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  1. Entering data into Database + emailing out
  2. need help with a simple program
  3. Get OUT value from stored procedure
  4. [Newbie] Php calling javascript cookies function
  5. Accidentally Stopped Image From Displaying
  6. trying to send data and read results
  7. PHP - URL that searches for a string within a field?
  8. need some help
  9. Unable to upload a picture
  10. Help me with this code
  11. Pls help me with this code
  12. Secure running total for pricing
  13. Resolved Help with Password Hash / Salt login
  14. Help with Checkout confirmation
  15. Looping a post array and de-constructing it
  16. apparently forgot while loops
  17. Response from the PHP code
  18. Only could fetch a few row
  19. if else statement,
  20. Browser Game Help Needed Please
  21. Set a div class based on conditional text
  22. Friend system doesn't accept nor decline
  23. Issue while developing subscription based blog in php
  24. Contact Form works... but only if i use fake emails???
  25. Are there functions in OOP?
  26. Probably a quick fix for you guys! - [Array to string conversion]
  27. Authorization between PHP and Mobile App
  28. Don't show results until certain time of the day
  29. password protect and redirect
  30. Handling when a Function Fails
  31. Build an array of POST variables for mysql insert
  32. Fixing email php into Godaddy server.
  33. Almost done here... PHP help specifying date then echoing HTML?
  34. I have a PHP MySQL syntax question
  35. What does a period mean after a variable name?
  36. Help for IF ELSE ENDIF
  37. insert data from PHP and Javascript into database problem
  38. Checkbox unchecked value
  39. Problem with mysql_fetch_array()
  40. Check if method is called by child or directly
  41. How do I put a line break between this code?
  42. Show location on form submission
  43. NNTP to WEB/PHP
  44. keyword managers?
  45. stripos not blocking out certain words.
  46. problem with php short links script
  47. Resolved Unsure if Undefined Variable has anything to do with JS?
  48. php math problem
  49. Can 'PHP Include' do this?
  50. jQuery to use PHP for values
  51. Giving users a unique hash
  52. Resolved Please help with time insertion into MySQL via PHP?
  53. php web application
  54. How would I destroy the logged in users session? Ei: logout button?
  55. problem in uploading image
  56. PHP Form Not Working
  57. Best way to iterate an array
  58. PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file
  59. How do I auto-populate form inputs with data in a MySQL table?
  60. PHP Form to XML Attachment
  61. fetch_array problems
  62. Wordpress broken after update
  63. Building a form to put to db - Advice
  64. Difference between JSON and stdClass
  65. save input to db then send to a web service and add response from web service to db
  66. Trying to get the HTTP status code of a URL but getting the page data along with it
  67. Using Interfaces to design an application
  68. How to read a text file backwards?
  69. Storing 3-state choice
  70. Ban word highlighter
  71. Paypal Verification PHP
  72. Find an id before it's created
  73. Nebenbei Needham help / Select and Update PHP Script
  74. How to test license validation via REST API
  75. Stripping off Fragment Identifier
  76. Create "INSERT" sql query with $_GET variables from array
  77. XML using as database with PHP !
  78. When re-sizing my PHP website on Mobile device it has a gray transparent border
  79. php framework
  80. PHP Not Executed Correctly?
  81. How to route to blog controller using any of blog or news in codeigniter
  82. Resolved Possible to display last post?
  83. How to validate Hidden Value?
  84. Return two different image filepaths
  85. Refactoring forms
  86. I'm confused as why I can't reuse MySQL database results
  87. need help of www to non www in php
  88. Question about Multi-Dimensional Array
  89. Undefined Offset
  90. Want to hide something from pro users... Need help!
  91. Help splitting values in to seperate database fields.
  92. Need Some help on call function ( for beginners)
  93. Empty Form and Security
  94. GD extention with freeType putenv in safe mode?
  95. Send and retrive 2 values for every checkbox from checkbox group
  96. heck of a time with copied output
  97. Executing shell script from web sever via URL/button?
  98. Global rank fixture
  99. Return to same spot
  100. mysql_connect works but PDO doesn't with newly created or changed MySQL passwords
  101. Scrolling Bar
  102. phpMyAdmin Help Needed
  103. foreach loop in query based on form selection
  104. Recaptcha
  105. website switch on / switch off
  106. PHP equivalent of SQL FROM_DAYS()
  107. php results multiple filter database
  108. PHP to Android or iOS
  109. What is the code to increase the parameters in php.ini file
  110. Whats wrong with this statement?
  111. Spaghetti or no?
  112. My support for low data websites
  113. JSON outputs NULL
  114. Role based permissions
  115. Calculation not working
  116. PHP how to show a single result directed from a results list?
  117. How to customise a single-user RSS reader for multiple users?
  118. Having some issues with looping a multi dimensional array
  119. For loop not updating database
  120. Hidden value not passing value
  121. Wanted: Good PHP Programmer To Partner With On 90% Done Project
  122. Select where query using drop down value
  123. In a mess with an increment for a loop
  124. Styled input file button no longer shows chosen file
  125. quick database question
  126. why is this "elseif" catching?
  127. help to start coding
  128. PHP and MYSQL with a loop
  129. Is PHP-FPM different from FastCGI /w Nginx for PHP?
  130. Multiple Forms on Single Page
  131. Need help on Insert data to phpMyAdmin
  132. Submit more than one Form at a time??
  133. Code for redirecting payment via PayPal based on geozone customer is in
  134. Do I need to set a Default
  135. Sort Comment From Bottom To Top [Like Facebook Comments]
  136. Help me to fix registration, image upload, resize and store path in MySQL script
  137. Pagination Updating Every Post In Database?
  138. Form Email Output styling Help
  139. need help about call a php code on click button
  140. Logic For Both Php & Mysql
  141. cant connect fsockopen or fopen
  142. Wordpress conditionals
  143. php forum create topic
  144. showing ordered items weird things happening doctrine /twig
  145. Rewriting/converting a single php file into a MVC format.
  146. do a select on two tables and the result allows access to fields of
  147. search string to find any one of an array within it.
  148. Help in PHP Code Please
  149. PHPUnit - Can Mocking/Stubbing happen without the actual class file?
  150. PHP, HTML, CSS, MYSQL sign up and login code
  151. In search of a script that can take the url of an api and convert the results
  152. Need some recommendations
  153. form/submit, how to check if array ISSET()
  154. Indeed API
  155. Better way to do this?
  156. How to add search to photography website
  157. Sql/math
  158. Tabs with tables
  159. Php and a way to case select
  160. Little help please
  161. variable check
  162. Word Press uploads folder
  163. Php Issue
  164. session errors - please help
  165. Resolved Date and getting 30 days from it
  166. Crypt() password question and login with Version PHP 5.3
  167. problem connecting a cms to gateway
  168. Drop down shopping cart
  169. Submit button confusion
  170. Website 80% done need help!
  171. Resolved 2% fee per 1,000. Foreach? Count?
  172. PHP parse GET data
  173. Daylight Savings Adjustment Help
  174. Do I need a whole bunch of Forms?
  175. My code isn't getting all of my wordpress posts
  176. Screencapper Image History Gallery
  177. Google Maps Markers question
  178. World cup office fun
  179. issue trying to disiplay contents of array
  180. Enter date and date 2 and dates(dates3) between them in date base.Only for experts
  181. in get in PHp ProBLm ,some 1 can Sort Out It?
  182. want to unfavorite and item from the user's favorite list through php
  183. mailing list problem please help
  184. classified ads website
  185. ZendFramework > ZendService > APNS > Enhanced Payload
  186. HTML/php email form issue
  187. getting a parssing error please help
  188. Need help with php array.
  189. Still Learning Need Some Pointers
  190. pay for it api
  191. Regenerating session id
  192. Calculate the number of working day hours between two dates
  193. 500 - Internal server error on index.php
  194. PHP CRUD reading from the databse
  195. MYSQL SYNTAX Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corre
  196. Can some look over this and tell me what's wrong...
  197. home page using php and mysql
  198. Resolved Difference in value
  199. How insert start date ,end date and dates between them in same time in same db
  200. parsing decoded JSON output
  201. Displaying content from mysql table when selected from a drop down
  202. Is this wrong?
  203. Query data to multiple columns
  204. Resolved Updating the right forum db field
  205. problem with Dynamic DropDown list when Submit
  206. Reconcile Files with Database
  207. simple html dom parser remove tags
  208. Watermark Logo + Dynamic Text
  209. some help need stop bot traffic
  210. extract string from url
  211. Resolved I think CodeIgniter is drunked..
  212. Resolved comparing table array values loop trouble
  213. Set Retrieved Record As Selected In ComboBox
  214. This is urgent fo rexpert php and my sql
  215. This is urgent unavailable days only for experts php and my sql
  216. Friendship system won't accept or reject
  217. Controlling how many results echo'd
  218. Create a function to add hours onto a deadline taking into account working hours
  219. Question about @function
  220. Must fill a form page
  221. Injecting variable into JSON
  222. sending using a link and using get
  223. PHP form not submitting to database
  224. Object oriented coding, never done much of it need a crash course
  225. Unable to send a message with php mail function
  226. HTML dump into new file
  227. Which is good to make Dynamic or Static Website?
  228. How to prevent spamming to my api server?
  229. Error need little help
  230. What would be the equivilant of this javascript in PHP
  231. Cant output MySQL Table data
  232. How do I do this?
  233. Image Exporting
  234. Noobie Code not working
  235. URL decoding
  236. Resolved Variable and $link problems
  237. unlinking an entire directory
  238. php registration confirmation
  239. Evaluate login problem
  240. This mysql class to mysqli
  241. Login Problem
  242. Transaction: unlink() and UPDATE query
  243. Resolved mysqli_query() and mysqli_fetch_array()
  244. ELSE vs ELSEIF
  245. Resolved expecting variable (T_VARIABLE) or ${
  246. Form contents emailed and written to a text file
  247. Multi Delete With Checkboxes
  248. Only for experts ,Booking calendar need add some functions
  249. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file
  250. newby question

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