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  1. Switch case Usage:Choosing the array definition in the Server
  2. Resolved purge text file
  3. Help With Posting Data From MySQL To A textarea Using PHP.
  4. JPG to BMP
  5. Quick regex help.
  6. My SQL Moving
  7. Php Coding showing nothing (blank space) when used in titlebar
  8. Mandatory fields Going Crazy
  9. What's the best way you've found to learn?
  10. css background-image caching?
  11. Advice needed for site creation
  12. Page/table row counter
  13. How to put preg match all results in a table?
  14. Download ZIP file PHP script errors
  15. Array help please
  16. Check to see if table exists ?
  17. user ID translate to user name
  18. PHP / ASP Encryption Translation
  19. Include() in PHP5
  20. How to insert Google Adsense code in this php file?
  21. mysqli not working
  22. SOAP: Call WSDL Service from PHP using NuSOAP
  23. Quoting comments.
  24. Get Directory from Remote Server?
  25. Question on webservice development on php
  26. PHP displaying table records help
  27. vBulletin search?
  28. Major Website Disaster Help Needed - PHP, Javascript and URL re-writing
  29. Bad security certificate
  30. Having issue with retrieving a member variable from parent class
  31. array_unique - mutiple array
  32. find matching words
  33. Website Template Preview Script?
  34. include without evaluate
  35. Help understand chat script
  36. math calculation on a php page
  37. CodeIgniter Framework
  38. Click on link to launch editor?
  39. Parsing xml/html
  40. deleting a user
  41. Logout form button is not ending session...
  42. SSL Cert After Install
  43. Question About Formatting PHP/MySQL Results
  44. Regular Expression
  45. Help with strtotime()
  46. filtering thru user types?
  47. stop posting the form in new window if login is incorrect(show an error msg instead)
  48. array within an array problem
  49. rating after downloading
  50. Filtering using checkbox
  51. Imagick won't create thumbnails for jpeg,png,gif on Nginx
  52. How do I empty an array - do I need to ?
  53. how do i put ads on free hosting without mod_layout or root access.
  54. Returning Value from Recursive Function
  55. How do I return a variable from a function? (more info in post)
  56. What does '+etch10' actually mean in 5.2.0-8+etch10?
  57. PEAR: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted...
  58. Resolved Chess Help
  59. Display pictures from directory.
  60. How to output an array?
  61. Php Problem Databse Update
  62. drop down manue and selecting form db
  63. I need help with some very basic php stuff.
  64. lowercase inside tags
  65. Problem with echoing href and " and ' etc
  66. chmod on 'blah' says "No error in '....\index.php' on line 2"
  67. Please Help!
  68. GDFORM Attachements
  69. Changing text color of a variable's contents
  70. when to use OOP
  71. populating a combo box with another combobox
  72. Resolved if($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] isn't working
  73. Grab parts of a link
  74. Iterating sql rows to a function
  75. Editing User Info While Going through multiple functions
  76. Finding and interogating a word list
  77. Add Items to Array
  78. Possible to push array element into function?
  79. help in this image varification code in php
  80. Using a class within another one
  81. Sending an email of database rows using PHP
  82. questions about creating tables
  83. Passing Variable to function problem
  84. Make a zip file in php
  85. Problem with session
  86. MSN Importing PHP
  87. http_referer if statement
  88. how do i display a returned value of a function.
  89. debugging custom function
  90. question about phpmyadmin and sql
  91. Building a simple array - some help needed !
  92. enable shorthand php in apache
  93. Keep getting HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on my php pages - help!
  94. Advice on formatting PHP inside tables (email)
  95. ID3 tags, can PHP display info from MP3?
  96. echo print html
  97. check db grab a field
  98. sorting array by date
  99. Search - box help ! pls ! newbie
  100. Session Start
  101. auto number column
  102. Warning: Division by zero in menumini.php line 74
  103. Loading External Content
  104. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare logincheck on line 64
  105. PHP class questions
  106. Warning: Division by zero in minimail php
  107. strategies for url rewriting
  108. php regex code problem with + symbol
  109. On Air Now
  110. Calling JDBC/JNDI from PHP
  111. RegEx Help
  112. Resolved PEARL Mail, email not going through
  113. ASK check if database has any value in it PHP
  114. UDP sockets in php
  115. Time
  116. need help with my online games functions php file
  117. Global Variable Passing
  118. How to define a php linear array using WSDL?
  119. many simple problems!
  120. Resolved explode \r\n not working on linux server but working on windows
  121. date() question I think
  122. Working with RESOURCE type
  123. help with SELECT COUNT array
  124. Array to Table question
  125. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  126. Help a Rookie
  127. Session Start
  128. Hiding folder in a directory listing..
  129. Updating Dynamic images on the fly
  130. Php 5.2.8 install
  131. Editing User Info
  132. Sorting number reversed problem...
  133. php Page Generator
  134. error running php script in linux
  135. Help with Search Form
  136. searching for applications or softwares to design the php page or forms.......
  137. Error occured... Query was empty
  138. email - hard returns
  139. Resolved Shopping cart with 1 order button
  140. Export table data to excel file from php web page
  141. Adding UL to Insert Tag
  142. repeat with diferent colors for each line
  143. Ban Code Needed.
  144. regex
  145. preg_replace help ??
  146. Get what's inside preg_match
  147. Can you declare constants within a function of an object?
  148. Hi code to check up:)
  149. setting a timezone
  150. Conflict, What is the right htaccess rule, default homepage file with htaccess?
  151. is_int() help!
  152. Help
  153. undefined variable message
  154. Convert this Java into PHP
  155. Calling WebService using SoapClient
  156. Same php code different results different web hosts
  157. Using Get To Update Handler Information
  158. regex?
  159. Resolved Problem with escaping quotes
  160. file upload failing without error?
  161. Help with attaching db info into link
  162. Regex for 2 numbers
  163. MYSQL/PHP Small Project Help Please
  164. getting data from cvs file?
  165. Resolved Problems Logging In with my script.
  166. having trouble calling image urls out of a database and getting them to code right
  167. Decrementing post count.
  168. Rotating Script - Little Array Help Please
  169. Resolved Cookie problem
  170. Resolved Filter data on input or output - your opinion
  171. job search api
  172. changing non utf8 characters to utf8
  173. PHP to post to another PHP.
  174. Minus Numbers
  175. Which is better (and faster) to use? try or @?
  176. $table_prefix
  177. Is there a way to have a "join newsletter" form that automatically adds an email?
  178. Automating Updates
  179. Welcome message help
  180. CMS Ad Banner display
  181. PHP promotes attacks?
  182. Writing a simple parser
  183. I have a silly problem with SELECT that won't go away
  184. Small Problem with my UBB Tag (preg_replace();)
  185. Editing a submitted form
  186. help with get_browser()
  187. MySql_error() returning bogus query
  188. Session Start problem
  189. how to output a varible's value from header()
  190. Sending post vars using a redirect
  191. Need help with a if statement
  192. Simple String Question
  193. Resolved Deleting Multiple MySQL Items
  194. can i build Scheduler based only on php?
  195. Checkbox/Radio Button Mastery
  196. Problem in printing an iframe in javascript
  197. File used by source
  198. Confusion with Global variable. Please need some help tips.
  199. php zip extension changes file permission in the server
  200. Odd Array
  201. Report downloads
  202. How can I pass Session Id through iframe?
  203. Problem with PATH using PHP with 2 separate servers.
  204. simple, customizable user authentication
  205. getimagesize() for multiple SWF's uses too much memory?
  206. loop CSS attribute with php
  207. PHP problem. Not getting return email. Link Posted.
  208. URL an %20
  209. admin help with php
  210. Things to check for when inserting & selecting from database.
  211. A listings database
  212. A way to check a text file for somthing and if its not there to add it
  213. Can you use php for Rails style flash messages?
  214. calculations with php
  215. Help with "0000-00-00 00:00:00" if then else?
  216. How to access the CLI?
  217. How do I....
  218. read end of urls.
  219. uploading files (images) and text at once?
  220. dynamically imbricated for loops
  221. Resolved Inserting comma in total...
  222. array_multisort() error
  223. Adding an Ads function to header
  224. creating a random number and user must enter it to continue
  225. How insert java script Google Adsense code in this php file ?
  226. [PHP] A request about check it logged/registered system with rangs
  227. [PHP] Problem of upload files script
  228. Displaying Image from Function
  229. Do I really need to execute a 'select' before 'update'?
  230. php iis SUBdomain
  231. storing information available globally
  232. Auto generate the number an display in php page
  233. PHP string substitution script
  234. Oekaki Warning System
  235. session not maintaining state beyond a certain page
  236. Removing style tags from html tag
  237. Whitespace issue with rich text editor
  238. secure log in
  239. Help with coding error
  240. Problem with captcha image not showing
  241. PHP include_path function sometimes failing
  242. Help with foreach loop & associative array
  243. Help simplify regular expression
  244. INSERT query does not work.
  245. Help needed regarding image rating script
  246. next/previous links
  247. installed PHP on Windows 2003 pages still not loading?
  248. PHPBB3 and Wordpress 2.7 Intergration
  249. Session start help
  250. How do I get rid of \r\n\r\n when editing text ?

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