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  1. Session not persisting between pages
  2. Hiding/showing div
  3. php to dpf
  4. PHP/MySQL: Create dynamic navigation/pages
  5. pdf option in PHP admin
  6. What is best way to turn local link into full url?
  7. Replacing special letters/marks etc. from a string
  8. need help in php forms
  9. Plugin challange
  10. PHP Upload
  11. Web form not passing POST data?
  12. Working Code but receiving BLANK email fields
  13. Get in between two symbols
  14. help with too many IF statements
  15. Substr help
  16. mobile Message
  17. [SOLVED] php date() wrong for november??
  18. Image Creation (simple)
  19. Pagination with PHP
  20. Match code in link with code with one in file and extract line
  21. Finding a users position within a query!?
  22. A few mysql errors I need help with
  23. Does this mean that DOM is not working ?
  24. Additional line in mail() sent?
  25. Which do you use most and why: fsockopen, curl, fopen, file_get_contents
  26. MySQL Table Merging
  27. Need Help with timing issues
  28. pagination problem for serching from dB
  29. Php if statement
  30. Challange: Anagram
  31. Syntax Error. (unexpected T_VARIABLE)
  32. PHP Form help!
  33. regexp strangely not working
  34. Hyperlinks generator Help
  35. works on host but not on locslhost
  36. MySQL Info With Include PHP
  37. Connection B/W 2 browsers
  38. Form return - Outlook issue
  39. Syntax Error. Parse error: syntax error (unexpected T_DNUMBER)
  40. Resolved Can I Use Spaces / Apostrophes In Variables?
  41. Writing to a file in php
  42. Number of page hits
  43. Include file in Template
  44. Add a sign-up feature to a flat file login script
  45. re-directing
  46. Code Structure Ideas
  47. New to classes, how do I use this class ?
  48. i need help with php header and footer
  49. how to use two buttons with php
  50. variable problem
  51. WordPress Modification
  52. ereg_replace question?
  53. Resolved preg replace backreference
  54. Submit Form With Javascript
  55. Challenge: Creating int from mixed string
  56. Unserailizing cookies values?
  57. PHP Plugin Framework
  58. Div Tags with PHP
  59. Adding space to php echo link
  60. Strange Error is session variable
  61. Submit button not working when used as image? (PHP form, IE issue)
  62. buddypress and interspire
  63. Query MySQL on Form Field input
  64. Date Difference
  65. 403 Forbidden + Found no title
  66. Form mail attachment not working
  67. Flickr photos don't show on WP blog
  68. Mcrypt Library explination
  69. Grey OUT BUTTONS
  70. Resolved Option values from database
  71. fsockopen - Status
  72. Why use curl rather than fopen() and fread() ?
  73. String manipulation on a (phone) number
  74. How do I print Meta tags in a CMS?
  75. Checking for real email address input.
  76. Double variable filenames
  77. [Need Help] Rotating Image Question...
  78. using a css file with smarty template
  79. Problems getting PHP to run Linux system commands
  80. PHP Newb
  81. Allowing Returns in Textarea
  82. PHP code for moveToNextRecord with MySQL
  83. server side validation
  84. Resolved PHP template
  85. mailto array not working
  86. Write cookie with URL
  87. textarea basic formatting?
  88. flash and remote object
  89. how to parse a URL
  90. selecting data from one table based on data in another
  91. Posting Apostrophes
  92. How to execute a page daily
  93. Bidirectional Encryption/Compressing a string
  94. Hide Buttons When Users Do Not Have Permission
  95. php decode hacked my site
  96. Image Theft Protection for IE and FF
  97. Error In syntax
  98. Resolved char encode function
  99. Char Encoding Query
  100. Resolved gonna cry...
  101. Website randomly choosing logged in user in status bar.
  102. Can PHP do this?
  103. mysql_query for State flag
  104. looking for a script..
  105. Foreach loop
  106. how do i display google reader atoms to my wesite.
  107. how can you test if an image loads / file exists?
  108. does anyone know of a program to download source code of entire website
  109. Redirection script help
  110. need help in order by clause
  111. question about smarty templates
  112. Resolved Working with Runtimes in PHP
  113. loop set table
  114. How to remove mandatory field in my Contact Us
  115. Resolved newbee problem
  116. Code to display DAILY random string?
  117. Moving php elements in my layout
  118. Advanced If
  119. Event Manager- Forgotten Password Page
  120. Checkboxes include in Mailto
  121. explode delimiter's
  122. need help in pagination
  123. How do I make my own BB Code?
  124. extracting PHP from PHP
  125. Need a script
  126. Need a system like sphider
  127. Accept Terms of Agreement button
  128. Transparency lost when using imagecopy in PHP
  129. query = UPDATE
  130. Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64 (Huh?)
  131. extension pam.so::: pam_auth Error
  132. Read html page to Variables
  133. PHP Form with internal pages/id
  134. Delete Confirmation
  135. Learning the Language
  136. Path
  137. Title Problem in Database
  138. Internal Server Error while uploading images from web form
  139. Getting the referrer's URL without the need of clicking a link
  140. url variable
  141. Undefined index when the index is defined! How is this?
  142. php eval(decode(..)) hack
  143. javascript to php syntax changes?
  144. Argument problem
  145. layer to image
  146. PHP arrays and reference operator (&) bug (?)
  147. Resolved Need help with str_replace
  148. parse error
  149. Pagination and URL Re-Writing Issue
  150. Php + -
  151. Daft date question
  152. page continues to load without showing any data
  153. Counting lines of scource code
  154. Php/Mysql live update
  155. extract user info and mail() out admin
  156. How can I make an included template to appear only on two pages
  157. Sockets help
  158. Url not echoing $puser :S
  159. Resolved ftp_fput
  160. Where can I find a graphic counter?
  161. Resolved Text Input, Not inputing
  162. emailer
  163. Resolved Pictures not imported with PHP include
  164. regex preg_match_all question
  165. php
  166. displaying a record in a db where the date/time equals a custom made date?
  167. php calendar help please
  168. Help with Putting Dates in Order (todays 1st for e.g)
  169. Starting PHP Processes ...
  170. Hiding Echo'd Tags
  171. example for requirment of addslash
  172. mail() not sending emails thru Yahoo Small Biz Hosting
  173. How to reterive picture from mysql db? and display it in while()?
  174. how can i display selected checkbox values from database
  175. Quick Clever Repeating Script
  176. query page
  177. Show actual password with Sha1
  178. PHP/MySQL DB on IIS Server
  179. Resolved timestamp
  180. read a file - comma separate and output to screen
  181. Another error
  182. Adding comma to field
  183. No connection to my database?
  184. Insert several entries to database with one click
  185. Loading external image bypassing SSL
  186. Dynamic Dropdown Menu?
  187. creating an email form...the basic idea?
  188. Quickie (hopefully)
  189. notify url problem for IPN
  190. Trace an IP via submitting a comment
  191. Problem using PHP variables in javascript
  192. Comments page - 10 and then new page
  193. geocoding????
  194. Adding smileys -
  195. php xml parser
  196. PHP form field crashing query if NULL
  197. PLEASE HELP! Form not showing!
  198. Script problem
  199. [REQ] Protection Code
  200. Preventing Login Attacks
  201. Read text into variable
  202. Pllleeeaasseee help!
  203. [NEED HELP] Calling a function to it's proper place
  204. mysql_num_rows supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource?
  205. Creating png from text...I've seen a few classes but none save/show as .png
  206. Using two databases in the same page
  207. How learn PHP in easy way.
  208. pulling out data from a db where the date field equals current yr?
  209. Send fail failure
  210. working with mail (imap)
  211. Securing a web application
  212. UNIX TIME problem
  213. function not working
  214. password()
  215. PHP validating form first, even with Javascript validation?
  216. If statement Help
  217. please help me with pulling out the relivant info from a tb table!
  218. Mobile Browser Detection
  219. is_array not working on PHP DOM cross SimpleXML
  220. Get Email from POP
  221. Another Login Script issue
  222. Resolved Encoding a URL and passing it as a variable
  223. PHP search form with multiple inputs
  224. making a bell sound?
  225. Resolved Replaces spaces with underscores in upload form...
  226. Download corrupts some PDFs
  227. Breaking an 800 record .csv file into individual .csv files.
  228. PHP mail being delivered to wrong address
  229. Running a PHP script from a PHP script.
  230. How funny it is in PHP. i hate it
  231. PHP error changing form input field
  232. editing xml file with php
  233. categories pagination + for loop issues
  234. Wrong ID when $_Get
  235. parsing error..cant find an error in the code
  236. Run php code after page loads
  237. PLEASE help! Can't unban users!
  238. Storing Variables - Multi Dimensional Array
  239. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL resu, php wrong
  240. Forcing wordwrap() to ignore HTML tags
  241. Login
  242. php inside vbscript
  243. PHP form some part email showing blank
  244. Parsing XML with PHP question
  245. FOREACH two arrays in the one 'foreach' function?
  246. HELP My Site
  247. Storing a users date of birth in mysql DATE field question
  248. Resolved Id
  249. How to make a Captcha
  250. Securing a page

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