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  1. how to log out
  2. Drag and drop items -> save into array
  3. Returning unescaped value from Mysql to Text box
  4. can we create menu
  5. Get Server URL from Full URL (External)
  6. combination of array entries
  7. forwarding email attachments from piped script
  8. way to code this non-procedural
  9. PHP book??
  10. whats a good way to benchmark ?
  11. building assoc array and looping.
  12. Problem with date function
  13. bad to abuse define () ?
  14. This is so wierd....I think...
  15. php in js link
  16. Help with a query?
  17. This is weird or I suck!
  18. variable for listbox
  19. session_set_cookie_params and session_get_cookie_params
  20. move variable into other page
  21. PHP form randomly doesn't send email???
  22. Caesar Cipher with PHP?
  23. singleton attempt
  24. header file extension
  25. Retriving values based on checkboxes
  26. menu with submenus
  27. How can I use $_server in php?
  28. Need help on school project! mysql error
  29. Menu creation in php
  30. if empty picture
  31. dompdf driving me crazy :(
  32. Add a variable to current date?
  33. checkbox results
  34. Deprecated Functions
  35. Help with array issue.
  36. Trying to create a folder and upload a file into it. Almost have it.
  37. filename as another words, please help..
  38. Emailing Form Results and i++
  39. parsing yahoo weather XML feed
  40. Users are presented with 50 names and can rank them 1 through 50
  41. preg_match email help allow + and @
  42. Only show 5 comments
  43. Php Open Source Mapping Script
  44. Menu creation
  45. beginner q: return values
  46. How many header.php i should do?
  47. file_get_contents, geshi
  48. Get all possible combinations from milti-array
  49. Dynamic NOINDEX based on URL type
  50. Regex Peer Review
  51. Only show if sql returns a row
  52. Need Help With Making a Dynamic Profile Card
  53. Resolved RegEx to select non-tags
  54. Help Adding Captcha to Infinite Autoresponder
  55. Drop Down / Database woes
  56. RSS Validation
  57. Resolved Turn date around
  58. Loading Flash from PHP
  59. using str_replace abstract
  60. saving the image created from string
  61. Save new posts and save them by username
  62. UPDATE & alphanumerics
  63. Resolved Randon Generate Content with href link Problem
  64. Quick PHP regex question!
  65. Passing variablke into function problem
  66. firefox: cant stop caching
  67. convert jave src= to php
  68. Help with javascript array to php array
  69. PHP mail script/ini files - need help
  70. enabling extension (mbstring) on Windows
  71. Bigger size in echo
  72. Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  73. Is it possible to change a cron job time using php?
  74. Simple script to change a value in a XML file
  75. Resolved Get PHP to send email via SMTP, what the best way?
  76. Inserting HTML into MySQL
  77. Arranging thumbnail galleries via categories from MYSQL
  78. PHP and MySQL...order of study?
  79. Whats wrong with the following PHP code?
  80. Current Time format?...please help
  81. remove \r\n from output
  82. html converter besides MS word?
  83. Resolved How to mod this array clean fucntion?
  84. public/private key encryption and caesar cipher
  85. Commit multiple items in a session..Kinda like a shopping cart.
  86. set all urls to lower case?
  87. empty required_field still validates
  88. select data results to another page
  89. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  90. href formatting
  91. open a href to edit a db entry
  92. Change Content According to URL
  93. dynamic page via subdomain - DNS Wildcard
  94. Help with displaying sum()
  95. Mail content fine in Outlook but in webmail all html tags
  96. The page is not redirecting properly !!
  97. Adding a table in php
  98. Change settings
  99. Watermark pictures with logo
  100. Pulling javascript array from another page
  101. Resolved Dynamic Page Title
  102. html email generation help
  103. no duplicate image in random script problem
  104. Resolved Will this IF statement work - Mixed in with MySQL select
  105. Quick Entry
  106. Recursing data into a 2 dimensional array
  107. What is CakePHP?
  108. How to check for folder in a folder?
  109. Admin control panel
  110. Need a simple Regex
  111. Resolved Form to Mail - Html generated email?
  112. Connecting to Wordpress
  113. Next Previous Record
  114. Move list item to Top
  115. Filtering Results?
  116. file_get_contents from a number of txt files on my computer
  117. Help with ftp_put
  118. PHP function to create array from dir list.
  119. Sessionid usage
  120. Resolved PHP readdir to javascript code?
  121. PHP && Javascript Help
  122. Referencing Array within array help
  123. How to find all pages that user viewing
  124. display all folder on my website only folders [javascript needed] please
  125. Check Availability
  126. Returning results in defined spots
  127. Looping Query
  128. Resolved row[] subtract values and post
  129. delete $row[] help
  130. Showing results older than X days
  131. Checkboxes in table
  132. cannot go to the next page
  133. how to go to the next page
  134. Error message or redirection if Iframe URL doesnt load
  135. Ordering Problem
  136. Resolved Limit by IP
  137. Blog platform
  138. Database array inquiry
  139. Start another script from within a script
  140. href reference help
  141. Changing a php array into a javascript array
  142. undefined function
  143. put images on website
  144. Article Submitter
  145. Insert Problems
  146. Year of Birth
  147. Email/Contact Form
  148. Session still on after browser closed
  149. textarea saving and reading
  150. Cron - substitue for $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']
  151. Script is posting blank values from HTML form to MySQL
  152. is_file or file_exists
  153. If statement help
  154. duplicates in array array_unique not working
  155. php form (putting different fields together into a variable)
  156. Need help with str_replace
  157. Save a users 'page edits'?
  158. Chat system, fetching message.
  159. array function ?
  160. change color
  161. PHP echo not working (WordPress)
  162. Ignoring isset??
  163. What Does Google/Yahoo/MSN Use For Server Side Scripting?
  164. substituting image with variable
  165. Help with deleteing records from db with text or csv file
  166. Row-level locking with PHP and Oracle.
  167. Resolved Problems with Global variables?
  168. Need help to add Feedback
  169. Multiple Drop Down Display problem
  170. cURL returning blank for https
  171. password protect page
  172. how to check if a string occurs in a db record?
  173. How can i divide this[String]?
  174. MP3 PLAYERS! (not spa m)
  175. PHP Credit Card processing?
  176. Apply a word filter?
  177. Dates in a week number
  178. Probably pretty easy solved php issue ...
  179. headers allready sent problem
  180. Simple Newletter Signup..Help!
  181. Displaying Records
  182. using cascading drop down with auto suggestor as re
  183. Resolved Turn: $http $host $request INTO $dataurl
  184. If statement within an if statement Help !
  185. PHPSESSID - explanation please
  186. Install Script
  187. Changing/displaying the date once a week (on Saturdays)
  188. Custom Function to fetch SQL data
  189. Craigslist Posting for Good Use -- PHP Curl
  190. File upload progressbar
  191. unlink()
  192. Php echo help please
  193. How can i divide thisString?
  194. Split RSS text between Title and Summary...
  195. Session Problems
  196. drop down menu select field insert into database
  197. 'contact us 'mail script stopped working??
  198. multiple Return values
  199. Get SQL field based another column's field
  200. Help with showing both item types.
  201. php script
  202. Automatic archiving of records in mySQL using PHP
  203. user activity
  204. Problem reading avi-file
  205. Help with some PHP code.
  206. This keyword
  207. Formating a mySQL field in a table as links using data other fields
  208. View all documents and folders at a web address?
  209. starting a project with OOP
  210. 'Page rendered in X seconds' at top of page?
  211. Resolved how to code an "edit post" page? *closed*
  212. mailto redirect to new page
  213. date difference
  214. Populating links according to csv data
  215. Quick in_array question...
  216. Basic ZEND controller question
  217. Anyone used beanstalkd?
  218. File Changer
  219. PHP/CSS Help
  220. Ethical issues?
  221. How to use multiple arrays for different image rotations
  222. Advanced email sending - attachments and magic
  223. locating and counting values in array
  224. Microsoft Outlook Not Recieving PHP Mailer (Forwarding)
  225. How to match date with a group of dates?
  226. Enabeling php5 in php4 web host
  227. Paginaton error
  228. PHP based user only content
  229. CheckBox
  230. parse error form validation
  231. cURL problem
  232. Placing a Website within a table
  233. Time change
  234. Extract values in a string and convert to array...
  235. PHP vs. Python...best uses?
  236. $_POST form error in SELECT WHERE
  237. .htaccess??
  238. php looping when using $getline = fgetcsv($filedump, 8192);
  239. Resolved Query not showing all results
  240. How to generate a comma separated value file of emails from a database
  241. How to go next page in PDF generation using PDFLIB
  242. help creating a pop-up message when a game is submitted
  243. What does Resource id #8 mean?
  244. PHP script listen on port and get some data from sneder
  245. count how many times the same username is in the database
  246. help with PHP form validation script.
  247. Div manipulation using php, please help.
  248. undifine error
  249. preg match for 10 digits only
  250. Login script working in IE but not firefox or safari

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