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  1. Senior Project Suggestions?
  2. how to get redirected page url
  3. Abstract problem..
  4. Phplist problem
  5. Is there a way to log image usage with php ?
  6. How to make the parent menu get selected in multi level menu?
  7. fwrite()
  8. Counting depending on values from another table?
  9. GD Image Cannot be Displayed
  10. Simple script stupid results
  11. Categories Page
  12. questions regarding CMS
  13. delete cookie using foreach
  14. PHP Parser
  15. PHP Mail Function to send html mail and attachments
  16. Command line script from the browser
  17. Weard IF Problem within a template system
  18. How do I add dots to my variable ?
  19. Problem Saving file to a Directory
  20. Form not processing check boxes.
  21. Captcha and Form validation
  22. Problem with radio buttons
  23. PHP write to txt: special characters
  24. Resolved DomDocument->change parent of a node.
  25. out an image after imagecopyresampled
  26. Trying to display JSON object
  27. Mafia Game Help!
  28. Resolved Form Submit 0's in Databaste
  29. Why didn't working this code? pls help me :-(
  30. (PHP) LDAP test server?
  31. Resolved Related database entries, selecting entry only once?
  32. reduce image size and weight
  33. Help with URLConnection and PHP.
  34. mmm how do i describe this? i have a string within a string that does not work.
  35. MySQL Is Saying There Are No Rows
  36. Getting rates to Eurobank ? (Waiting!)
  37. Help with Data Validation
  38. XML displaying in browser [formating]
  39. php is not generating xml
  40. php class error - Cannot re-assign $this
  41. ImageTTFText
  42. unexpected T_VARIABLE trying to combine two $_get
  43. Compare number to an array
  44. help with link syntax
  45. Looking to create a sig generator!
  46. working with time and calculations
  47. To Find Difference Between Current date and Other date
  48. selecting data from one table based on data from another table
  49. parsing problem
  50. Running MySQL comparison
  51. the last page it doesn't show
  52. Can this be done a bit more neat
  53. Help with image sending script
  54. clone pagination LIMIT with Mysql to firebird
  55. Count number of rows in databse
  56. php.net/strtotime seems to not show correct usage ?
  57. Help: Google Map API
  58. ereg() Function is Deprecated
  59. A problem in Joovili?
  60. How to code in the event of a PC crash or power out or closing the browser(any)?
  61. _LINE_ ,_FILE_ why they can't work?
  62. search in mysql database to display information without necessarily using forms
  63. how to check whether email id exist in domains only using email id without password
  64. Link next page is not working
  65. function executing automatically
  66. Store Locator Algorithm
  67. Checking the format of an array.
  68. fail to upload a image file
  69. WP blog header.php modification question
  70. PHP replace file
  71. I Need help for this thumb.php scripts.
  72. Open a directory for reading on a mapped network drive
  73. Removing duplicate results from a MSSQL query with PHP
  74. strange thing about $_POST array 2
  75. strange thing about $_POST array when it's passed another page
  76. convert all image types to jpg
  77. color first 5 results
  78. Rerun / reload php script button in table?
  79. Resolved Get id when present, when it not continue
  80. Submit a string
  81. A rather tricky array step - please help.
  82. problem implementing shopping cart
  83. Reconciling OOP encapsulation with my belief in the value of data-behavior separation
  84. PHP install ... success or no???
  85. does one have to use session_start() on each page
  86. Any way to hide the path?
  87. Smarty compile directory error
  88. document.getElementById() in PHP
  89. Zend Framework
  90. Best way to handle multiple user project ids
  91. Resolved Detection in PHP
  92. Error Log
  93. unvalidated variable origin - security holes
  94. php.ini file's influence on sub-sub-subfolders accessed via Ajax
  95. Sitemap Help
  96. Dowload File then redirect
  97. Prevent mysql error showing when code needs user input
  98. gmdate and strtotime does not seem to work?
  99. catch error from $m->Send();
  100. How to delete a particular record
  101. removing all alphabetical characters from a string
  102. Need help regarding captcha
  103. Resolved Help With Loop For Back To Links
  104. PHP 5.2.5 not supporting 4.x functions
  105. Better practice, comma or period
  106. Hide field if value is null
  107. cannot implement a simple shopping cart
  108. $_POST not working on godaddy php5
  109. Syntax Error
  110. check box checking 1 at a time
  111. Simple php editor for linux fedora.
  112. Allow user to leave file upload blank
  113. Make user name show up in comments script
  114. Problem with file upload
  115. Change Profile Information
  116. Resolved ASCII Converter
  117. Resolved Submit a form in two different ways
  118. Resolved What wrong with this foreach code
  119. Problem in Session variable ...
  120. {$variable}
  121. Problem
  122. Header already sent
  123. Mail Delivery Failure
  124. Calling tcl script from PHP
  125. $_SESSION probs - IE/FF vs Safari/Chrome
  126. Edit Database Contents
  127. table rows appending to end of page...
  128. poker site
  129. php post to another php script?
  130. inet_pton() function for PHP versions < 5.0
  131. Resolved sum array values based on a key
  132. sort by date array help ... [urgent]
  133. Newbie question - send whole page content by email (not using Outlook)
  134. Resolved myspace profile pages
  135. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in
  136. Session username in ''img src'' tag.
  137. Contextual Targeting Advertising Example
  138. Problem with mail form...
  139. PHP and MySql navigation help
  140. need help in simple cart script
  141. PHP zip problem?
  142. Posting Checkboxes
  143. random file name
  144. Remove css sidebar from certain dynamic pages
  145. can a function call itself?
  146. "<br>" works in one file, not in another
  147. a loop to create new variables?
  148. Resolved Redirect stopped Working
  149. how to convert numeric month into a month name
  150. Help with form script
  151. Redirect back to current page(again)
  152. Php Popup
  153. redirect problems
  154. Zip file not being created
  155. check a variable against a for loop?
  156. Scriptlance and Getafreelancer data feeds.
  157. how to select multiple item from database in a field?
  158. Resolved REDIRECT that wouldn't. Explanation
  159. Form Submission
  160. short of query
  161. how to display combo box value into a textbox?
  162. php help need with file uploader
  163. displaying an image as a variable
  164. white page?
  165. expired domain name finder
  166. Sorority Website: New Pages = "Warning: require()" issue!
  167. randhtml.cgi
  168. Finding Items Contained in a String
  169. getimagesize from imagegif()
  170. Consuming web services from PHP
  171. Wordpress: Change post on home page to display only from a certain category?
  172. ZipArchive::open always fails with ER_OPEN (11)
  173. Update form not working
  174. syntax error '('
  175. PHP url help
  176. placing a limit on rss content output in php?
  177. PHP conversion to ASP
  178. Submitting Form
  179. What is difference between include_once and require_once?
  180. Invalid argument - submit to database
  181. Ajax Dropdown Menu
  182. Trying to set up mutual approval before listing someone as a friend
  183. Looping thru an array and extract names
  184. Post username along with comment
  185. Using the like wildcard with PHP and MSSQL
  186. Sorting Elements from an Array in a Table
  187. Wordpress MU blog login redirect
  188. Wordpress: Use a sidebar (widget) from different blog?
  189. One doubt in sending SMS
  190. Wordpress: Blog on home page and sub-page.
  191. in array()
  192. Query problems
  193. fwrite problem
  194. uploaded .doc returned as .dat
  195. Need help with form validation
  196. RegEx Question
  197. FCKeditor, PHPmailer and code <?php ... ?>
  198. PHP / text wrapping in IE7
  199. adding minutes and convert to time
  200. Need help with a PHP led image gallery
  201. PHP/Javascript calculator error
  202. Wordpress post loop... Displaying 3 at once.
  203. date and time in php
  204. Problem with a while loop and mail function
  205. HTML Form -> PHP Special Characters
  206. Resolved Retrieving POST values from POST
  207. Problem when i store my post into a variable and then use it in another form
  208. Function for navigating/modifying a multidimensional array
  209. problem using a post back preview
  210. Resolved Multiple select Design Question
  211. Language Translation API
  212. arrays and averages from xml data
  213. RFC for CONNECT method (HTTP1.1)
  214. Inserting into mysql Database need help
  215. Cookies or Database Session States?
  216. Resolved Help with simple regular expression
  217. Can anyone help me to edit this php image viewer
  218. celender dump
  219. A good log in script?
  220. Simple "GET" error.
  221. echo query
  222. problem with curl()
  223. MIME Content types and uploading in PHP
  224. Resolved Uploaded files attached to email?
  225. write to .txt file not registering
  226. changing select box to input box
  227. $_POST doesnot run
  228. Vbulletin - Changing decimal of average vote?
  229. delete files in folder, file name value less than todays date and time - 1 hr
  230. Fwrite deleting lines.
  231. Issues Totalling Values from Inside a loop
  232. Redirect based on referrer help
  233. Problem with self referencing form
  234. get_path("config") problem
  235. Date_default_timezone_set vs. putenv("TZ=someCountry")
  236. Merging Commands
  237. Missing page written.
  238. PHP Exploit BUT HOW?
  239. Forms not saving data when submitted
  240. Does Dynamic CSS Via PHP Get Cached?
  241. Change File Updater
  242. PHP Editor
  243. I need a dynamic header, footer, sidebar....Currently Static
  244. Get the array values into img tags?
  245. Redirect not working.
  246. Bandwidth detection
  247. how do i use sendmail?
  248. Help with PHP Email duplication.
  249. whether Member Functions should be used
  250. smart pointers

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