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  1. Between Date range not correct
  2. php database class error
  3. Disallow removal of Footer Credits
  4. bcrypt password into database
  5. Increment + 1 to a column in a table
  6. Simple PHP understanding help
  7. Is it quicker to read an INI file or a serial file?
  8. Optimize Code?
  9. Fatal error: Call to undefined function dbase_open()
  10. Need help with e-commerce website
  11. multple keyword search and multiple search inputs
  12. Resolved Help with URL Variables
  13. Proper way to construct a mysql statements to post data to db
  14. help with Curl please, is this possible?
  15. bbcode parser
  16. Problem defining a variable
  17. no file download glitch
  18. Search by part of string
  19. Need help in sorting date format (eg. July,2013)
  20. r1soft backup system?
  21. PHP form Select from list problem
  22. upload video clips display video thumb images not working?
  23. Sorting a loop by date
  24. PHP Query not returning records
  25. ajax php
  26. Trimming left side zeros
  27. Conditional search, if not found...
  28. Smarty foreach loop
  29. list results from different tables depending on search result
  30. My looping table loops twice?
  31. varchar date convert to date
  32. problem parsing a series of atom xml files
  33. more php assistance
  34. How to present the database info?
  35. Need to know how to edit php header
  36. Changing these radio buttons into images
  37. Add page title tag into <a href link with PHP
  38. php error
  39. php assistance
  40. PHP hyperlingk in MS Outlook
  41. Web application - document generator
  42. creating a calender page - debugging help needed
  43. Can anyone tell me whats wrong?
  44. emailing all and account transactions by date range, from database
  45. Finding stuff in a txt file
  46. input "name" doesnt work
  47. Is PHP confused about FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL?
  48. Login with Google Account for Web Application
  49. Implode not working
  50. PHP Mail function having some issues
  51. Trying example but recieving odd result
  52. Email from another sever
  53. populating text box data from the database based on static drop down selected
  54. Displaying a list alphabetically
  55. PHP IF Statement Error
  56. Website Pagination Links
  57. PHP Code for sending emails, via SMTP, to recipients listed in a Text file
  58. Process Form Multiple Times
  59. PHP Login System Help Please
  60. Using the Same file for My Stilizing and having Different content on my pages
  61. Anything wrong with this server status grabber?
  62. Need help "Installing" website
  63. should i prepare for "zend" examination?
  64. It keeps inserting the same data...
  65. Help: mysql is not working or is it my code/PHP
  66. PHP showing wrong information.
  67. PHP Mail Issue
  68. Multiple random loading on page refresh
  69. Resolved how to return success or fail back to page?
  70. This demo is from W3 Schools - should be simple!
  71. Tooltips with mysql data (in Joomla)
  72. Understanding Prepared Statements & call_user_func_array
  73. PHP in my desktop
  74. Need help with shopping cart
  75. trying to email account from database
  76. Display Image
  77. array_keys() array_values() - implode behaves differently
  78. Email attachment form
  79. Unable to rewriter part of the affiliate links(php)
  80. php facebook user likes page
  81. mysql_result() errors
  82. Does PDO have a full proof method of counting rows and is it worth it
  83. Select Box display results on same page
  84. Call to undefined function session_register
  85. website form -=HELP=-
  86. Need help with a PHP query
  87. insert some value before extension
  88. ip2location script
  89. PHP Login Help!
  90. Mail isn't sending e-mail
  91. PHP connecting to remote Cassandra nodes
  92. underscores appear from nowhere
  93. Featured record
  94. PHP built site, please help with tidying it up!
  95. Getting information from array
  96. Warning: mysql_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource
  97. Protect variable as passing it to another page
  98. strip characters from a php write text file
  99. Getting an error. Can you help?
  100. Need help Creating Folder Outside of Web Root
  101. PDO insert url into db not working
  102. Make a webpage HTTPS
  103. PHP image array
  104. Filtering an XML file by a string
  105. Begginer on PHP, conceptual help
  106. Labels and values not appearing on the same line.
  107. Date with more than 24 hours
  108. comparing entered data with database using ajax/javascript and php
  109. Sort by filenames/order
  110. why nothing is happening
  111. A simple problem using variable variable names
  112. trying to figure out why cookie would be generated before auth completes
  113. Discount porcentage
  114. Sending JSON array data correctly for lat/long
  115. Prepared statements insert/update - bind all values
  116. Website layout after installing a plugin (help please)
  117. folders with same data but different database query problem
  118. need help converting a function to work with mssql
  119. Parse error help!!!!!!
  120. Would it matter what shopping cart I use for this...?
  121. Debugging PDO
  122. Sending email from web site
  123. insert multy checkbox value into database
  124. Why type hint when you can type cast
  125. reading a file on same server
  126. Resolved Error handling 404 result
  127. Splitting values Need help please
  128. Excessive CPU Usage...
  129. migrating from static html pages to dynamic php pages or generating static html pages
  130. JSON outputs as Undefined?
  131. Resizing Images and Transparency
  132. str_replace not working ???
  133. Regular Expression
  134. need help in array_key_exists
  135. where to store db config file
  136. Create file script problem
  137. Foreach Loop stdClass Object
  138. how to loop using SOAP
  139. Select 3 lastest rows from Database
  140. stop url's in comments of a form
  141. Do I need to use a database to do this?
  142. Fatal error: Call to undefined function file_get_html()
  143. Getting Information from another website
  144. imagecopyresampled - image is empty (all black) after saving it
  145. Mobile redirect script... Help Please
  146. Not displaying Database info correctly...
  147. date() function returning 4 hours off
  148. Date formatting, database or HTML ?
  149. RegexIterator / Recursive Iterator - can't search file with accents
  150. Search database and display lines
  151. Need help with rtmp msg echo
  152. simpleXMLElement - extract related attributes based on specified value
  153. Dynamic menu for everyone
  154. Problem in displaying data inside table format
  155. PHP field search
  156. Link encryption emergency
  157. Add current date to dropdown if doesnt exist in database
  158. saving html markup to database
  159. Getting blank enquires in PHP based forms
  160. Got problem in table layout
  161. Post/get data doesn't show until 2nd time running
  162. Redirect Script NOT WORKING HELP!
  163. Question Converting a csv file to utf-8
  164. Bad looking php window
  165. thoughts on storing $_SESSON's in mysql and could it be searched? pro's, con's
  166. Resolved I have another issue. PHP minus 1.
  167. please help!! Not working on firefox
  168. Online roster signatures. Database?
  169. Many random string to database.
  170. Problem concatenating php and js
  171. Resolved Call to undefined function mssql_init()
  172. Contact form with tabs
  173. What is the right permission of formail php ?
  174. How to fix this PHP problem [Urgent]
  175. unable escape content of array for use with mysqli query.
  176. Resolved php_curl.dll is not a valid Win32 application
  177. Pagination Not Working
  178. sendmail.php not working
  179. php not displaying Result
  180. Getting data from another website and creating array
  181. Joining two tables with GET
  182. URL Variable from DB
  183. How to assure file was downloaded successfully
  184. php function help.. (php beginner)
  185. Best secure open source php webmail script
  186. Help 'Warning: mysql_fetch_array()'
  187. contact form with time out
  188. Display value to several input type text from text file
  189. to not submit form
  190. I need a help about nexmo PHP Coding.
  191. Help parsing XML file
  192. Display image for x seconds
  193. Changing PHP's directory in a path?
  194. on submit can't goto other page
  195. The site will not display a 'pound sign'
  196. what is this variable type and how do I access it's contents ..
  197. regex help
  198. Wrong Insert Query
  199. how to slove insert data with category and subcategory
  200. Get the variable from the previous page
  201. Using a PDO object from an included file
  202. PHP - Display SQL results in multiple tables
  203. Using other classes inside classes.
  204. how to get all files in folder apart from the ones that end with a 'p'
  205. File Path being inserted before page header
  206. mailicious code
  207. PHP Coding error
  208. generating graph using static data
  209. I am very new at PHP coding and I need some help on the code below. The Code outputs
  210. Account Creation
  211. loading array then saving new array
  212. uploads not being saved, no errors
  213. Hiding .php extensions
  214. Captcha security not working
  215. Where to put a <p> tag in this?
  216. msqli real escape issue
  217. Unset PHP session variable, weird issue...
  218. PHP not send the whole thing !!!
  219. How to call external js function in php
  220. display image inside zip archive - can't read the file if it has special chars
  221. php where clause problem grater than time value
  222. Unicode in php
  223. Need help in saving data from textboxes inside foreach loop
  224. submit form
  225. I dont want the image to be a link
  226. Checkout SSL displaying warning message?
  227. Image in PHP with background of two colors
  228. Login shows white id and pass
  229. Net_smtp error
  230. Cron Download Script not working
  231. resizer class does not resize BMP file types.
  232. File not downloading
  233. How to use cookies
  234. City, state, zip search box
  235. Data types in PHP
  236. Is PHP the language I need?
  237. help with unexpected end error
  238. side bar in PHP wrong side of my page
  239. Form error
  240. PHP security
  241. Problem with getting data from mysql
  242. php form values not being passed through?!
  243. form
  244. Resolved Parsing struggles
  245. Multiple item entry with edit and delete option
  246. Joomla php code change help needed
  247. Multiple item entry with edit and delete option
  248. Adding a note below all the product pages
  249. PHP OOP - Class extends
  250. Need help with GET Variable

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