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  1. Warning: Wrong parameter count for mysql_query()
  2. How to do this action
  3. Possible bug in ftp_nlist?
  4. Resolved Alphabetical Search
  5. Default Image Using PHP
  6. Class
  7. PHP 30 day date query not working...
  8. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE
  9. Parse Error Help Help
  10. has anyone used TSEP (The Search Engine Project)
  11. About include question
  12. Blank page after login on certain web servers...
  13. Resolved Regular Expression Problem
  14. Better of faster way of reading and diplaying folder image ?
  15. If Statement Trouble
  16. PHP Geo Redirect?
  17. PHP GD Library ~ Merging two trans images
  18. Nofollow Links in Post, Dofollow Links in Related Posts
  19. PHP Post, send to two emails?
  20. Lost/Forgotton Password
  21. LDAP asp.net to php conversion help
  22. Ordering PHP results into columns
  23. Info For PHP Micro Chat
  24. How to pass variables to SQL query
  25. Will this always Visitors browsing IP
  26. T_ECHO error
  27. How to zip uploaded files..?
  28. require_once question
  29. Wordpress help // I've screwed up my permalinks
  30. Include .mp4 movie
  31. PHP dynamic title tags
  32. Help fixing wishlist script
  33. Module detection
  34. fixing link syntax to make sure it will work
  35. Problem with MySQL call
  36. small game for joomla
  37. What's wrong with this email send?
  38. Resolved Allowing quotes in database
  39. Edit blog post
  40. Resolved Email list from database
  41. One Time Passwords
  42. how to use php session to authorize htaccess ???
  43. Php Colors
  44. Word filter
  45. Resolved Not sure where to use addslashes
  46. "Please fill in all fields"
  47. php upload form (vista vs xp)
  48. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '='
  49. Lots of questions need answering about website coding!
  50. Smarty setup opinions
  51. PHP contact form
  52. Resolved IF Else for URL do something if URL does not match, do nothing if it does
  53. Any reason to stop header redirection after a "Status:200"?
  54. help with search
  56. GOTO command returning a parse error
  57. Resolved Ping Server Script Help
  58. search engin which support for multiple language
  59. Looking for advise on security/access-control.
  60. Ad-serving Keyword Analysis
  61. Switch Statement for an Enquiry form
  62. Possibly bug with GD Library, rotate and copy images with alpha fails
  63. How do I alter a field length with php ?
  64. aim notification bot?
  65. Declaring an array
  66. Excel - .xls view on the page + php issue
  67. Serving css as php - header problem?
  68. Getting the day of a date.
  69. Testing for true
  70. PHP to Email problem
  71. Login - Redirect v1.31
  72. assign JS value to php session
  73. Encypted Password
  74. PhpBB3 Login
  75. Resolved Variable not getting defined in switch statement
  76. If/Else statement displays both options?
  77. Symlinks for easier maintenance of repeated code with multiple domains = good idea?
  78. eliminate "on behalf of"
  79. php login page doesn't display
  80. Comparing 2 arrays, and echo matching results?
  81. Resolved Displaying an array in a table?
  82. preventing repeat votes?
  83. How to Check if a Form has Been Submitted
  84. polling script?
  85. Resolved I need to count and return "1 of ?"
  86. How can I shorten this?
  87. Sending form to db in remote server...
  88. Resolved I need to count and return "1 of ?"
  89. Creating Server-Side Email Forwarding
  90. Multiple values in single mysql field
  91. Resolved One Form - Multiple Create/Edit/Delete
  92. Needing a point in the right direction...
  93. Very simple calculation not working
  94. mail() function SENDER address
  95. Inserting values using a select box
  96. multiple domains template architecture best practices
  97. htaccess php_value with suphp
  98. Simple Login Form
  99. I'm looking for a script...
  100. Help with an api paypal and php
  101. Resolved Dynamic PHP Image generation
  102. Resolved DELETE statement not working
  103. Database requirements to build a site like Kiva
  104. PHP Bill Calculator Issues
  105. Resolved Altering content based on mysql
  106. it display all the details.. need help!!
  107. Resolved string replace a '$' defined variable with nothing
  108. IE Internet Explorer fails inside if($_POST)
  109. Delete Row
  110. Image uploader help
  111. callback functions
  112. which button the user clicked?
  113. Need help with PHP / Joomla code!
  114. file_get_contents correct function for me?
  115. Help with a simple 1-field Web Form
  116. Multi-purpose Form Handler
  117. Stuck in side <td></td>
  118. Required fields 'if'
  119. Includes
  120. end character list at the end of a word
  121. Insert data into database using foreach?
  122. Multiple passwords?
  123. Little script problem
  124. PHP mail form
  125. Resolved UPDATE Query not working!
  126. php send mail problem
  127. Issues on retrieving youtube embed video from MYSQL
  128. how to code status updates for social network
  129. Search Form Trouble
  130. Error querying database
  131. protect and license php script or code
  132. Echo
  133. Array Question
  134. Making a registration page
  135. Includes don't accept absolute path on new server?
  136. Resolved Using php to add MySql query to drop down
  137. Finding Illegal Chars in a string
  138. Highlighting an unknown word
  139. how do i back up my drupal database?
  140. Comment box scripts
  141. Load different site according to selection
  142. Problem with Izeit calendar mini
  143. Problems with my contact.php
  144. Leaving Fields Blank in Forms
  145. Resolved Select statement only one row and session variable
  146. I need a script!
  147. Problem in showing security code image at localhost server???
  148. Problem with pagination script.
  149. Problem with PHP spaces
  150. Reading from .txt file
  151. Little help with IIS and emails.
  152. opening multiple windows/forms
  153. accessing a file from linux server
  154. Save As from a URL?
  155. Delete old DB data with php
  156. Need a simple cURL snipplet
  157. Simple Backend for a Site?
  158. PHP MySql form update
  159. Problem with PHP / Joomla module code
  160. Music link to music player PHP
  161. Resolved Problem with nested quotes
  162. PHP form validation
  163. CMS Install Script
  164. How do I put this into a while loop ?
  165. Slow PHP/AJAX on IIS
  166. sapm problem(mail)
  167. how to make different types of Captcha
  168. Trouble with a FORM
  169. AJAX and PHP
  170. trouble remembering list box value when using it with ajax im my php page
  171. Security tips, anyone?!
  172. php syntax error
  173. File not being written to
  174. php forum
  175. MySQL Improved Prepared Statements
  176. Membership time limit
  177. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{'
  178. Install reCaptcha using PHP on a .tpl page
  179. I'm so new to php it hurts...
  180. track top pages on my site and display them
  181. PHP Webpage Inputting HELP!!
  182. Need help with my PHP / Joomla script for displaying a module
  183. grouping db records by data sets?
  184. php and css conflict?
  185. [Resolved] Trouble curling this site
  186. How do you check if a radiobutton was pressed or not?
  187. Rewriting specific lines from remote file
  188. How to make a Video Thumbnail script???
  189. Heredoc, Nowdoc
  190. Get Parent Node's ID from Current Node
  191. Adding dynamic content inside a JS code
  192. How do I change these apostrophies ?
  193. Censoring messages through PHP
  194. Wrong phrase displayed from code
  195. Simple password (again)
  196. If Statement / Viewed Pages
  197. Google Custom Search
  198. Resolved [Updated]PHP CSV to JS array
  199. Small easy question
  200. Easy PHP question - censoring a string
  201. Function returns column name not value.
  202. Server problem
  203. Resolved Object Cloning - please help
  204. PHP Development Tools for Mac
  205. Search box urgent Help
  206. Editing a specific row in mysql with php
  207. Autocomplete Field From Db
  208. Layout changes somehow
  209. substr problem
  210. Comma in script from database
  211. trying 3 days - splitting multiple array values with same key
  212. Allowed memory size
  213. Creating a Wordpress Plugin!
  214. Resolved how to get float?
  215. php mail form with captcha and attachment of file
  216. Reading and writing a .txt file
  217. pushing values into a already looping array
  218. HTML form email with PHP
  219. Need help using sendmail.exe
  220. PHP form information into two MySQL tables
  221. Hacked Script?
  222. basic PHP shopping cart, email address lost after $_POST?
  223. Miserable Looking PHP Code
  224. tail -f system call
  225. Problem with Form Inside Include File
  226. Apply variable to array element
  227. Mysql_real_escape_string
  228. Resolved conditions on variables
  229. include all php classes/files files in a folder
  230. CAnt figure out the parse error
  231. POLL: Do you think that "define" should be deprecated?
  232. Brute Force SYN Attach – Thousands Of Request A Second –Don’t Know if hacked – Help!
  233. extracting multipul entries in array
  234. How can I change this function to add a line break ?
  235. Finding vulnerabilities in code?
  236. One html table from two mysql tables + math :o
  237. Simple auth problem
  238. Php Mail () Function Problem with hotmail -HELP
  239. mysqli support in php
  240. loading bar with PHP
  241. Where can I find a good PHP/mySQL Code? Will coders sometimes work for equity?
  242. Problem executing query and displaying results
  243. why this empty space in the form?
  244. Hit Counter with cookies help!
  245. eregi_replace
  246. RESOLVED: Variable variables in functions
  247. Group Array into "teams" and add up points
  248. Need some help with some code...
  249. Finding Highest '7' Numbers in an array
  250. Region & City Search

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