218. Problem with LOAD DATA INFILE
  219. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  220. access MS SQL on a server from my local machine.
  221. previous record after last
  222. Negative words in like statement
  223. database syntax error :(
  224. Delete if not exists
  225. find limit for given search request
  226. Get result set for non indexed values
  227. "You have an error in your SQL syntax..." [UPDATE query with dual comparison in WHERE
  228. How can I insert this array?
  229. searching on a many-to-one data structure: scalability
  230. need help with sql and how to represent time
  231. load data local infile import going into wrong columns
  232. one to many, data from table1 with summary data from table2
  233. Compare two dates from database
  234. Dump Schema (New to MySQL)
  235. ordering query results from 2 tables alphabetically.
  236. many to many
  237. update record if contains text
  238. Getting information from users
  239. random records
  240. retrieve records based on date
  241. ORDER By problem
  242. grouping tables and returning a count according to a query
  243. Query Results cut short with Multiple tables & GROUP_CONCAT
  244. HTML Forms to Mysql data?
  245. Resolved Joining Issues
  246. Resolved NVM -- Practically identical functions but one doesn't work.
  247. Resolved Number of Repeated Records in each column.
  248. Resolved SELECT FROM Troubles
  249. Insert data in database with characters
  250. Help with tunnelling and SSH

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