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  1. PHP Validation script (problems)
  2. search limit
  3. how to get rid of a comma inserted by imploding
  4. can't get users details from recordset?!
  5. Form info-page
  6. Insert Image dynamically into website using PHP
  7. dictionary script
  8. Intergrating Mssql server reporting tools 2005 + php to generate PDF's
  9. List sorted folder in combo box
  10. Small modfiction needed
  11. newline & return characters showing up in newsletter
  12. sending XML file through POST: OK on localhost, not on DEV
  13. MIME multipart/mixed issues with Gmail
  14. Contents of $_POST empty
  15. XML generation - Incomplete XML
  16. better way to assign GET and POST to variables?
  17. convert .xlm file to .csv file using php
  18. convert .xls file to .csv file using php
  19. Resolved exact searchterm
  20. Making a login form disappear once logged in!
  21. Resolved Problems with my PHP form
  22. "Cannot use string offset as an array" - can't find the problem
  23. Uploading larger photos in PHP
  24. Add RSS to website (PHP)
  25. Help needed to solve syntax error.
  26. PHP login
  27. delete two ids from two tabels with one click
  28. Regex to replace/shorten text blocks with no spaces
  29. Eot
  30. Imagecopymerge support animated gifs?
  31. Problems when retrieving values from an array
  32. How to get a day left
  33. IRC Bot issues.
  34. Form to pdf in php
  35. Php code cuts of footer
  36. PHP interview question
  37. php include for stylesheet?
  38. Is this a valid php shortcut ?
  39. Complete Ip To Country Database
  40. DOM in PHP
  41. Proxy error
  42. Resolved How to change a value from dropdown
  43. internal mail
  44. Groups of repeating numbers
  45. coding yourdomain.com/username
  46. problems with this email code with headers
  47. Looping data inside array
  48. Using PHP to fix screwy mac characters...
  49. How to remove the last comma?
  50. Regex, keep only integers
  51. PHP/Wordpress help?
  52. Gallery script - We expected 'true' from the url : (mydomain)/api/rest/test_curl
  53. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSE
  54. Resolved Display Link
  55. Do NOT Parse html
  56. Pure php upload from DMxzone
  57. Extended Classes not found ??
  58. show fields in db table
  59. need help Img in php
  60. preg_match_all regex
  61. Forgot Password
  62. preg_match maybe?
  63. Using classes within classes
  64. PHP CMS.. Hard to explain
  65. refresh & redirect with dynamic url
  66. SoapClient fails when built from WSDL importing different domains
  67. Require terms and conditions
  68. Submit form
  69. php help needed
  70. call to undefined function
  71. PHP Array Validation for registration
  72. php time question
  73. PHP Script Games?
  74. plz help me find my problem
  75. using sum() in a query where am i going wrong?
  76. short urls for my whole site?
  77. php java bridge problem /java.lang.SecurityException: java_require() not availabie
  78. Upload file to server and write info to mysql
  79. file_put_contents and resize
  80. Is there a better way to do this?
  81. unix time problem
  82. Progress Bar Issue
  83. Simple yet can't get it to work.
  84. mass wordpress, and security
  85. CSV as email attachment
  86. deleting multiple rows from mysql table with checkboxes
  87. Drop down controlling php value on same page
  88. What is problem with my singleton database
  89. display a table entry based on a clicked link
  90. Need help with $_GET id...
  91. How do I change this code so it appears on my website in Date Order?
  92. form submit
  93. Calling a PHP function with Ajax every 20 secs
  94. simple question (I think)
  95. Is php the simplest way to deal with this?
  96. php array moving up or down
  97. simple php script help needed
  98. send post variable to other site
  99. is this the right way to do ?
  100. search page to allow multiple state selection and only display last 4 days posting
  101. Error Message with Array
  102. Email/MMS to Site
  103. PHP links?url
  104. why does my session end?
  105. Multiple mysql_fetch_assoc in a loop
  106. redirect to page after check database
  107. HTML to PHP, is this ok?
  108. Redirect Browser
  109. Resource id #3 error
  110. Check if people read emails
  111. Image display problem with PHP
  112. Count down timer from now to a specific time
  113. Form validation not resolving.
  114. Help - Image uploaders
  115. mysql-based avatars
  116. html problem coming from function ?
  117. Wget
  118. csv with multiple tables
  119. Secure websites.
  120. getting xml values
  121. timestamp
  122. Getting sql results from an array
  123. If you have a heart please please help me..
  124. capture information from referral site
  125. How to validate registration page, how to redirect user after they have registered
  126. Upload photo from a URL??
  127. displaying correct data from database
  128. php error please help!!!
  129. Resolved Array values in Function return blank result
  130. Little str_replace / preg_replace question.
  131. Creating an eternal timer
  132. Form ignores JS checkform script.
  133. ZipArchive 'Entry' and extracting specific directories
  134. PHP / MySQL data input issues
  135. How do I auto echo values passed into a class (OO newbie)?
  136. Using and storing a salt?
  137. Login Script is Funky
  138. Resolved XML class, cannot redeclare startelement.
  139. OOP -> abstract classes.
  140. Need Code for Micro Captcha incorporated within my Code...
  141. delete from folder
  142. fsockopen
  143. file_get_contents error handling.
  144. help with creating a session
  145. Checking user's name input.
  146. Regular expression replace
  147. can someone check this for me
  148. Plenty of memory but: Fatal error: Allowed memory ... exhausted
  149. photo upload limits
  150. Putting an array into order
  151. What am I doing wrong (getimagesize)?
  152. if else
  153. parse Error: syntax error......
  154. Parse Error: syntax error......
  155. load text file , edit&save
  156. Quick $_SESSION superglobal array question!
  157. Resolved Database problem
  158. Contact page email content?
  159. PHP & MYSQL if then else statement
  160. Help passing HTML array to PHP
  161. Quick pagination problem.
  162. Resolved HTML > PHP > Database Forms
  163. Multi-lingual site with php
  164. Drop Table Content With Hyperlink
  165. An Array or SQL for input validation?
  166. Sockets and Interrupted system call
  167. Validate XML File in PHP Question
  168. Array for verifying user input?
  169. Date Array, Last 60 days but skip Weekends?
  170. PHP Gmail Contacts Import - Help
  171. RSS feed in php
  172. Problem of duplicates from my database.
  173. Embed video problem
  174. Problem with my loop.
  175. calling a function in action form attribut
  176. htaccess for addon
  177. Please help!! Coding help needed
  178. validating url
  179. mysql queries Vs reading from a file
  180. Resolved Php variables
  181. Get Visitors IP Address
  182. PHP pulling images from folder.
  183. Export MySQL to CSV problem
  184. is there a way of connecting to a database on a server from a local computer?
  185. popup error message
  186. Input fields and variables
  187. PHP BBcode - vBulletin
  188. Php+Ajax problem, passing the data from ajax to database
  189. Generating custom passwords
  190. Making a Case On Send Mail
  191. Fix Code for Signature Genertor!
  192. PHP question
  193. putting data into mysql
  194. help and auto reply help
  195. Fantastic problem
  196. string shortening and regex's
  197. Promotion Codes with a Database?
  198. HTML table echo and loop problems
  199. Setting up my first cron job
  200. Resolved Help please
  201. Using PHP to clean up my client list.
  202. return link checking
  203. Need help on this!
  204. escaping characters in mailto subject (html function)
  205. Object Not Found Error
  206. Resolved Functions in Echo....
  207. What causes a repeat loop?
  208. php if with database.
  209. MYSQL UPDATE problem
  210. I want to remove fields as compulsory. Please help
  211. Mystery PHP include problem.
  212. URL changing for look
  213. Best way to free memory used by and array() in PHP
  214. Retrieving Information From Database HELP!
  215. Resolved Cannot find/stop an unexpected double quote
  216. How to create and output table data using PHP into mySQL db
  217. Resolved Stop duplicates
  218. GET problem
  219. PHP 'insert' script/MS Access question
  220. error, cant find it
  221. Help uploading, resizing and renaming an image (code provided)
  222. help!!!if you view my program no data display but there is rows affected
  223. Check Boxes
  224. PHP can't find javascript file
  225. Redirect not working
  226. Image X and Y
  227. Resolved Countdown timer
  228. Decrease execution time?
  229. OO php problem
  230. Require_once Problem
  231. HELP! logging into system
  232. create MySQL table from $_POST array
  233. php variable from address to form
  234. PHP Secure File Store Script
  235. Parse Error!
  236. Send image url to database once it's uploaded
  237. PLEASE HELP! Stop people from manually accessing a link from a certain page..
  238. Relative paths dont work on 123-reg hosting
  239. PHP Order Form
  240. strange problem when submiting to DB
  241. limit form input to a number between 1-60
  242. PHP Session Variables
  243. Getting Tag Names
  244. [Help] Weird problem with my script.
  245. Two OOP questons: Overloading and "declared static" methods
  246. Update "position" of existing menu items when new one is inerted in the middle?
  247. printer_open() function
  248. Simple XML help
  249. Using php to create accounts
  250. File Link - how to link to

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