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  1. Facebook Video Uploading
  2. anybody help me with this php
  3. MYSQL query result in PHP
  4. how to extract a tag with a class name's innerhtml
  5. Updating mysql with php!! Help!!
  6. Limited results : Why do I only get 145 records ??
  7. mysql changes log
  8. Handle HTTP Request and XML Response
  9. show image based on servertime
  10. Creating a popup which runs a script
  11. Store IP in a database
  12. Is there any way to see the functions that are called after pushing a link or a butto
  13. check all in loop
  14. WAMP2 PHP Code is showing in Source Code..Help
  15. checkbox( check all )
  16. $output _blank?
  17. PHP $_POST arrays with while loop
  18. Not opening Javascript Script
  19. PHP script does not appear to execute
  20. Resolved multiple pregmatch
  21. incrementing a variable
  22. Removed sidebar, need to move content body to the left.
  23. Tokens?
  24. Not updating database
  25. HELP: Infected scripts .php with evil malefic viruses
  26. Sending form data to email with PHP--having trouble!!!!
  27. A Good Web Based Event Calendar
  28. Change email form from PHP to SMTP ?
  29. Headers not pushing on a true statement
  30. Invalid argument error in foreach()
  31. Resolved pulling date info from db and displaying it frmatted on page?
  32. How do i GET a variable from within a variable
  33. php proccess not ending what to do creating internal server error
  34. effect on seo if i change my index file from .html to .php
  35. variable in class
  36. Resolved filtering text
  37. $_POST[$variable] help needed
  38. Partial text match in array?
  39. Help with redirecting a page using if and else possibly
  40. can php call another php script
  41. Generate PIN codes for shopping cart solution
  42. Renaming all DB tables
  43. Adding optional parameters to my function
  44. Login & Logout
  45. Need help with a achievement script
  46. help with concurrent users in php/mysql site
  47. Resolved PHP if syntax
  48. Cookie / server problem
  49. Php ftp
  50. checking uniqueness
  51. pHp website help
  52. Problem in PHP 5
  53. problem Sorting a table by two criteria using CS4
  54. Search Array Keys and return value
  55. Resolved Getting current URL in PHP image
  56. Send email to hosted domain
  57. Help needed for SQLSRV_QUERY : only getting one row returned
  58. PHP Error Log Thingy
  59. phpBB forum sessions
  60. Php
  61. Resolved quick regex question
  62. Dropdown lists
  63. PHP form visibility, using lynda.com video.
  64. really weird problem with alternate (curved) apostrophe
  65. PHP Form
  66. 2 login forms 1 sql DB
  67. 2 PhP Questions
  68. Selecting data from mysql using data from an array
  69. getting the time at which the user clicks on a hyperlink
  70. How can I check the size of an image ?
  71. index.php?page=
  72. Resolved How to count mysql_num_rows
  73. Resolved 500 server error accessing php file
  74. having problem with 2 php pages
  75. how to show PHP as a text?
  76. Only part of my table updates ???
  77. Order by both numbers, not just first
  78. Time
  79. Login script 2
  80. strpos with a $needle as all the values of an array
  81. Allow more than one page to be viewed
  82. How to Stop PHP from clearing valid fields
  83. new to php, need help with navbar
  84. Resolved Problem with PHP. Same value always showing up
  86. Framing An Image Possible With PHP?
  87. Get previous page name
  88. listbox in php
  89. Email Issue with german characters dueing mail
  90. Securing PHP+Mysql
  91. PHP bitmap resize: which one is right?
  92. Grab output from echo
  93. If Else in two different tables
  94. Resolved php naming variables in function call
  95. Reply to topic, Doesnt insert data into SQL Table `replys`
  96. Can you have an XML file created from a database using PHP
  97. form fields to gif
  98. Facebook app help
  99. can i read raw data from a USB port (weight scale)
  100. Shorten a Name
  101. Hyperlinking Results
  102. Table Columns containing PHP not aligning on page
  103. How do I clear the cache
  104. PHP's serialize function not working!!
  105. Page taking too much time in updating the value.
  106. Flat File Creation Content Sorting and Editing with PHP
  107. If checkbox is selected...
  108. Getting an array from a link
  109. Accessing Files Outside The Document Root
  110. Send data as file
  111. Array WOES!
  112. Function name in string to be evaluated
  113. Help change $abspath_folder
  114. PHP script to match images doesn't work
  115. help creating a contact form
  116. assigning javascript variable into php
  117. to read variable from php for JS
  118. Help reading .txt files and parsing to DB?
  119. Starting function from GET
  120. calling an FTP script..
  121. $_COOKIE not working correctly
  122. Picasa API Issues
  123. Putting these together.
  124. How to show TBD for no value
  125. Voting Poll
  126. Drop Down Box Pain
  127. which one is better?
  128. Quick Regex Help
  129. keyword density of the page
  130. Error help
  131. How do i edit and delete records from database?
  132. Can't read from style.css file
  133. Help with strings
  134. Enter value into Mysql Database via Button
  135. looking for an error routine function to send error to my email addy
  136. array_slice from one array into another
  137. echo raw html with php
  138. user login time
  139. comparing am and pm of time
  140. variable in if structure does not run
  141. help Cron Does not send attachment in mail
  142. Inserting Multiple Checkbox Values Into Database
  143. Unlink (delete) a file after it has been saved with "save as-dialog"
  144. readmore link
  145. which IDE for PHP?
  146. PhP/MySQL - Checking if an email exists in a database
  147. Math Problem
  148. Not Formating My Date
  149. mkdir ftp & linux
  150. count the article click rate
  151. PHP Download Script that requires a key?
  152. PHP - file_put_contents - put new line above content
  153. Help with editing an PHP file upload script
  154. time() converter
  155. PHP Help
  156. Adding to one database, grabbing info from another...help!
  157. Returning the filename from a save as dialog
  158. short of permission
  159. to add session expiry time...
  160. PHP Form Validation Help
  161. Tick box to go next
  162. [PHP & MySQL]: Run a table query while updating another table with the result
  163. Reference Common Directory files
  164. Resolved PHP and MySQL, Submit not working in Firefox(?)
  165. placement of html menu code in the body of the text
  166. Redirect to $_SERVER["SCRIPT_URI"] not working
  167. option Default on pull-down menu
  168. PHP help
  169. PHP Search Exact Phrase? What if there are slashes or ' characters?
  170. [?] Database search form results
  171. why this php email not going on one line
  172. Resolved Constants available in include file?
  173. Search form help
  174. resize image on the fly from dynamic image src
  175. php reciprocal link exchange script
  176. How can I save this image?
  177. how to count records on php
  178. PhP Form from DB callout
  179. Rotating colors function. Base $X math
  180. Php code error advice
  181. Problems with FSockOpen
  182. Displaying images from folder
  183. Problem iterating Array Properly.
  184. Sort Query By Clicking Column Header
  185. Help on learning to read information from another site
  186. Update MySQL (complex update)
  187. Finding next confirmed item by date
  188. ADD A Leading Space
  189. help with code
  190. PHP Search script problem
  191. not inserting anything
  192. newsletter calling back emails from daterbase
  193. User Login: looking for a point in the right direction
  194. Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent
  195. Reservation system working halfway
  196. Sorting Array
  197. Updating MySQL Records
  198. passing values through header location
  199. How do you edit pages
  200. Automatically writes to database and doesnt gather right data
  201. Problem with logout page
  202. question about APC_STORE
  203. Can I hide my email address for this form?
  204. HELP!! Fields not showing up in email!
  205. Need to create a bot
  206. if else statement
  207. Problem with an xml format.
  208. Problem with this preg_match()
  209. PHP Warning Error relating to a MYSQL Query, Basic Help needed, Pls
  210. Remove anchor hash from URL
  211. How to replace the value inside a URL with another one?
  212. $_get
  213. My form goes back to the home page!
  214. Script is maxing out memory. WHY ???? (painfully urgent)
  215. Delete row don't work correctly
  216. echo an anchor and href with PHP variables
  217. One Classifieds to another
  218. Unexpected $end - issue with query
  219. Uploading files
  220. Editing mysql records in PHP
  221. finding the sum of times
  222. Most Efficient Way to make a Custom Templated Site?
  223. mysqli problem
  224. Unexpected Exception: Invalid controller specified
  225. in need of a basic chat script.
  226. Redirect Page Script in PHP
  227. Fake but real counter?
  228. curl help for img
  229. sessions in php
  230. Error help
  231. looks like i still need to use create_function() in php 5.3?
  232. Getting from Database
  233. preg_replace ^ and [-100-100]
  234. Chmod question
  235. Resolved Can someone convert my time and date to seconds?
  236. multi page php script
  237. Writing to CSV
  238. Make this method recursive
  239. How Do I Make The Specials Category Appear On This Page
  240. PHP and other popular languages
  241. need quick help!
  242. Problem with PHP contact form
  243. Resolved Offline allow 2 IP's to view, rest redirect
  244. for loop integer variable always reads the same
  245. Display 'last comment' in wordpress?
  246. regular expressions
  247. RSS to HTML with PHP
  248. the global
  249. How to create wap.php page in frontpage to see in mobile
  250. Best PHP Framework?

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