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  1. Writing $_POST data to excel file
  2. PHP saving file, but adding slashes...
  3. assign This with Smarty
  4. Measuring the length of a gz string
  5. passing stuff through query strings
  6. Help with login script
  7. Inject code in Foreach
  8. Getting Postback values from Dynamic Checkboxes
  9. Error with phpMyAdmin
  10. plus sign in IF statement
  11. Resolved In-file login script
  12. Passing Var to .exe
  13. Searchable Online Inventory database
  14. Resolved PHP Noob having trouble with error message
  15. Resolved PHP and Javascript
  16. Birthday invitation cards
  17. getting a div in a linked div container to change colour on hover?
  18. Regular Expression Help
  19. I need a second set of eyes
  20. Array of Arrays
  21. What is this file handling error ?
  22. PHP FFMEPG Encoding to FLV not encoding but no error
  23. Delete repeated string from string?
  24. Parsing SMS messages sent to a mailbox on my server
  25. Passing variables to pages
  26. problem using a form to add to database
  27. Data does not go into database
  28. htm mail sending problem
  29. javascript, php, cookies
  30. Check for spaces in string
  31. Print Out Data in Columns
  32. Displaying a table with the next row of data
  33. Php not Displaying
  34. Exporting data to a website
  35. Stupid PHP write to file!
  36. Pull info from XML doc and match with another in PHP
  37. Flat File Problems
  38. Resolved Half of page missing
  39. Form Validation Help
  40. Need to check if a form has been sumitted.
  41. have vbs script and javascript but need php
  42. Problems with Javascript on Wordpress.org site. Is there a way to convert?
  43. slected selected
  44. Images in PHP script
  45. GD library imagettftext funtion help
  46. How do you take multiple values from Checkboxs
  47. PHP and dll
  48. Problem with shuffle() function
  49. error in php code
  50. Remove elements with specific key from multidimensional array?
  51. Making documents attached password protected
  52. How Do I Tell This Code Just to detect The Newest Categories
  53. How do I check the contents of an array for my string?
  54. php grabbing data from javascript
  55. Looking for simple yes/no vote script
  56. PHP form not sending to all email addresses?
  57. Foreach is not looping help please
  58. Resolved hide a value
  59. Why is my script writing 500,000 records ?
  60. sTYLE switcher in php & java ....
  61. Changing HTML
  62. Resolved parse help
  63. check php http referrer code
  64. How to share information with two webserver
  65. Hacking into session variables possible?
  66. overridding
  67. Single space text with mail()
  68. Session Variables Resetting Due to Code - Help Please
  69. $_GET["name"]
  71. Make a Time Limit
  72. Change database values. Either one, or both.
  73. Resolved converting kilobytes to megabytes
  74. user_agent listing
  75. Referring Users
  76. Getting started with software design using MVC, OO, and Design patterns
  77. Passing Images To Popups?
  78. $_server
  79. Resolved Captcha not displaying
  80. Problem to send HTML form details
  81. hiding error messages etc when going online?
  82. class variable not letting me use fullstop
  83. ***Problem Displaying Full Name Not Table ID***
  84. I am CONFUSED.. Can someone help please?
  85. run query 1 hour after insert
  86. could some one help me with my switch page ??
  87. retrieve data after click go back
  88. Time to Date
  89. PHP + MySQL INSERT Problem
  90. form question
  91. Need a quick fix...
  92. PHP file to get image files in a directory..
  93. mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)
  94. Disply data received via Telnet using PHP
  95. $_get
  96. Resolved PHP Regex Help
  97. Contact form not working in IE but fine in Firefox... Help!
  98. why does these same pieces of code produce different results?
  99. log in script
  100. PHP Form to Mail Help
  101. Move Recods Up and Down
  102. Could someone help with image resize
  103. auto copy directory and all file inside, help?
  104. Validate first???
  105. including file ??, please help
  106. Website news question
  107. Textarea empty; Do not update.
  108. How Do I Write This Code
  109. How Do I include this file please?
  110. Help with Regular Expressions php - preg_match
  111. Finding vars
  112. Anyone know of something...
  113. Help with php ...
  114. combining xml
  115. send HTML email with styling
  116. Need to create a function so that a image changes according to the page it is...
  117. Login System
  118. Resolved REGEX help needed: exclude all non-word except hyphen ??
  119. Help! PHP Wordpress sitemap issue!
  120. Can a Class create a Variable ??
  121. How to do this effect
  122. Drawing Graph based on DB information
  123. Resolved Assign variables from form
  124. Another challenge I ve set myself
  125. UPDATE query not working correctly.... Arrrgh =D
  126. php validation(no spaces and special chr's)
  127. Updating a database
  128. which is the best advantage in PHP?
  129. Resolved Give items in foreach ID on name
  130. iframe problem
  131. parse error and html table filled from mysql db
  132. Web-Based Web IDE
  133. Merging and Combining
  134. Code Tracking
  135. Multi dimentional array help please!
  136. flashcard script not working
  137. bind variable for sql injection protection
  138. Issues sending simple HTML mail
  139. PHP and XML help
  140. Button write more than once?
  141. Easy Contact Form.
  142. Easy Registration/Login system
  143. php SMTP authgMail() function & Return-Path Problem
  144. How to make use of session viarables
  145. Please help me to change my PHP4 Code to PHP5
  146. Resolved Login Restriction Help
  147. Can radio buttons be added to a form dynamically?
  148. How to use preg_match_all to extract name="something"
  149. Committing a MySQL Connection
  150. About session? has ow?
  151. php mail() multiple recipients
  152. php file download calling session_start and header issue
  153. Login Code Help
  154. stronghold password???
  155. Join two files in One .
  156. PHP Issue
  157. How to handle multiple popup windows
  158. Group array by key
  159. contact form trouble
  160. Is_Binary for php5 ?
  161. Resolved search engine results filtering help.
  162. avoid repeated mysql_real_escape_string?
  163. While $i is smaller than var count, do.
  164. One Very Stupid Question About Date
  165. Registration mail form not posting all data
  166. Submitting more then one to database?
  167. Redirect user if Value Not found
  168. Problem with form action=""
  169. Need help PHP-fusion to PCPIN chat user convertion script!
  170. Easy uploader needed
  171. PHP/JS Help
  172. Form validation error / glitch? oO
  173. Sending an online form?
  174. Contact grabber
  175. Count question
  176. How to save a return value from function
  177. Extract domains from string
  178. String Replace/Switch Question
  179. PHP FULL list of countries AND states dropdown?
  180. How do I use PHP to filter out these extra rows ?
  181. Get single column value from defined row using primary key.
  182. Sorting Array Alphabetically For Select Box
  183. Resolved How to prevent the last comma in a loop?
  184. PHP web scraper to xml or csv script problem
  185. menu item selected
  186. Keep sessions "alive"
  187. Form totals without having to submit form?
  188. OOP issue
  189. Resolved Regular Expressions - URL's that DON'T have a tag?
  190. Resolved Help mysql error .
  191. Is it considered secure to store sensitive data in text files, if it is ENCRYPTED?
  192. determining if a number is between others
  193. Tiny Chat API Help
  194. Looking for comments on my security strategy
  195. array sorting
  196. PLEASE HELP! Prices now not displaying correctly on php page... ><
  197. Need a media player
  198. file get contents problem arose
  199. Resolved Regex help
  200. dropdown menu issue
  201. Resolved removing words
  202. Connect to MySql Database
  203. Index posting error
  204. Rename all files in directory to lowercase
  205. How to check if an email address already exists in the database?
  206. grabbing data
  207. Paypal and PHP help.
  208. Get user info after logging in
  209. PHP-Based Single Sign On Server
  210. i need some help on php
  211. Largest element in an array question.. help
  212. Resolved Session before header.
  213. using cURL to login
  214. How do I select a random array element ?
  215. How do I insert code into code
  216. Count elements in an array
  217. URGENT! Sessions not displaying correct price / coupon code on order receipt page! ><
  218. Looking for a small small script (verification script)
  219. Processing PHP
  220. HELP! Sessions won't work on more than 2 pages at a time!
  221. PHP force HTTPS SSL
  222. Resolved Php Referer code issue.
  223. HELP! Can't use sessions! oO
  224. Custom reCaptcha
  225. Columns not displaying correctly - help needed please
  226. Validation going out of control (slightly).
  227. PHP mail() function help
  228. IF doing things backwards
  229. PHP payment processing help
  230. How Can I Set The Images Size Automatically?
  231. PHP Browser Game Graphics
  232. php email help
  233. MAMP httpd config
  234. Resolved OOP class call function inside of self
  235. Getting IP of referrering page
  236. Resolved Using PHP to show MySQL Tables
  237. echo + function?
  238. Encrypt a PHP script
  239. Recordset Question
  240. I need To Add THis Code, But how/where?
  241. Resolved class inheritance problem
  242. problem with require
  243. Upload Script not working / naming problem
  244. Blind copy question
  245. Weird issue with PHP script not updating db
  246. PHP's strip_tags() equivalent MYSQL function
  247. Role based login
  248. Rotating Proxies and Lists
  249. Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost'
  250. Tricky PHP and MySQL issue

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