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  1. Seat-Reservation Site? How to Connect to Client with real-time Data?
  2. Resolved get_meta_tags(); what about <link rel..>?
  3. Restriction
  4. Creating a PHP web gallery - automatic thumbnails
  5. help please re: php_self
  6. Resolved How do I Display the Total Number of Results
  7. php need help with rtf document
  8. regarding mastercard
  10. Parsing XML to get Data/Variables
  11. Need a php snapshot script...
  12. concatenating string
  13. cookies problem
  14. Captcha Help
  15. Adding Attachments - Urgent!
  16. How to get the records to show in a table.
  17. help. multiple query string on url
  18. Organizing, Reviewing, and Summing Large Set of Values
  19. PHP-MySQL Issues
  20. Question about navigation!
  21. Script for processing a form -not returning error, but no email comes through
  22. Regex
  23. Help with PHP regex function
  24. Unknown parse error on a script, another set of eyes needed
  25. file_get_contents Strange Issue
  26. PHP Include- not even simple ones work?
  27. Arranging into columns?
  28. Expanding PHP Code Application/Script?
  29. php query - no database selected??? help please!!!
  30. Identifying which page you're in
  31. matching ēģ with regex
  32. Fetch URLs from HTML page
  33. undefined index error
  34. How to fix issue with dynamic pages like move from RIGHT to LEFT for a second?
  35. In arrays, what does => or -> mean?
  36. PHP URL Issues
  37. Same array... Duplicate Values!
  38. remove all text and keep only whats inside tags brackets
  39. Help with simple mail script
  40. How do I create a form with interdependent dropdown
  41. [DRUPAL]Menu or Code Block
  42. Simple shopping cart script help please?
  43. How do I print to a Label Printer (no pdf or on-screen preview) from our site?
  44. I want to increase variable once every refresh of the page
  45. Error I don't understand...
  46. String challenge - replace Nth instance
  47. convert an integer to an xsd:dateTime
  48. 2 issues with integrated PHPbb3 login/logout on site homepage.
  49. Form with MySQL
  50. ensure email reading
  51. upload problem with MIME types of RAR-files
  52. edit a flat file txt file - please help
  53. How do I output my html to a .pdf document ?
  54. Get Metacafe Video ID from url.
  55. Problem w/ while an id
  56. Form with checkboxes => multiple tables
  57. Display time ago from date posted
  58. Ignore Capitalization in a URL
  59. Email Search/Finder Script??
  60. Beginner tackles cookies. Result - Loss
  61. How to make a form show an error when all fields aren't filled in
  62. [Help]How to read web page source into a string ?
  63. PHP Dom getElementById
  64. This script uses both cUrl and fsockopen should I get rid of one ?
  65. help in header redirection
  66. I have a form and I want it to run with text not an image.
  67. help in uploading file
  68. read first couple of characters from text file
  69. [Help]xml in php page
  70. Sort by array
  71. Adding another Value feild.
  72. Problems inserting into MySql Database with php and ajax
  73. php emailer with drop down menu
  74. problems with image-generating page
  75. Cookies replaces periods with underscores
  76. need help to change navigation
  77. what is the main content of an entity class?
  78. Set a php script to run at set intervals of time
  79. variable subtitution vs concatenates
  80. php if statement help
  81. Difference between WHILE loop and FOREACH
  82. How can making a Drop Down List Such as this form
  83. include problem with zen cart
  84. mysql_fetch_array()
  85. How to find filesystem encoding with php?
  86. Multiple image delete function
  87. OO Scope Bug? What do you think?
  88. URL parameter problem
  89. cron job problem (need help plz)
  90. Simple upload script broken.. Why?
  91. My First php script published-www.buxriver.com
  92. Constant already define error
  93. help
  94. I'm looking to get hacked
  95. hostmonster php emailer issues
  96. Upload folder security
  97. time() is one hour ahead of everything
  98. Get Mac adress or any other unique variable
  99. Simple Form but how to redirect back?
  100. MySQL Inserting
  101. PHP - Ranks
  102. PHP - Order Form
  103. PHP Redirection question
  104. str_replace instead of preg_replace
  105. How To Auto-Increment Cell Values With PHP?
  106. OnSubmit change Values
  107. mysl_get_rows
  108. Parsing table cells
  109. Problem with php inside javascript application in IE
  110. Listing level of a directory differently...
  111. file_get_contents help
  112. Problem with scope on include files
  113. isset is false, yet returns true
  114. Online storage Site???
  115. Problem with MySQL
  116. how to write it properly?
  117. Save PHP Output as HTML file
  118. Why does the folloawing place a \ into the text
  119. How to dump the names of files inside the zip archive in a new text file?
  120. SQL injection/mysql_real_escape_string --> any definitive resources/links?
  121. finding external server ip
  122. can I get a simple credit card form? Suggestions?
  123. Grab data from .txt file and format output
  124. Decent text editor thats free
  125. PHP include with CSS styling
  126. beginner PHP question with email form submission
  127. How can I re-index MySQL dbases with php ?
  128. splitting html content with paging
  129. Receiving XML file via http post
  130. regex, search non nested...
  131. Ad Rotation Questions
  132. looking for a quick solution
  133. Problem with braces in global variable
  134. PHP Scrolling Marquee
  135. Profanity Filter With RegEx
  136. How to redirect after submitting form
  137. What is the easiest way to learn PHP scripting.?
  138. Working out times for scheduling
  139. regexp
  140. Really stupid question... str_replace vs &quot;
  141. Building Website Using one Page (index.php?page=1) or many pages?
  142. exec() PHP - Someone can help please
  143. Why does this script use two methods to do the same thing ?
  144. Adding QueryStrings while maintaing current ones
  145. Count on criteria in 2 columns
  146. $_GET and $_POST with foreign languages, specifically Hebrew
  147. PHP Authentication And .htaccess
  148. Checking if application exists
  149. Simple message window ?
  150. Can anyone help with me with a Joomla PHP module?
  151. writing an image to a file
  152. Pagination of data from an UNION query
  153. Change created date in Gmail cookie
  154. Parse error
  155. How can I send the value of a variable from page to another page
  156. Resolved total entries in database
  157. User Input Tag Cloud
  158. Parse First Instance
  159. $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] possible values (i.e. null/false)?
  160. needing some help on creating a page for email logs
  161. Basic MySQL connection issue
  162. PHP is not reading cookies until i refresh - help
  163. Adjusting the PHP max file size upload.
  164. Stupidly simple (I'm sure), $_COOKIE problem.
  165. drop down menu
  166. function getting database problem
  167. Open/read multiple subfolders and read all files in them, problem! (php + domxml)
  168. Resolved problem with using a varible in a link?
  169. populating check boxes from mysql db
  170. Any online real time php editor?
  171. Counting functions..
  172. Daft Object Orientated Q
  173. Help!!!!! Email form not submitting
  174. How to Transfer form details over to PHP script
  175. writing info to files
  176. Zend cart
  177. how to post javascript array to php
  178. date format
  179. Need help on fixing this piece of code.
  180. Preventing Script Injection via BBcode
  181. Need simple fix to redirect
  182. form validation
  183. Need help with cookies
  184. Help with delete of line in txt flat file
  185. Need help with PHP Upload and email script
  186. Adding & Updating in one file
  187. uploading many images at once
  188. Need Help with PHP Contact us form
  189. Adding an attachment option to php email form
  190. How to stop a $_SESSION expiring?
  191. Simple PHP redirect problem
  192. Need help with PHP FTP Script
  193. From Image to Code to Image
  194. Updating a Dropdown Menu -> Show selected value
  195. 'mysql_real_escape_string' Strange problem!!
  196. Sessions don't work at all?
  197. Stay on page after php return url
  198. Custom E-Vite Script for Birthday Invitation
  199. Captcha and Session Variables
  200. PHP Contact Form
  201. multiple tasks which i need help/assistance with?
  202. What else can you do with variable types in arguments?
  203. New PHP Form issuse in email
  204. Paypal
  205. Error On line 23
  206. Creating an Array within an Array...
  207. Hyperlink Question
  208. validate numbers
  209. generating and saving files to browser?
  210. Notice: Use of undefined constant minutes - assumed 'minutes'
  211. open source code for groups functionality
  212. Saving PHP Database Information as HTML
  213. Mixing php files with html file?
  214. parsing error
  215. Resolved if statment printing unexpected results?
  216. PHP Form Script Question
  217. Jumbled plan
  218. Multiple session save paths
  219. pulling lots of data with only 30 on each page
  220. PayPal IPN script, does mail() but sql queries don't work :(
  221. serialize/unserialize in cookies
  222. show data of multiple tables?
  223. signup source code
  224. Can't change font size within PHP code
  225. APC_UPLOAD_PROGRESS variable is cleared after one hour
  226. Update MySQL Database -> Multiple Items
  227. Image onclick
  228. Parse Sytnax T String error
  229. Cant get images to upload corectly - In way over my head...
  230. PHP Download Counter
  231. Resolved Time stamp for new entries
  232. New image upload not working
  233. Resolved rss feed help please!
  234. Curl issues
  235. Help with my BNC Paypal IPN - with encrypted links 3.0
  236. Resolved How can I set Page Colour Help !!!
  237. Help Please!!!
  238. Resolved Multiple Categories for Each, update them?
  239. Listing parts of SQL table, with certain number of rows per page?
  240. Online scheduling form [please help :)]
  241. Php Output query, help required.
  242. Problems to get the las Id of mysql
  243. Search a table !!!
  244. Resolved query Help!
  245. Cookie issue
  246. Upload, file not image
  247. Hyphens in Phone Numbers?
  248. Amazon S3 Force-Download
  249. referring or redircting to another page
  250. Suggestions on mail () form please

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