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  1. Help with foreach?
  2. Why Header does not work?
  3. Problem while displaying the content...
  4. session.gc_maxlifetime
  5. CURL SOCKS Proxies Going To Incorrect URL???
  6. getting facebook friends using php
  7. Displaying a row depending on user
  8. if statements in joomla .tpl file
  9. Using text link to do something
  10. Select Type Form Question
  11. session_save_path changed and now...
  12. accessing php object variable
  13. what am i doing wrong?
  14. outputting a date from a db into a specific format?
  15. exporting mysql table to xls file
  16. SoapServer entry points (Zend Cert)
  17. "" instead of "" When preparing reports in PDF using PHP MySQL and PDF
  18. sort a multidimensional array in a specific order
  19. Array page set-page read
  20. prevent php file from cache
  21. How do you not show page contents while script is executing?
  22. RSS Feed to Database?
  23. why can't insert data into the database table?
  24. GD error handling?
  25. Resolved Script stops working after user log-in
  26. select query - order by help
  27. Redirecting without destroying session.
  28. Can someone explain this PHP script?
  29. How do I prevent none members from downloading files and direct them to register.php
  30. How do I add a 301 php variable redirect in an existing file?
  31. PHP/AJAX Database Overload
  32. My login.php has a result of "Incorect password, Please try again"
  33. Advanced algebra with levelling system
  34. How To Populate A Field In A MySQL With uniqueid()?
  35. Merging two images and saving the result in database
  36. Resolved PHP Image Changing
  37. Include and path to images
  38. Resolved Display multiple highlight_file()
  39. Detect if amount of time is in minutes?
  40. replace specific links
  41. alert beep sound new user comes
  42. how to improve ?
  43. newbie connect to mysql database
  44. voting site. how to keep each user from voting more than once
  45. As easy as A1, B2, C3?
  46. Session Woes
  47. How to hide entry when value is 0
  48. High security PHP sessions
  49. Making a category tree with array
  50. Need Help Re-Directing
  51. Static fever?
  52. Image gallery code
  53. Question about returning unique rows
  54. getting values from radio buttons
  55. hyperlink variable
  56. funtion to activate another php script while running..
  57. Login Script
  58. Blank Page
  59. Autogeneration of PDFs for PHP based site
  60. foreach on string
  61. Log in form, almost working, just needs a bit of work, but have got stuck
  62. time difference
  63. Groups Distribution
  64. Distribute teams in a Schedule with php
  65. listbox selection
  66. Text won't show on the page.
  67. Determining if server time was midnight?
  68. Trouble setting form to post only selected variables, i.e. checkbox, input field, etc
  69. add new table won't work. please help..
  70. Upside down execution of statements
  71. Default stream timeout
  72. remove number from string
  73. Problems with embedded PHP
  74. What PHP script could do that?
  75. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid
  76. Changing Dynamically Words in Text
  77. SOAP parameter
  78. is there an easier way to do this?
  79. Apache URL Rewrite Expression
  80. select options in php
  81. php/mysql host
  82. How can I transfer stats from one site to another one?
  83. bit stuck...any takers?
  84. display all images outside web root folder
  85. rename: no such file or directory
  86. how would i go about this in php?
  87. Cache yahoo weather and yahoo currency
  88. Cant search Google for PHP OR examples! Argh, please can you help?
  89. Only show button if... ?
  90. how to remove login script, need help please
  91. Processing a Form using php Question
  92. Convert Array to a simpler Array
  93. imagejpeg no such file or directory
  94. Get radio button value?
  95. replace code in php output
  96. Display correct time & date for "gmdate"
  97. RegEx & XML
  98. hosting php/mysql project
  99. Resolved Image contains errors??
  100. pete_assert() Help
  101. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  102. Get Info When Link Is Clicked
  103. Simple error "mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL..."
  104. PHP replace html variables
  105. Resolved Multiple Variables
  106. PHP Auth server
  107. Outputting and ending buffer early
  108. multiple insert with one query problem, new here , need help
  109. How to create a batch file for a php script
  110. Resolved Cookies
  111. Extracting URL
  112. Displaying content from another site
  113. How to move MYSQL row to another table using PHP
  114. Regarding scheduling jobs in php
  115. login username issue
  116. password checking problems
  117. Calling an API with JSON
  118. How can I call another php snippet inside PHP code?
  119. rename not renaming files.
  120. When to use Preg_match: Any Example, please!
  121. I need help asap thanks Fatal error
  122. adding email verification
  123. Resolved Parsing PHPBB style URLs
  124. Limit wrong login then block for 10 minutes - How?
  125. Help with time ago
  126. Warning: imagefilter() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given
  127. Resources on exercises that can be used for practice
  128. PHP script to generate sequence
  129. Autofill a form onclick of a button (fill the form)
  130. Custom Error Page That Returns 200 HTTP Response?
  131. weird php mysql error
  132. Using variables on another site
  133. Saving IP address in database.
  134. Creating a page to do a couple of things
  135. Is Rand() really bad or am I doing something wrong?
  136. Getting error when everything looks right.
  137. Resolved Display from database
  138. Creating Members?
  139. creating two rows in separate tables when registering a user
  140. Would it be easy too?
  141. Having trouble with FedEx API tracking
  142. Display only 1 row - current user
  143. local php to send email?
  144. What kind of information is acquired when profiling a php script
  145. Determining if link was pressed
  146. 1 line sql error :S
  147. Capturing Values From Database
  148. Array Convertion Help?
  149. including captcha
  150. PHP UPDATE not working
  151. Adding to an array works one way but not another
  152. count () help
  153. validation
  154. Random order includes from directory
  155. session destroy
  156. Folder System PHP
  157. sql top 25 but only show 8 array_rand?
  158. Big security issue with user variable
  159. radio checked
  160. Ajax shoutbox
  161. Does Script still run
  162. Downloading text file using PHP
  163. Multiple pages on the website
  164. MailScripts OH YAY!!
  165. Drop down list in PHP?
  166. playing videos in flash player
  167. excel formatting using PHP
  168. Help with in_array please
  169. Creating pages from database enty
  170. Checking that email address is valid and not already in database
  171. Special characters in mails
  172. selecting random rows and setting value to each one
  173. Force using SSL?
  174. help with }else{
  175. OOP in PHP usage
  176. PHP => XML - Nested categories loop in output help please
  177. [Need] Serious help with a xoops module!
  178. Info Scraping [HELP]
  179. PHP coding need some advice!
  180. Referring Website trouble
  181. How can I display the MySQL data correctly?
  182. while loop output not quite correct
  183. PHP Code Doesn't Work After Duplicating
  184. PHP webservice client
  185. Changing values in a database with PHP
  186. Username doesn't show during login
  187. Timezones and Timestamps
  188. Fwrite on two separate txt files?
  189. PHP & XML struggles with indeed.com's job search XML API
  190. Session Naming Issue
  191. Please help with user level authentication script
  192. print all arrays
  193. SELECT onchange
  194. upload faild, temp file not exist!
  195. PHP Mail script
  196. WikiMedia embedding content
  197. facebook application error
  198. click counter using variables
  199. How to set variable: Please help me.
  200. sending commands to windows server from linux server
  201. Help imagefilledrectangle
  202. Redirect based on Referrer URL - not working correctly...
  203. Wordpress : How to add an id attribute to the navigation links in sidebar
  204. Geolocating by IP
  205. Need help creating a small script
  206. Help A Novice!!
  207. using a single variable from a separate file without using import
  208. echo if approved help
  209. Getting images from folder
  210. video upload help
  211. capturing date user last clicks a link
  212. Creating script that selects a random website to show in frame
  213. Figure out PDF Page numbers
  214. Function works but doesn't work
  215. Sorting issue with simpleXML
  216. php/html selecting dropdown data
  217. Session caching problem
  218. Why is my PHP email script not recognizing my form?
  219. Directly editing db via PHP form sent in email
  220. Problem with executing external programs
  221. domain -> subdomain - sessions
  222. Query was empty !
  223. IF statement trouble!
  224. simple hangman game. How do i check to see if the letter is in the array [0]
  225. User-Agent - GET HTTP method help
  226. Title only showing first word once sent to database
  227. Increment database number by 1?
  228. file upload, not retrieving data
  229. if file exists help please, never equals true?
  230. How to query from xml file?
  231. tool tips for wordpress
  232. simple ereg_replace to preg_replace problem
  233. Call a function without including the function file
  234. Blocking php curl from scraping website content
  235. Form Question
  236. problem with facebook sharing
  237. how to remove spam users in BB
  238. Multiple Search Terms Problem
  239. Else if not working correcting with simple form.
  240. Safe MP3 upload form validations
  241. Image info on insert
  242. Email issues
  243. How do I get email notfications of a file upload?
  244. Opening Word Document on a Link Question
  245. Pagination Issue, please help.
  246. problem with getting shockwave .dcr dimmentions
  247. inappropriate use of an array (Zend Cert)
  248. MVC design pattern question - (Zend Cert)
  249. where multiple algorithms can be implemented via a single interface (Zend Cert)
  250. Creating a XML document from MYSQL

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