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  1. Zend Studio 7.1.1 - Design Mode
  2. Ebay And Soap
  3. code for session expire
  4. unexpected $end ERROR
  5. Why Is This Happening To Me Now Since I have upgraded?
  6. Split indexed single dimension array into groups of X (2 dimension array)
  7. Version
  8. post system
  9. recursively read a dir and all files ( new to php )
  10. sprintf help needed
  11. Certificate System
  12. Embeding PHP, MySQL and Apache?
  13. Creating an image link
  14. NEED QUICK HELP with php sort dropdown
  15. Base64 to image assistance please
  16. Brand new to PHP; having error issues....
  17. registration code not working
  18. read gmail or emails in my php pages
  19. localhost issues with MAMP
  20. double query help
  21. issue with $message in a form
  22. _Get data into Db, what am i doing wrong
  23. Uploading an image Error
  24. Class help needed : Can a method have more than one output ??
  25. please help, unable to display records from a db correctly?
  26. Writing away $_POST data to a mysql table
  27. Playing about with Date & time echo'd
  28. PHP HTML Output Processing Time length Not Proporitonal
  29. How to get Loop output in HTML Table?
  30. PHP Checkbox
  31. Regular expression help
  32. Mysql Craziness
  33. Please Check My code .Cant find the error
  34. multiple databases 1 page?
  35. ColdFusion to php help
  36. Trying to pull some information from a MYSQL table
  37. require_once or include "" ?
  38. Hi All, i need some Help Please
  39. Send string to PHP script then return
  40. "@" needed? mysql_connect
  41. Change HTML to an Image file
  42. Trouble with a function which references an included array
  43. Clip Variable
  44. need in getting data from db
  45. How do I get a max number of elements in my array ?
  46. Undefined variable
  47. Resolved Function not returning information...
  48. Mailing and Printing Content
  49. while-loop in email
  50. Insert a loop... insert only data
  51. Redirect mac and PC
  52. YouSendIt Style script? - Sending large files
  53. Disable a Button Until 0 Becomes >= 1
  54. Trying to understand variable variables
  55. PHP Form Mail w/ Multiple Attachments?
  56. form validation to csv
  57. Checkbox array as a single parameter?
  58. Index page
  59. Website being hacked
  60. some string doesn't work
  61. Resolved File path proglem on upgrade from 4 to 5
  62. Append parameters (offset) to URL?
  63. Sending an attachment via mail()
  64. Search results, pagination and SQL injections
  65. PHP to CMS
  66. Dynamic Signature Please Help
  67. New IDs
  68. Delete Old Records
  69. Problem parsing XML with PHP
  70. Simple php question \n
  71. Need help returning value as decimal
  72. using php to add column values in a db?
  73. Catagories in Wordpress on front page $10
  74. saving image file and label txt into SQL
  75. Email form(email not required fix)
  76. what are -> in code ?
  77. PLEASE HELP! Can't get code to use header only one time if js=off!
  78. How to make a search engine for your site
  79. Resolved Menu problem.
  80. Need help with PHP Guestbook script
  81. Need help with submit data to database
  82. Resolved Simple math
  83. AlertPay IPN
  84. Replacing long urls with is.gd shortened urls
  85. Parsing Data from URL's containing colon character
  86. PLEASE HELP! Refresh code not working right! ><
  87. PLEASE HELP! Detect safari browser with php GOING INSANE! ><
  88. how do i use an explode on more than one character?
  89. Prevent URL from switching from domain name to IP
  90. Inserting current local date
  91. Checking two statments
  92. Resolved if user exist (make case sensitive)
  93. Lightbox by using php?
  94. Some preg_replace() help.
  95. Problem using base64_decode()
  96. Resolved Most common string functions?
  97. Best PHP IDE/editor for newbie?
  98. I have no idea if this is possible or not so I thought I ask
  99. Php Multidimentional array sort
  100. FF Connection Reset
  101. divide up html into sections
  102. New(ish) to PHP need a little help with IF / ELSE IF
  103. How to tie in a multiple choice search form to my PHP code?
  104. HTML Form -> PHP mail (FAQ tutorial link broken)
  105. Dynamically generating where clauses
  106. Pagination with max 10 pages
  107. Resolved Multiple return() args?
  108. Exporting database content with PHP
  109. PHP IDE for uBuntu 9.04
  110. Session problem
  111. Need help adding CC to PHP Contact form
  112. Little Help
  113. PHP Upload and İnserting Data
  114. how to find top five highest value
  115. PHP Help
  116. recent php upgrade has stoped part of my rating script from working.
  117. Does a multiline IF() statement NEED curly braces??
  118. Regular expression help (errors)
  119. Reading xml elements into php array
  120. Questions on coding for a search
  121. external var and foreach counting
  122. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]:.... help? :)
  123. is it possible to check if part of a string matches a value in an array???
  125. preg_replace width and height wildcard in string
  126. Contact form problem - option numeric values in email not text
  127. How to show google search result in the site
  128. PHP javascript before header (re-direct);
  129. php new line
  130. ORDER by "%" ?
  131. help splitting a string
  132. need help with mysql print to table!
  133. Database Update
  134. Grabbing Image From Referring Page
  135. Link question
  136. User information using session to match username
  137. Pulling a JavaScript Variable To Send To PHP File
  138. proble with or die in contact script
  139. How do I capture the mysql_error() to my log ?
  140. How to fetch google search result in your site
  141. help with activation/script
  142. Undefined variable?
  143. Feedback Form Issue.
  144. Comma in php and query
  145. What am I looking for ??
  146. report chart using multidimensional array in php and mysql
  147. Looking for a Chat Room script in PHP...
  148. $_GET + MySQL [Visitors/Referred]
  149. Trying to add numbered comments in the comment section with $commentcount++
  150. Upload script fails on IE
  151. Manipulating UPLOADED music files ??
  152. PHP Scanning Uploaded Files For Viruses
  153. How Do I Get The Date To BE Displayed In The Right Order??
  154. Resolved HTTP protecteded folders and php
  155. value not being POSTED to next page
  156. php site in iframe
  157. Not greater of equal to?
  158. Sending multipart/alternative emails, whats wrong with this code?
  159. Syntax error with an else statement
  160. Function and class
  161. Will using a custom "template" (HTML Page) impact performance?
  162. help with updating data from a form into mysql with php
  163. Why Is My Date Not Being Display Correctly?
  164. Memcached alternative?
  165. mod_php vs suPHP?
  166. Factors affecting PHP resource usage
  167. Automatic Post to vBulletin
  168. Help with $_REQUEST and & sign
  169. Returning duplicate results - why??
  170. admin edit users
  171. Spell Checker
  172. Anyone have a simple job posting script?
  173. Using PHP with javascript slideshow
  174. Content Management with MySQL
  175. Displaying an ad based on user input?
  176. Basic Authentication System - Need ideas/help
  177. Searching a MySQL database
  178. permission to access certain links
  179. Echo is printing twice
  180. Resolved Newbie concatenation vs append question
  181. undefined variable issue
  182. Resolved OO PHP and mysql help please :)
  183. How to make an online RSVP
  184. Resolved parsing help
  185. How to launch the scanning process?
  186. Need Help with: Renaming file if picture already exists
  187. I am really confused
  188. Joomla! add newsletter
  189. UPDATE and Add at same time
  190. Matcghing XML Data to database
  191. Echo Problem Help
  192. Outputting content from MySQL
  193. unexpected T_ECHO
  194. recursive glob ?
  195. Using data from SQL DB in a Session Variable - syntax error
  196. how to do this in php
  197. records duplicating on back arrow.
  198. Anti refresh in PHP
  199. unexpected T_ELSEIF
  200. How can I made [php] so and so [/php] highlighted
  201. List as array and modify the output
  202. foreach a query with 5 'things'.
  203. Resolved Simple upload not working
  204. <?PHP echo etc displaying but don't want it!
  205. If my $data contains a '&' how do I send it in url ?
  206. I am presuming that..
  207. problem with mail funtion and Building up a string using .=
  208. Trying to anchor in PHP
  209. Page loading half way - Please Help
  210. Resolved how to get percent out of 100%
  211. Resolved Blackjack
  212. Help with IF statements
  213. MD5 hashing issue...I think... PHP
  214. Need to alter a small piece of code to check for Categories in Joomla
  215. Help with PHP / SQL problem
  216. help with php script?
  217. Insert some code in php form
  218. Secure Method for collecting private information (SSL?)
  219. PHPBB... confusing code!
  220. Need help with ref links
  221. Need a regular expression for this..
  222. Handling user input of "and" in an SQL search
  223. PHP form details not sent to email
  224. No robots in session secured area... please
  225. PHP,GeoIP and trying to pass a variable
  226. Implode error
  227. Using PHP to log into an iframe in background?
  228. Can't upload files over 1MB
  229. Eval & Writing php variables to a new file
  230. strtotime fails after the 13th...???
  231. delete a row from a table
  232. Not get a return from database
  233. Contactform, functions aren't done.
  234. meta tags generation
  235. Client Side PHP
  236. Simple PHP encrypt/decrypt
  237. Create Zip file issue
  238. login script help
  239. Limit number of records being pulled in from database.
  240. ms office calendar and php integration
  241. How do they get this screen image ?
  242. header(location) behavior-- code continues to execute?
  243. Can Someone Please Clarify.....
  244. click link creates file over a template - file error : warning ....
  245. Need help with a few pages
  246. Need a quick fix!
  247. unsure of what this means? <?=$css?>
  248. Page help please
  249. Is anyone using PHP 5.3.0 ? Do you suggest I upgrade ?
  250. Writing $_POST data to excel file

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