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  1. MKDIR Help Needed
  2. Resolved SMS headers
  3. get longest word in string
  4. can't connect to mySQL?!
  5. Script dont work.
  6. Variables becoming...well variables
  7. Resolved Looking for complete php page counter
  8. A little question
  9. Passing data from one page to another?
  10. Contact form problems
  11. A noob needs some help parsing .. pleez?
  12. Magic Methods (OOP) - toString
  13. Php page with flash header
  14. Fopen command
  15. Replacing characters and joining fields
  16. linux system call
  17. HTML Entities, anyone?
  18. Sending email with attachments
  19. Fixing a loop
  20. Can I get a second opinion on PHPMailer
  21. Search Table pagination looses break page line...
  22. Swaping Words Script
  23. Spider Google
  24. Help with preventing duplicate database entries
  25. User Online Script - How to add field
  26. form-email trouble PHP
  27. how to fetch the HTTP Response Header
  28. How to set error code
  29. Moved to new server: Call to a member function ... on a non-object
  30. gzip check
  31. Dealing with trailing slash in text input
  32. [Auto] Submit to classified ads
  33. Resolved Remove domain off an email address
  34. how come this makes a gap that gets bigger?
  35. screen resolution (width) with PHP
  36. Newbie with a Problem
  37. A non well formed numeric value encountered
  38. question about charset
  39. PHP GD Resize Image
  40. IF, ELSEIF help needed.
  41. matching value using a bitwise operator
  42. WAMP: scheduled job in seconds
  43. Some help with syntax
  44. Trouble navigating
  45. PHP and 500 Internal server error
  46. How do I supress the display of cents?
  47. Problem with pagination script in PHP
  48. Global Buffers On Server
  49. Variables in echo statement with array.
  50. Variables in echo statement
  51. Form Security Question
  52. Help me with this Idea
  53. Resolved Capturing ImageGIF Output
  54. Date Diffs (the bane of my existence)
  55. Maximise function in PHP
  56. redirect
  57. printing help please lots of 's and "s?
  58. header redirect issues on unix environment, but not on windows (WAMP)
  59. installing Zend frame work - which is teh includes folder?
  60. preg_replace not sure what the correct expression is
  61. Stopping Redirects
  62. Resolved MySQL Row loop
  63. Resolved Simple regex help
  64. loops help please.
  65. How to enable rounded or squared columns?
  66. Populating an array problem
  67. APNG Animation
  68. How to develop multilingual website?
  69. Replace special chars not tags, php trigered by html
  70. Excuting a php from another...
  71. Configuring custom php contact form
  72. Resolved Check if image file exists on remote server
  73. Forms Created by PHP
  74. Connect to site via proxy?
  75. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]:
  76. mysql_result
  77. How do I call a function within a amfphp class
  78. GDChart Help !!
  79. Help with my login
  80. help with my tpl file
  81. mysql_affected_rows returning -1 instead of 0?
  82. Help with "Invalid ID"
  83. Php multiple files downloading
  84. How to get minimum value of an array?
  85. Simple CAPTCHA script
  86. String Replace - Multiple Rules?
  87. SMTP prob
  88. move_uploaded_file not working properly... please anyone tell me why it is not workg?
  89. Trying to output a comma delimited file (csv)
  90. Write Email Attachment To Directory
  91. PHP editing txt file using TinyMCE is causing errors
  92. Multiple Upload Using PHP/Ajax
  93. Resolved DB insert?
  94. Parse error in PHP script
  95. Need help adding a CAPTCHA code to a php e-mail form.
  96. problem to conect to my sqldatabase
  97. Can I make this form do 2 actions on submit?
  98. PHP Not Working in a Single Directory
  99. Allow BBCode but Not HTML
  100. Allow currency symbols for cost field
  101. Why does this echo statement display in one environment and not in another?
  102. Stored procedure not working when being called by php
  103. How to creae a "document" based on selected items?
  104. Print once if chained event!?!?
  105. Pass JavaScript (via AJAX) to PHP
  106. Help installing PHP script
  107. splitting a word
  108. how to create and download the zip file(s) in php?
  109. 404 redirect script not working
  110. Code is outputting an incorrect number of articles
  111. WAMP not working
  112. Redirect stuff
  113. PHP Coding, Add Rows to HTML Table based on $Difference variable
  114. Would using a framework decrease site value
  115. Making a game.
  116. A couple Undefined Index errors running php script on IIS...
  117. Radio Buttons Not Being Passed
  118. PHP DB2 Can't bind Parameters
  119. Custom 404 redirect based on typed URL
  120. How to Do New Line In Source Code?
  121. curl_exec not catching timeout/no connection
  122. PHP contact form problem
  123. Displaying names into alphabetical groups - help!
  124. Forbidden Name Function
  125. First frame of video question
  126. Resolved php live update?
  127. Simple regular expression question
  128. looking for simple code to unban ip
  129. strtlower and ucfirst for Feed
  130. Resolved MySQLi Prepared Statements
  131. File Renaming
  132. Ajax+Sessions doesn't allow page close/refresh (Comet)
  133. online quiz query
  134. Retrieve values of checked checkboxes
  135. Server variables to php
  136. Insert and Load Record using prototype
  137. loading images or html into a slideshow dynamically
  138. How to use 2 patterns for preg_match
  139. adding xml data to an array only if its not already there?
  140. simple random problem
  141. script.php needs to create multiple files :/
  142. Making the webpage refresh on submit...
  143. Resolved Keeps coming out as true!
  144. Just a question for the experts
  145. Scripts For AntiBots
  146. Coding a proxy URL into SHA1?
  147. Generate mysql Dump with query(?)
  148. Autofitting Content for Mobile Version of Website
  149. error:...cannot send session cache limiter... headers already sent by php...
  150. Resolved Function to convert MYSQL results to SEO-friendly URL's
  151. Resolved Displaying online users
  152. Please expand this abreviated if statement for me
  153. PHP Sessions staying alive after browser closes?
  154. Passing a db record to be edited / deleted
  155. Array remaining size from an index
  156. Site for queuing
  157. Automatic E-mail notification.....?
  158. Multiply arrays?
  159. Failed to open stream, no such file or directory error
  160. PHP, LDAP, and authenticating via logon
  161. mbstring PHP extension was not found
  162. textfield as part of a command
  163. Simple str_replace problem.
  164. loop for receive multiple upload files....
  165. Email script
  166. Execute function only if I click link
  167. $_GET array
  168. Replacing "print"
  169. e-mailing form
  170. Unexpected T_STRING errors
  171. Captcha Contact Form
  172. Removing XML node(s) by value
  173. Resolved BBCode Parser Extension
  174. Need PHP Coder as partner for Prankstergangsters.com. Entrepeneurs only please.
  175. ban ip script
  176. Help! Getting just letters
  177. How do I convert a string to multiple variables?
  178. How to detect online/offline status
  179. How to get the difference between two datetime values
  180. extract images from pdf or save page as image
  181. How can i avoid Website Analytic Code?
  182. Submit Form
  183. Resolved Unknown column 'greg' in 'field list'
  184. Mortgage Calculator - Cannot Subtract in Formula
  185. Daily Fact Script Help
  186. The path of my application?
  187. change 398779.098 to 398,779.098
  188. Problem with lookup table...
  189. foreach help on a parser script?
  190. xmoov.php works but...
  191. Resolved Website displays folder instead of the actual page
  192. whats the proper way to pass &s and 's via a url?
  193. Listing Values from Column with a <SELECT>
  194. c++ php
  195. SELECT lookup two tables problem...
  196. strtotime monday of the previous week
  197. why i can not have value as decimal in my table ?
  198. php/mysql multi-level menu problem
  199. How to stop access to any page
  200. what does this mean?
  201. Can someone tell what's wrong in this code
  202. Referencing PHP inside of Javascript (or the other way around)
  203. How to change path/to/recform.php?
  204. Undefined index warning in my code
  205. PHP Coding/Security Guidelines Checklist
  206. Question about PHP Includes
  207. Unset in Multidementional Array
  208. preg_match_all - problem
  209. Calculate difference between two dates into hours
  210. Resolved displaying dollars and cents
  211. just want to relate two tables
  212. Resolved Passing a subid tracking code on a website?
  213. issues with simplexml_load_string/SimpleXMLElement on PHP 5.1/Linux
  214. Resolved Using cURL to Scan an External Page
  215. Php mail
  216. Resolved Programmatically setting PHP_AUTH_* variables
  217. jpg image not display on page
  218. performing ajax funtion on page(body) upload event
  219. File upload duplicate naming question
  220. script failing to write to logs and send mail RARELY
  221. mail() Function Reliability
  222. Gateway page
  223. Easiest way to remove .php extensions
  224. Problem with user profile [vbulletin]
  225. Resolved Really simple ads program
  226. Variable Variables and Multidimensional arrays... HELP!
  227. HTML mail problem
  228. is making a wordpress plugin profitable?
  229. problem with simple login script
  230. Report pagination
  231. image resize and watermark / 2 scripts in one
  232. PHP/CSS/Wordpress Grid
  233. changing the overall page execution timeout.
  234. how to protect files where constants (such as password) are kept?
  235. how to send request to an ip address - urgent
  236. empty a PHP constant value
  237. Update mysql with checkbox
  238. how i can get a current time ?
  239. doc link problem
  240. dynamic image with stats?
  241. Search query help
  242. writing php script to test security leaks
  243. Simple Comment Script for Gallery type webpage?
  244. Send to Friend Fixing Header Mail
  245. Best way to do this; should I use php?
  246. Pending help
  247. Efficiency question
  248. "Lag" causes more than 1 database input
  249. Generating with php a javascript content
  250. preg replace help please.

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