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  1. rss subsciption wordpress blog template problem
  2. Delayed AutoResponder Errors
  3. How to retrieve the OpCode?
  4. PHP Array Graphing Advice...
  5. php_cli /DOS question.
  6. php pass variables to another php
  7. Max connections help please
  8. passing a value to another page???
  9. Weblink to PHP routine
  10. Resolved pulling info out of a db to be used as an alt tag which contains ' in it?
  11. multiple entries into a textbox with (,) seperation using AJAX-php
  12. Receiving XML response in php script (encoding.com)
  13. Please help me with this coding
  14. e-commerce languages/frameworks??
  15. key() Behavioral Differences PHP5.1.6 to PHP5.2.5
  16. Password & Username
  17. Block PHP using PHP?
  18. Resolved WHILE inside WHILE - problem shows double
  19. Change a form based on previous input
  20. string manipulation help please.
  21. Need Help with Coding Line Spaces
  22. zip code searching
  23. PHP with check boxes
  24. add html to php statement
  25. imagecreatefromjpeg failing
  26. Resolved Display data from another table help
  27. php code throwing up whitespace error?
  28. PHP permissions error.
  29. header redirecting but included file is not working
  30. If internet explorer 8
  31. Alert box line breaks
  32. Web contact form
  33. Registration Script
  34. rookie in need of help with archive code
  35. Resolved PHP Menu Generator Not Ignoring Subdirectories
  36. Changing host - Need a way to zip/unzip
  37. Can't get script to work
  38. Split mysql query into columns:do the job with php or better Css?
  39. Parse error
  40. undefine index error 'ref'
  41. undefined index error
  42. Disabled input don't pass variable
  43. Passing variables to another site
  44. Submit url to script
  45. Warning: require(header.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file
  46. Resolved how do i create a CRON job which deleted my entire data table and inserts new data?
  47. Resolved if, elseif help please
  48. display a website within a page smaller scale
  49. Need help, with php complete newbie
  50. Instant Sample
  51. Concatenate a field name with a variable
  52. 301 redirect with php
  53. Help Passing FORM field variables across 2 domains
  54. mysql_fetch_array and a while loop...
  55. Registration form problem
  56. Age Searching and zip code search
  57. need help with a complex snippet for chat room
  58. updating data in a database
  59. chat script for web
  60. Menu linking help
  61. Having problem with preg_match
  62. is it possible to link some buttons to my data?
  63. Login doesn't work
  64. How to echo row using 'WITH ROLLUP'
  65. Submitting data from multiple forms
  66. problem with listbox
  67. problem with checkbox value
  68. Arrays not working properly??
  69. Need help with email ()
  70. PayPal IPN donator script.. please!
  71. Use PHP function in loop
  72. $get
  73. using PHP when it's not suported
  74. Image Tag Question
  75. Help with PHP Pizza Topping Selector exercise
  76. Help with an update script
  77. $xmlDoc = new DOMDocument()- loading first 5 items help
  78. Send function result to html page ?
  79. checkboxes, counting them on submit
  80. 30 maximum execution time!!!!
  81. Does anyone know where i can get an updated list of the newest releases in dvd/bluray
  82. help with if()
  83. using combo box to insert data to database
  84. Function Is not working
  85. Mailto with attachment won't work
  86. inserting youtube embed code into mysql
  87. Viewing one file to view a page V.S. multiple files
  88. input box accessing wrong css
  89. Problems with admin.php and config.php file modifications
  90. execute php file with exec() error
  91. Multiple Categories and MySQL
  92. Quick, silent refreshing. Possible?
  93. Sending an email:
  94. Load image from urlbar? blah.com/?img=url.. how do i do it?
  95. submit button issue
  96. new folder permissions
  97. Beginner trying to write secure code
  98. Google has merged two websites Possible PHP database problem
  99. Resolved Replace ?id=11 with title-of-video.html or /title-of-video/
  100. preg_replace to remove links containing custom word
  101. iFrame and reading it's code and posting outside of the iframe
  102. Inserting different javascript to each page when using header include
  103. Color defined equation?
  104. Image Issue
  105. Difference between a class and function?
  106. Realtime Echoing
  107. Must be logged in for downloading
  108. "Wildcards" for PHP directory names?
  109. using printf() with forms
  110. MOD Rewrite Problem with PHP Pages
  111. Show relative dates
  112. regular expression
  113. help regarding using yahoo API
  114. Need Help with PHP Calculate Program.
  115. Year want display on php print page.
  116. $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name'] is empty!
  117. Resolved Php while loop error
  118. Parse html file and store images on HTML page into folders
  119. NuSOAP
  120. PHP functions
  121. Displaying height & width of image
  122. Losing Session data in IE7 only
  123. Hex Code to Image
  124. Regular expression help
  125. PHP include paths
  126. Crawling PHP includes?
  127. Joomla Template issues and the pdfr,email and print icon code
  128. variable subdirectory path (a-z)
  129. What exactly is a property value
  130. Image Rotator - Need Help with php or java code
  131. how to show stars , rating in php
  132. SSI replaced by PHP?
  133. Undefined Property
  134. Verify that a string is all alphanum and spaces
  135. Pop-up selections values display
  136. Blob pagination with string separations?
  137. Can I add more than one email receiver to a form?
  138. Form variables in php that change need to concatonate.
  139. How do you parse XML data?
  140. How To Set Up A CNAME System For A Website
  141. Converting and streaming videos with PHP
  142. Warning: ereg(): REG_EPAREN
  143. regular expression
  144. results are not retrieved if temp tables are used in stored procedure not
  145. reg expres
  146. Image Upload
  147. Regarding header()
  148. Changing contents of a variable to what matches in a language.php file
  149. getimagesize problem
  150. Insert unknown key into array
  151. Alternating day 1/2 counter
  152. PHP Include - absolute versus relative path
  153. Returning URI segments
  154. How to remove data from a variable before passing on
  155. Converting Java to PHP
  156. INSERT MySQL error
  157. PHP to Wait on Shell Script Requiring User Input
  158. Resolved implementing search script into design
  159. PHP Live Chat
  160. PHP, Wordpress and CSS image replacement.
  161. PHP Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_FUNCTION'
  162. What do i have Wrong (Data not being added to DB)
  163. Regarding sprintf()
  164. Joining variables in a class
  165. Resolved Group news posts by date?
  166. search on two tables with mapping IDs
  167. A href tag and Mysql qery (Master page)
  168. Output function data
  169. Validating integer-type $_GET's from a URL
  170. First timer at mixing php and ajax
  171. Gallery2 php additemtoalbum API issue
  172. PHP SUM/ADD Help Needed
  173. Difficult calculation problem
  174. Edit blog post error
  175. PHP mkdir() glitch?
  176. PHP "Submit" Button doesn't execute Program
  177. Redirecting a domain, but keeping the old permalinks
  178. Can I quickly convert an html message to text message ?
  179. Resolved PHP Include on Apache
  180. not show email in my email message
  181. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cookie
  182. Sessioin_start and readfile wmv video
  183. locking mysql table
  184. What is the safest to save from someone posting HTML.
  185. no images showing up
  186. Add Body ID to Control Wordpress Pages
  187. pages that change content links depending on user id?
  188. Ho w do I do this simply update ?date ?
  189. about including files
  190. Should you do re-implement authentication separately each time?
  191. str_replace and £ issues
  192. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '='
  193. Can I convert this script to use diffrent tool ?
  194. Simple contact form
  195. Simple file upload sniplet needed
  196. IE Form Submit Issue
  197. How to update table dynamically
  198. Passing variables
  199. Error selecting rows WHERE fields...
  200. Delete every Sunday
  201. Creating and working with temp files
  202. Uploading to YouTube possible?
  203. Sign up form errors
  204. search
  205. How to PHP include a variable path
  206. mysql_insert_id() Problem
  207. How To Add Create Account/Register/Forgot Password Features In "My Databook"
  208. Resolved Couting (.*) on a String
  209. uploading mp3 files
  210. Learn PHP?
  211. .php Live Server Time
  212. Whats the difference between fopen() function and the file() function ?
  213. Regular Expression Part 2 - result problem
  214. How to send file as an attachment with phpmailer
  215. how to load an array of XML files
  216. Login Script Problem (Same IP but different computers can access each others acounts)
  217. two foreach
  218. A CMS made from Scratch
  219. Array building file writing
  220. Problem with creating cookie and showing/hiding div based on it...
  221. Strange problem with extra blank row insertion - PHP/MySQL
  222. Random PHP Include Weekly
  223. trouble processing email form
  224. PHP into html
  225. getting mysql result in an array
  226. Yet one more question about dynamic links
  227. XML parsed into PHP OK - but is this possible?
  228. what is the cheapest sms provider ?? (sms-based not credit based)
  229. Email account management via PhP
  230. Need help on HTML to display in RC File for Winbinder PHP
  231. preg_replace, white space and ""
  232. Php Question
  233. Identifying user levels
  234. counting repititions in array?
  235. sending sms from php website
  236. string encoding problem
  237. White space?
  238. Regular Expression
  239. need help PHP form
  240. image gallery error
  241. Resolved Converting Session ID to numbers with PHP
  242. Resolved Quick Variable Defining Question
  243. extstres() - where can i find out what this is?
  244. Linking from an image. Wordpress theme help.
  245. Interesting question about accessing a file.
  246. PHP special characters
  247. Order by
  248. problem diplaying code
  249. When should you even use objects in PHP?
  250. How to insert text in between a long text

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