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  1. ftp_put help
  2. dates drop down multi select help
  3. $string to array help
  4. Resolved PHP Black Thumbnails
  5. how to submit form with variable fields
  6. help .add a new line in string join
  7. Resolved if, else, statements
  8. Need help with form script PHP code
  9. Build URL Scraper
  10. How to search a string in multiple sub directories
  11. delete all files from a folder
  12. Check, cookied are enabled on client browser or not
  13. php mail to hotmail
  14. flushing output immediately to browser
  15. web form to email help
  16. Nested tables to be exported to excel with Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Perl
  17. List part of the Session array from a link.
  18. Session array and diplaying images on other file
  19. $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] variable and Select FORM
  20. "Save As" script problems, read more to understand :( (Help needed)
  21. IE ignoring cookies when script called from other domain
  22. Parse Single Item from RSS?
  23. PHP in .htaccess?
  24. return rows from an array
  25. Stuck on SQL Statement
  26. Using Classes
  27. Update blob works fine but not file name, size and type
  28. Group array values by range
  29. Isnt directing to usercp.php
  30. Content Management
  31. Replace radio button in a form with text/image?
  32. How To Impose Ip And data Based limitation
  33. Date is incorrect
  34. Youtube embed code help with php?
  35. Variables Question
  36. osCommerce adding extra image to product listings
  37. php in form validation
  38. Search script (searches MYSQL)
  39. Newsletter - timeout
  40. Echo, and print, = Vs ==
  41. Confliction of OOP and LOP in function.
  42. Help with registration form
  43. php explode
  44. Object Oriented Programming Issue
  45. Compare submited text
  46. Resolved PHP Regular expression almost working but...
  47. PDF-Page2String
  48. php, .htaccess, encryption methods help!
  49. Need script that shows different information, hourly intervals, 7 days a week
  50. How to select/show only limited number of characters
  51. domxml load() problem
  52. ERROR: unable to unpack
  53. Incorporating PHPBB with another register page
  54. Help me To understand "Foreach"
  55. automated signup. publicly available script??
  56. Resolved Regular Expression Help
  57. call php from other host
  58. Search within a date range in an array
  59. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_SL ??
  60. Setting textarea default as a sql field
  61. trouble calling external php file
  62. Need urgent help with my strpos() Code.
  63. Simple calculation problem
  64. what is this php script ??
  65. Where does PHP get the time from?
  66. Resolved Dynamic Form Fields
  67. Does anyone have experience using proxy scripts ?
  68. A $_GET problem! Done!
  69. php5.ini problem on Godaddy shared IIS 7 server.
  70. how to retrieve data from dynamcially created textbox using pure php code
  71. Values not adding up right.
  72. Cannot display results from a search
  73. Help with grabbing videos
  74. Having Trouble With PHP Form + Require Variable
  75. fetch row from array
  76. PHP Links Randomizer or Rotator
  77. help me for validating purpose(urgent)
  78. Old URL Redirect in HTACCESS
  79. PHP Css Switcher
  80. How to generate tree structure
  81. JavaScript parseInt equivalent in PHP
  82. Help with echo statement
  83. generating a batch number
  84. make php do content based on url?
  85. send variables to another page
  86. Image storing question
  87. Object Oriented Programming.
  88. PHP OOP Problem
  89. PHP inheritance
  90. xml
  91. php mysql checkboxes NEEDhelp ....
  92. RUN PHP & ASP in PC
  93. Danish letters(זרו) and mysql help needed ...
  94. Timestamp format for excel
  95. Timing Script - Change SQL Field
  96. Resolved ereg_replace - how to get the values saved
  97. PHP Email Form help needed !!!
  98. csv and postgresql help please
  99. Dual Dropdown doesn't refresh
  100. I just get a blank screen !
  101. Search Engine Software
  102. Developing a web service to connect PHP ad .NET
  103. Font color for key based on modif date ?
  104. new line character
  105. One Form/Multiple Pages not inserting into DB
  106. Need help with simple function parameter problem
  107. how can i put this in to one file
  108. Select/if statement issue
  109. Query 2 tables at the same time... i've googled all morning...
  110. Newbie problem with arrays
  111. Spaces to display levels in dir structure list ?
  112. 'Now playing' banner which pulls information from radio stream.
  113. Resolved Add new value to select option
  114. Resolved Function need help ;) ..
  115. Resolved Link to Frame
  116. Customizable, lightweight, ad-free, PHP Poll?
  117. Can't upload MS Word Docs from IE7
  118. Programming help(test ur skill)?
  119. Sorting multiple Arrays
  120. Cron job 2 things
  121. Fix recursive function on a directory listing
  122. OOPHP - Use class without declaring a new object
  123. locking php files
  124. error messages aren't working
  125. Adding Custom vBulletin Search Result
  126. 500 Internal Server Error
  127. two kinds of collors table cell
  128. make an input field depend on 2 dynamic menus
  129. Php help
  130. Ranking system chart HELP !!!
  131. Need help with a php next image script
  132. ssp director php to output xml
  133. Update user details form
  134. php mail() no spam folder
  135. Removing $_POST
  136. using ForceType for friendly urls is breaking relative paths!
  137. On the fly "if" conditions deciding factor?
  138. MD5 Can be Decrypted. Unbelievable!
  139. XML Invoices
  140. PHP Invoicing System
  141. file_exists as negative
  142. How to post comments to photos
  143. Randomize
  144. Modify contact form - add more fields
  145. Problem with query
  146. Hiding page until user is registered
  147. Resolved Setting a secure cookie?
  148. A simple send mail script but why doesn't it work?
  149. Path to images - image does not show
  150. Problem trying to see Youtube through this proxy script
  151. Displaying the results
  152. PHP + mySQL Syntax error "Trying to link info from DB using PHP" getting Parse error.
  153. multi step forms...switching steps?
  154. Apache Authentication and PHP session
  155. Problem with headers
  156. General question about mail(), phpmailer and PEAR:mail
  157. problem with php inside javascript
  158. Free smtp server php mail()
  159. include path question(s)
  160. simplexml_load_file error
  161. Why am i getting this error?
  162. select user from database
  163. Basic mail ( ) function question
  164. Parse RSS Feeds
  165. Problem adding in PM notification to existing code
  166. Can anyone help with an IF/Else statement?
  167. Dropdown Menu to Autopopulate
  168. Graphic Designer with a PHP problem
  169. Select Users From DataBase
  170. pathinfo question?
  171. page validates in ff but not in ie
  172. Architectural design problem
  173. &function (Need further explaination)
  174. upload script with user database
  175. Decode This Loop
  176. Issue with else not giving output
  177. Help with PHP form validation
  178. EasyPHP issues
  179. Checking value of one input field from a form
  180. Call what is to print from the array ?
  181. add characters at certain spot
  182. E-Mail Form
  183. Question on setting data members in class
  184. Help with PHP code for Game Sharing site
  185. Real strange associative behavior for an associative array
  186. As like we delete mail from our mailbox
  187. How can I Delete Images separately ?
  188. Setting a Session to Javascript Value
  189. help need. Array Issues
  190. using MVC in php
  191. Little problem with nl2br()
  192. Email me form
  193. PHP, MySql- utf8_encode returns unknown character, How to convert?
  194. Validating subject, body arguments for mail function
  195. Display PHP code on a page (not execute)
  196. Fatal Error Message after trying to Install Wordpress 2.7.1 ????
  197. no title
  198. mp3 downloads
  199. Need help with Joomla Php please
  200. php redirect not working
  201. How to create thumbnails and stream when clicked?
  202. Array diplaying Folder on top ?
  203. Strtotime returns -1 in php 4
  204. Make links clickable
  205. Frameworks
  206. Will sending these emails cause me a problem ?
  207. display each day in a week
  208. CRON Help
  209. Form submiting cause 403 error?
  210. PHP Form submit problems on wordpress
  211. pear auth custom fields?
  212. if (mysql_num_rows($result)>0) displays code on html?
  213. PHP echo information in a form field?
  214. PHP + HTML Related Question
  215. imagecreatefromjpeg() out of memory error
  216. Login script help
  217. Resolved mysql_fetch_assoc() text won't wrap
  218. PHP and Joomla help needed! Modules and Div output -Help!
  219. x++ vs. x+1
  220. Question about call_user_func with non static methods
  221. How to change button text based on CheckBox Checked or not [PHP5]
  222. Replace buttons with dropdown menu
  223. Creating a shopping cart with additional information
  224. Renaming an image file?
  225. How to evaluate if a Checkbox is checked [PHP5]
  226. Header Redirecting not working on Submit [PHP5]
  227. Simple question about PHP(/HTML) (I'm a newb)
  228. Kind of login-box
  229. php authentication not working
  230. integrating google maps with pincode + MSSQL DB
  231. The correct headers for an email ?
  232. Pagenation problem
  233. Is it possible to only display PHP file if navigated to from only one page?
  234. Function with a required arguement type
  235. radio boxes populated from mysql query
  236. Can Joomla output different divs based on a modules position?
  237. Include dynamic variable in a URL
  238. Echo an Array's Value
  239. Calling php script from javascript
  240. How to make a searchable image viewer?
  241. Edit-in-place in a TABLE
  242. Problem with system function and zip file
  243. anything wrong with this code?
  244. session variable - send id to other pages
  245. Class Sign Up Solution?
  246. Help with preg_replace
  247. Strip all but numbers in a variable
  248. inserting to database - error
  249. Resolved Generating a random number, but delete certain numbers from range.
  250. Need something like a bad word filter i think

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