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  1. Resolved image upload move errors
  2. Need help in table design in displaying data from database
  3. Problem on inserting data from foreach to database
  4. Problem with my php dynamic CSS
  5. file search issue
  6. Design: One or Two Roles?
  7. Linking problem
  8. Need help in my table layout where the data are from database
  9. help with auto log in
  10. Newbie needs help.
  11. price not populating in text field when selecting product in drop down
  12. PHP Captcha Not Recognising Answers
  13. Site Search noindex page code
  14. Need help in getting the value of one field to be used in mysql select query
  15. MySQLi E_NOTICE: Trying to get property of non-object
  16. Inner Join 2 tables, and fetch results during while
  17. Group Permissions Problem
  18. difficulties displaying Gravatars on my website
  19. How to filter text that should have some 'special characters'
  20. HELP! My Signup Form Is Not Working!
  21. Error with website [CODE]
  22. How to tell what is opening the website
  23. adding txt to the second last line in a file
  24. pop up help using php
  25. Need little help to finish this little snippet!
  26. Return Meta-Description Instead of Post Excerpt
  27. Rename columns before downloading CSV
  28. Always Display Child Pages on Parent Pages and Child Pages PHP/MySQL
  29. PHP - mysql Count same word column values
  30. PHP - mysql Count row values together
  31. Get dropdown value when editing user
  32. Replace default code with personalized one
  33. Who's online not working
  34. Who's online manfunction
  35. How to create Video & Documents sharing site in PHP
  36. prod_id not populating correctly in tblretprod
  37. Changing URL
  38. How can i add this into my php code?
  39. How to remove part of a title name using php conversion tool?
  40. Could use help with some php / twitter code
  41. Retrieve database article with slug string
  42. Still cant get the ' character work in data-entry
  44. better way for this query-creating script
  45. Resolved allow a special character in string
  46. Newbie Questions
  47. Job posts not showing in search results
  48. redirect not working
  49. Advantages of PHP Development Over Dot Net and Java
  50. How to improve Timesheet Application
  51. Best method for logging timestamps
  52. asp tags dont work????
  53. [B]Install PHP on an Ipad[/B]
  54. Top Interview Questions for PHP?
  55. Count occurrences of multiple varying substrings within table field?
  56. Php foreach
  57. How do i use the LIKE operator in a if statement
  58. Backward Incompatible in ver 5.5
  59. Session Security for password reset
  60. export data to xlsx format (need it quickly please )
  61. Php official beta site
  62. tracking installations of application
  63. Saving image to mysql, help needed
  64. ZipArchive() problem with special characters in filenames
  65. My website have the expiry email notification but is not working and need your help
  66. Hello, I am new to PHP and need your help with .
  67. SOAP calls slow down with multiple users
  68. How to: filter csv, show results (??)
  69. Trying to link to anchor?
  70. Define() Constant inside mysql connection string probelm
  71. problum in creating image using imagettftext()
  72. adding header.sidebar and footer over fullscreen slider
  73. Text to Images
  74. The cursor is scrolling when code executed
  75. How do you filter search results
  76. select columns from table NOT = 'name'
  77. Alter PHP code to play video instead of images
  78. PHP Wordpress Slider Help - Alter to play video instead of images
  79. creating multiple empty files
  80. Passing parameters to webservice using php and soap
  81. How can I resolve this search ?
  82. Resolved Ampersand Breaking Code
  83. Email Rules
  84. stop direct access to scripts
  85. Problem with cookie write/read
  86. image drectory structure .. formula?
  87. getting different result live than i am locally
  88. Resolved SESSIONS in MVC
  89. [PHP] Open new window for update
  90. Can't get _GET to work
  91. Change form options if a photo is uploaded
  92. array_push issue
  93. Whois & bootstrap issues?
  94. Getting delimiter from a line
  95. faster than glob
  96. Adding a PHP search function to Search MySQL Database HELP
  97. Duplicate records during a foreach loop
  98. PHP sorting problem
  99. selecting and displaying records randomly from mysql + php
  100. Can you sort email lists with PHP?
  101. Fatal error: Call to undefined function seconds2human()
  102. newbie - developing webcam webpage using PHP
  103. How to fix Fatal Error PHPExcel: Memory Limit Exhausted while reading XLSX file of 5M
  104. How to remove $row[
  105. Contact form to send a email after 3days
  106. Adding popout image of webpage on link PHP script
  107. Trouble working with an array of data.
  108. Inserting routine into script
  109. I need help with PHP codes
  110. "get_page_link" going to wrong place
  111. Create list of sub categories
  112. Session problems
  113. PHP Sorting
  114. if else statement {need help} newbie in php
  115. Works in Firefox but not IE(6 & 8)
  116. Counting how many times a character was used
  117. PHP if statement based on website user came from - Iframe source
  118. Resolved PHP session strange issue
  119. PHP Cart using mysql and SESSIONS
  120. mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1?! why?
  121. Make a simple scripting language in PHP
  122. Goofing around with Functions
  123. similar to twitter @username clickable .
  124. php file manager errors
  125. Need coder for create/improve PHP image host script..
  126. Permission for root directory
  127. Echo a JSON
  128. Resolved Preg_match_all $matches problem
  129. I have peoples name variable $name, how to count how many characters for each name?
  130. Exploding a string
  131. self populating dynamic slideshow
  132. add a sendmail() function to my registeruser() function?
  133. Facebook Developer questions
  134. Totally new in php helpppp!!!!
  135. array_merge() argument #2 not array, when it is.
  136. Help - Generating league matches
  137. Php 5.3 & ms sql
  138. spam not being filtered by captcha
  139. How to verify the captcha
  140. MySQLi Extended Class
  141. Using mail() to send text, but there's two forward slashes in message?
  142. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent
  143. auto email a PDF
  144. Combine rows in one email instead of single emails
  145. exif unable to access error
  146. Anti fake Post method
  147. $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] with Post method
  148. Can send PHP email using WAMP and Gmail
  149. Assign Numbers as Variables Randomly
  150. Change Login Before Asking or Posting into Q&A Plugin
  151. MySQLi prepared statements bind extra params.
  152. PHP Write Username to text file
  153. MaxFileSize
  154. Incrementing numbers based on date
  155. T_ENDIF error.. going crazy.
  156. Get an error when using ereg_replace
  157. Introductory assistance with PHP
  158. How to set php delay
  159. How to increase LIMIT by one when I click Next
  160. Help with missing step in php script
  161. Any list of top guest blogging websites for web development realtead conent?
  162. Instead of CAPTCHA use time test ?
  163. can anyoney PLEASE help me complete this snippet of code???
  164. Resolved PHP and HTML Form Values?
  165. Resolved : Header problems.
  166. Different images in Coin Slider
  167. Load a certain select menu depending on which checkbox is checked
  168. Need help to create 2 advance scripts!
  169. Pages if there are more posts
  170. php form problem
  171. Can anyone help me make this code more user-friendly?
  172. Website is very Slow ??
  173. Memory problem issue in php
  174. Provide multiple mirrors if a file doesn't exist
  175. Looking for a good book on creating a shopping cart / ecommerce site
  176. How to integrate php into tpl
  177. How to read other sites content - to check if still active.
  178. php 4 vs php5
  179. please help me to write Perfect money transfer function
  180. multidimensional associative array stalls in nested foreach loops
  181. date_sub interval 1 still getting todays
  182. Logging real users ?
  183. separate dropdown php code from html
  184. array_rand use in while loop
  185. Importing $_FILES into a function
  186. Session works only after first visit
  187. PHP Email Form Assistance Needed
  188. PHP Form not pulling Radio Button Info
  189. Sanitize stripping my Variable?
  190. Forse user to Login first and then allow to visit a webpage
  191. Exploding array and finding string position (error)
  192. Counting number of unique data in each column
  193. Find Last Comment #
  194. read a text file and write to mysql table
  195. friendly urls without .htaccess or mod_rewrite
  196. http to https how to redirect?
  197. htacces problem
  198. Site Slow Problem
  199. form data not being saved in go back
  200. PHP forms and Javascript validation
  201. File not opening!!
  202. Textarea Issue
  203. can someone look at my php tiny "search engine"
  204. Why you have no BASH forum?
  205. Redirection to ?page=home
  206. PHP Balloting System Project
  207. search engine crash when there is 1 result found
  208. Array just outputs ARRAY
  209. phrase search
  210. PHP SOAP WSDL Procedure not found
  211. How can I optimize this PHP script to load the page faster? It's too slow
  212. simplexml_load_file from a form
  213. retaining scrollbar position
  214. Helo
  215. Beautyfying HTML/ Strings
  216. Resolved issue with ip2long
  217. Starting Social Network project, looking for people to help/join?! :)
  218. Get -> read -> update body's text
  219. Code Licensing and Encryption - Best method?
  220. Creating Trial Period
  221. Session not being set?!
  222. PHP POST Header is not working on sub domain :(
  223. Fix for Custom Email Script
  224. syntax errors on simple script
  225. variable in $_POST['$variable here']
  226. My session info disappears when I use a form
  227. how to know if form sent IS sent via my site
  228. PHP failing to log into database
  229. call links from database in vbulletin php template
  230. script shows on original page only
  231. fopen won't work on mounted remote filesystem
  232. Unexpected $end issue
  233. AJAX and sessions
  234. Proper syntax for WHERE condition
  235. Contact Form
  236. array_walk_recursive w/ function that takes 2 parameters (mysqli_real_escape_string)
  237. How to show image instead of video
  238. mysql_fetch_array() Problem
  239. Taking information from a database using PHP?
  240. How to check if radio button is checked then CHECK
  241. How to enable SSL connection in Opencart?
  242. statement in an array
  243. How hard is Pagination?
  244. Detect Real User Agent
  245. Get ID
  246. while mysql_fetch_array
  247. need help with Wordpress function
  248. Php to direct usertype to a page at login
  249. PHP link not passing Variable to form modal
  250. mysql select hashed password

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