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  2. 2 forms 1 page error processing
  3. Implementing Wordpress & Include questions.
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  8. Sorting files by date (newest first)
  9. check if database field is empty.
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  17. creating a now on air php script
  18. Resolved FCKeditors anchor
  19. count how many times on download submit.
  20. Paypal IPN
  21. How to retrive data from URL and modify it
  22. How to integrate into wordpress
  23. uploading percentage indicator
  24. Advice Please : Which is safer session data?
  25. Altering image data removes image extention
  26. PHP contact form
  27. How to keep track of visitors visiting in my site
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  29. show child categories on wordpress archive pages
  30. Simple Error Check
  31. How can I let my users to upload their image to my server and be able to see it back
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  33. $_GET and Checkboxes
  34. Resolved unlink() wont remove image from server?!?
  35. Skipping lines in php read from a text file?
  36. using SAX
  37. PHP Script Time Out Happening
  38. how to print to screen the HTML code in a string
  39. Resolved Stopping multiple reminders with CRON job!
  40. Securing Include Files
  41. Need help with php mail form
  42. Resolved Passing XSLT variables to PHP (libxslt)
  43. php5 cant display javascript
  44. table 'foo.foofoo' doesn't exist
  45. duplicate entry for key " " on form submit
  46. retrive record based on day of week
  47. PHP iterating over a string (Zend Cert)
  48. shoulnt this work?
  49. Resolved Upload Image and store path
  50. Splitting a TXT file into multiple TXT files
  51. How to widdle a large array down to the top 3 values?
  52. Stop data from entering database
  53. wrong condition.
  54. php script notify user of content update
  55. Script problem - blank page
  56. How To make SEO Friendly URL
  57. php mysql search table
  58. Wallpaper without login section
  59. Simple Help With Adding $points
  60. php variable combining
  61. PHP recipe site
  62. I need help!!!
  63. GET request Problem
  64. Resolved! -> WHERE clause
  65. Simple Questions -> Search
  66. need help on PHP!!! Keep Coming out errors....
  67. Need Help With PHP Error Codes Help
  68. Can someone help me make a cookie for this?
  69. Resolved Want error message out of URL and into error box (OSC)
  70. Resolved Problem with delete function...
  71. PHP Upload Form help!
  72. Setting Up
  73. $_GET and Checkboxes
  74. Stuck with IF ELSEIF ELSE
  75. Image upload script doesn't like _ (underscores)
  76. $query from db1.php to db2.php
  77. Help: Sorting my array while case insensitive
  78. Php - MySQL problem
  79. Code not writing to database
  80. Image upload script not submitting
  81. Socket Help!
  82. Why doesn't this code actually write to my database?
  83. I need PHP help with my yahoo small business host please.
  84. Strange behavior from in_array
  85. Resolved Php Style Changer isn't working right...
  86. How to Set a PHP Redirect Based on Third Party Cookie?
  87. Syntax error on isset please help :)
  88. need to join 2 array or 2 query and get only same values in new array
  89. Resolved Working PHP code doesn't work when applied elsewhere?
  90. Help With an Advanced PHP Mail Form
  91. Two Forms, One Submit Button
  92. Resolved Need Assistance Adding A "View All" Link To My Paging Script!
  93. Black Applied To Uploaded Images - ImageColorAllocate() doesn't work
  94. Resolved Login check wont work with the template engine
  95. PHP with AJAX, easiest way to split up results?
  96. hit counter help plz
  97. Nightmare malicious script
  98. Cookie and session problem
  99. Need help with my MVC code (Very Light)
  100. PHP Poll with Images
  101. Get the first file in a directory, recursive
  102. updating db record makes my code execute only the first record? unsure why.
  103. Need help with addition PHP
  104. PHP Coding Help
  105. Displaying Image...
  106. Problems getting image in correct place
  107. set size of image from database
  108. PHP/MYSQL Inventory Script/Database?
  109. how to pass parameters / variables ??
  110. PHP - Need help creating form
  111. PHP - Need help creating form
  112. failed to open stream warning when using stream_context_create
  113. Disadvantage Objects pointing to parent Objects
  114. Resolved Displaying images depending on variables?
  115. Resolved Registration Page returns 1!
  116. HTTPS back to HTTP in htaccess or whatever
  117. Form method = post, $_POST in php not working
  118. Resolved [template engine] default title?
  119. upload and post to mysql
  120. not acheiveing correct output.
  121. GD and PHP trouble
  122. Redirect based on browser version
  123. check box, array, table woes
  124. login sessions problem
  125. Resolved About to go insane -- visit page resets data
  126. Inserting my code - help
  127. PHP Installer
  128. PHP Regex Order does not matter
  129. Resolved Data will not fill table.
  130. Resolved Making form option show if based on radio selected
  131. Display image instead of link with php
  132. creating thumbnails (GD Library)
  133. Resolved Php within a table
  134. Selecting 5 random strings
  135. Auto Delete Files In Folder
  136. Resolved Time query -- how to get it from this
  137. absolute paths/relative paths and finding files
  138. Cant figure out how to show do form validation work
  139. How to get info from another website and post it on mine?
  140. Need help with posting date form
  141. Help! I need help on my website using PHP and photo uploading
  142. Dynamic SWF frame.
  143. Show User where he came from
  144. FCKeditor problem - Editor/text area not displayed in html
  145. Formatting SQL Results
  146. php not allowed any ways to bypass filter?
  147. extract information from HTML page & formatting it
  148. cant get if else statement to work
  149. Simple temperature conversion- displaying results problem
  150. password protection question
  151. Resolved Echoing a function
  152. REGEX Help
  153. how to check if a URL is in a string
  154. phpMailer backup SMTP server settings
  155. insert info into mysql
  156. problem with dynamic slidshow with php+Ajax
  157. Installing Concrete5?
  158. PHP and Mysql COUNT
  159. long php url with a javascript twist.
  160. extended and nestled classes
  161. Dynamic CSS using PHP
  162. prevent direct access to php files with htaccess
  163. First and Last name with one array?
  164. To preload content while form redirect
  165. Calcuate php - not showing
  166. Variable undefined.
  167. Comparing variables
  168. Passing variable along with exe in passthru() or system()
  169. basic php
  170. Learning php - need output formatting help
  171. Session problem.
  172. Pagination issue
  173. Calling a function, name assigned to a var
  174. Breaking down XML into variables that PHP can use
  175. Strange relative links
  176. apc_fetch or store is distorting.
  177. Adding columns in script
  178. Resolved apc_store vs apc_add ?
  179. Issue with cookie or sessions..
  180. form help just needs tweeking (i think)
  181. removing string inside () using preg_replace?
  182. Simple Script That Redirects Percent of Visitors
  183. Why This Password doesn't Work? please help..
  184. using "GET" with a url
  185. mysql_fetch_array() question
  186. show error message on same page
  187. Query Problem
  188. Zend PHP 5 Certification: Exam Question Assistance (06 May 2010)
  189. Why wont this work?
  190. PHP login script help
  191. linking to other sites with msql
  192. Register Form
  193. Resolved Numbers too big - returning "E+16"
  194. only default controller is loading for all request - Critical
  195. please help.. add md5 to password field
  196. Arrays and session variables
  197. APC using OOP php (keeps failing)
  198. Secure mysql connection with hidden host,user,pass?
  199. calling C++ program from PHP on linux
  200. pulling information from db
  201. SMS pay system via PHP
  202. fwrite xsl
  203. Regex Assistance
  204. strtotime() quick problem
  205. Calling a function from within the same function?
  206. Resolved check field for value
  207. could not display an upload image in the resubmit form
  208. Uhm, I need help with table reading :(
  209. Assign php link to image?
  210. Quotes and Apostrophes
  211. Adding select field from form to Mysql database
  212. Need help with PHP csv script
  213. using "strpos"
  214. Undefined method in my php script
  215. Resolved preg_replace
  216. Resolved Help in Update
  217. Resolved Passing Variables from a while loop to another PHP page?
  218. displaying url from mysql db in an iframe
  219. help with a form
  220. sessions
  221. pjpeg
  222. Show Image.
  223. Numbered List with while function
  224. mysqli ? real_escape
  225. Error From WP Page Code
  226. Preventing email spam
  227. Older newbie needs help
  228. Google calendar not recognizing DTEND
  229. Simple code works in FF and Chrome - not in IE
  230. PHP ID=? Style Layout w/ CSS Background help.
  231. PHP - $_GET ?id=name&page=1 problem
  232. yahoo messenger php
  233. Web Resource "PHP header content-type"
  234. PHP: return vs exit
  235. Resolved using class inside function
  236. can i somehow disable in code Deprecated warnings?
  237. submit a form and upload a picture
  238. making a search in a array
  239. add md5 to password, please help..
  240. someone hacked my site and can change the password of every user
  241. Help with Borders around data table
  242. Resolved WP-Photo Album Error
  243. Wordpress Page PHP Notice Issue
  244. Resolved multidimensional class
  245. Help me with download script
  246. session persistence issue
  247. really i need help
  248. Resolved Not inserting row to mysql
  249. how to set session destroy if ip changed
  250. Check if file exists with partial filename

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