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  1. Importing $_FILES into a function
  2. Session works only after first visit
  3. PHP Email Form Assistance Needed
  4. PHP Form not pulling Radio Button Info
  5. Sanitize stripping my Variable?
  6. Forse user to Login first and then allow to visit a webpage
  7. Exploding array and finding string position (error)
  8. Counting number of unique data in each column
  9. Find Last Comment #
  10. read a text file and write to mysql table
  11. friendly urls without .htaccess or mod_rewrite
  12. http to https how to redirect?
  13. htacces problem
  14. Site Slow Problem
  15. form data not being saved in go back
  16. PHP forms and Javascript validation
  17. File not opening!!
  18. Textarea Issue
  19. can someone look at my php tiny "search engine"
  20. Why you have no BASH forum?
  21. Redirection to ?page=home
  22. PHP Balloting System Project
  23. search engine crash when there is 1 result found
  24. Array just outputs ARRAY
  25. phrase search
  26. PHP SOAP WSDL Procedure not found
  27. How can I optimize this PHP script to load the page faster? It's too slow
  28. simplexml_load_file from a form
  29. retaining scrollbar position
  30. Helo
  31. Beautyfying HTML/ Strings
  32. Resolved issue with ip2long
  33. Starting Social Network project, looking for people to help/join?! :)
  34. Get -> read -> update body's text
  35. Code Licensing and Encryption - Best method?
  36. Creating Trial Period
  37. Session not being set?!
  38. PHP POST Header is not working on sub domain :(
  39. Fix for Custom Email Script
  40. syntax errors on simple script
  41. variable in $_POST['$variable here']
  42. My session info disappears when I use a form
  43. how to know if form sent IS sent via my site
  44. PHP failing to log into database
  45. call links from database in vbulletin php template
  46. script shows on original page only
  47. fopen won't work on mounted remote filesystem
  48. Unexpected $end issue
  49. AJAX and sessions
  50. Proper syntax for WHERE condition
  51. Contact Form
  52. array_walk_recursive w/ function that takes 2 parameters (mysqli_real_escape_string)
  53. How to show image instead of video
  54. mysql_fetch_array() Problem
  55. Taking information from a database using PHP?
  56. How to check if radio button is checked then CHECK
  57. How to enable SSL connection in Opencart?
  58. statement in an array
  59. How hard is Pagination?
  60. Detect Real User Agent
  61. Get ID
  62. while mysql_fetch_array
  63. need help with Wordpress function
  64. Php to direct usertype to a page at login
  65. PHP link not passing Variable to form modal
  66. mysql select hashed password
  67. PHP Email Form - How to implement auto reply?
  68. Problem with login/register code.
  69. PHP Problems
  70. General
  71. Resolved referencing 2 dimensional array
  72. Process Soap data as array instead of string
  73. Parsing XML With PHP
  74. Need Help with Super Rewards PostBack - 1$ for maker
  75. Some questions about Associative Arrays
  76. Store MySQL row in array
  77. isset syntax error
  78. select from mysql using sum and min
  79. Trying to fix a XSS exploit.
  80. Improving a vBulletin Mod
  81. Latest vedios in directory
  82. Issues with my PHP member system
  83. PHP MySQL insert won't work.
  84. Problem With Links
  85. Unexpected T_VARIABLE help??
  86. php different include by date
  87. How to deencrypt database
  88. Converting plain text into html paragraphs
  89. mysql_real_escape and/or strip_tags ?
  90. Some exec commands not working
  91. PHP Form Session problem with Facebook App
  92. Displaying number of records in continuous manner in php paging
  93. Getting only letters
  94. Where to change text
  95. adding to message system
  96. Security Implications of Hard-Coding Password?
  97. Using isset to check a session
  98. Warning: fopen why ?
  99. error in my regex
  100. XML Parsing
  101. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DNUMBER
  102. referencing php code file from a remote server?
  103. Clearing a bunch of variables
  104. Script Question
  105. Dynamic controller in MVC?
  106. How to write cyrillic symbols in a correct way using saveHTMLFile function
  107. Organise Coordinates in to particular order
  108. UTF-8 Encoding Issues
  109. Email Alert When .php page has been updated
  110. Posting string & searching returned data form string
  111. can a php file password be in a different file location
  112. writing CSS using PHP?
  113. Would like to make an output with links... Now I'm stuck
  114. Need help with Multi-Dimensional Array
  115. Can anyone suggest how to install tax module in opencart website?
  116. simple problem writing form data to mysql
  117. How to get difference time ?
  118. How to Loop through Records to Display Data?
  119. using variable in two functions
  120. result player names outpincorrect
  121. Using header function send visitor to one page and then to another
  122. Error message, but code does work as expected
  123. Problem trying to create rss_file in a loop.
  124. helpppppp woocomerce problem
  125. preg_match generator ?
  126. Some Help
  127. Is this a secure way of doing things?
  128. PHP form with AJAX/jQuery validation
  129. Need help with this form
  130. submitting values from multiple checkboxes (and forms)
  131. how to send form data to multiple database tables?
  132. Using Invision Power Board outside it's framework
  133. GD Polygons and Custom Coordinates
  134. testing locally on MAMP data not refreshing?
  135. echoing out datafield is blank?!
  136. dynamically change the write to text file name in php code
  137. Mysql update in php not working
  138. Auction site
  139. Profile data not changed after update
  140. Advice/help with MVC please?
  141. How can I change a value on my html template from a class?
  142. cURL Request in diff methods
  143. What does it take to build a cloud-based SaaS Web app?
  144. Resolved Advice with a class to load modules please?
  145. htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in
  146. PHP / MYSQL - Need a loop to return dates on calendar
  147. Need to place header at the top of our page
  148. hyper link using php
  149. pagination code - FIXED
  150. how to pass an variable thats an array to a function
  151. Need help
  152. trying to get pagnation to work - FIXED
  153. Product page - help needed
  154. Using MySQL and PHP to extract from a DB
  155. check table cell for data before using it
  156. How to sort array of directory names into order based on file value
  157. mail() change the recieved from text ?
  158. Delete image php and mysql by checkbox
  159. converting md5 password to sha256 with salt
  160. Need help getting SOAP / Web Services working
  161. Creating a search engine and linking blog posts
  162. Conversion input - mysql - PDO
  163. Help, displaying database content with button
  164. User posts not making it through to the database intact
  165. Error - Forbitten on Submit Form
  166. Issue with variables
  167. Opencart Question
  168. Need help with a couple of CSS styles on Zencart sidebar "Categories"
  169. Powerstack PHP 5 framework
  170. rename uploaded image name to time stamp
  171. Problem with loop and $i
  172. Inserting on Submit
  173. run php script multiple times with different variables
  174. Successfully changed the password but can not login
  175. Plagiarism Checking Tool Help
  176. code works, needs to be reordered?
  177. redirect brings up page with outdated information
  178. Ajax Php Contact Form
  179. Find Character, Select Currency Code
  180. user last login date
  181. If statement for get_the_author (Wordpress)
  182. Resolved [Wordpress] Page excerpts instead of post excerpts on homepage?
  183. Dumping Text File From PHP Script
  184. Resolved Algorithms & for loops
  185. large data file process
  186. PDF methods
  187. php to export to csv over ssl wtf?!
  188. php POST
  189. Help with converting page to MSQLI
  190. Resolved Pass the results of a query to another method
  191. PHP pull images
  192. Copy files from one folder to another
  193. Detect if link opened in new tab or window or direct url access
  194. Help with PHP form...thank you :-) (code)
  195. Echoing all images uploaded (max of 10)
  196. click on the button to run php code and echo result
  197. Error message on my website
  198. How to create a Form to Populate "Junction Table"?
  199. How do I edit a mixed html/php file in Komodo?
  200. Having problems with my PHP code -Beginner-
  201. fwrite entry limit.
  202. Blank response in XML WebService
  203. Need help displaying every other user
  204. Display code on page with colours
  205. insert mysql select query with php, empty variable?
  206. Consistency Across Sessions
  207. Payment from DB entered into loop
  208. Loading PHP file into DIV via AJAX
  209. vTigerCRM Backup and PHP Script -HELP
  210. Changes from MySQL 5.0 to 5.5 (show image with PHP?)
  211. Dynamically Created Due Dates from ONE db file
  212. comment's on security
  213. Querying two tables in OOP?
  214. How do I find out what 302 was used to get to my site?
  215. select value ofcombobox2 from combobox1
  216. How I can call restful web services efficiently
  217. Selecting the data between two date
  218. Resolved Posting values with dynamically created elements
  219. php & mysql error! help!
  220. Sorting and displaying a large member list
  221. PHP recursion vs. AJAX polling
  222. How to Structure OO PHP
  223. How to post to wall from website using facebook API?
  224. Resolved excel date format to sql date
  225. PHP Program Some Error
  226. Process Huge XML file. 250MB file
  227. How to Target a Specific PHP Element with CSS?
  228. New to this please give me some guidance
  229. API Responses
  230. Make strtotime have 00:00:00?
  231. Unexpected elseif PHP result
  232. Making URLs clickable
  233. SolveMedia captcha help..
  234. mail() and ini file
  235. Search query help
  236. Help! Syntax Error Insert query
  237. PHP math calculation for WooCommerce
  238. How to have index.php load different content
  239. premium script
  240. Zend Framework modular application and preDispatch
  241. Streamlining repetitive code
  242. PHP Form Validation Help
  243. auto email Please Help!
  244. tool for page performence and page load
  245. Does "force resize" chew up bandwidth?
  246. php to read a csv file and display it
  247. What is the best way to handle if statements?
  248. Please help to var_dump debug in php
  249. inserting sql output rows to excel file
  250. session question

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