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  1. Explode array and checking values
  2. Running function at specific time
  3. Roster.. Unavailability question
  4. How do I find the cause of my 404 errors ?
  5. Formmail.php error in sending mail. Fields blank.
  6. invalid argument
  7. PHP getting fingerprint of a string (Zend Cert)
  8. Help with query
  9. show variable *** link
  10. looping and arrays
  11. add member profiles
  12. PHP Programmer - Interview tips :)
  13. passed information has to display as editable radio button
  14. Help on search script that shows user info like name, email with photos (user photo).
  15. php sql query help please.
  16. Nested for loop (counter not incrementing correctly?)
  17. Looping nightmares! please help
  18. Download page, for Direct URL
  19. Select multiple not returning array
  20. Pages using the "?"
  21. result in tables
  22. Question.
  23. redirect
  24. Prevent too many mysql queries
  25. Using Exec
  26. How to install php unit in windows xampp?
  27. Passing information by clicking hyperlink?
  28. syntax error
  29. Draw Text in PDF document using PHP
  30. error to connect soap server
  31. 3rd party cookie IE - why is this not working?
  32. php template (or theme) for my script
  33. Reload with details
  34. Form Field Capturing PHP
  35. dynamic webpage title
  36. Look for match email or username field
  37. Counting images goes wrong
  38. PHP user privilege help
  39. General Help and advice please
  40. Difference between these functions?
  41. remove tags except specific span using php
  42. while loop in table
  43. var_dump and xml result
  44. Page throwing memory error (>32MB consumed)
  45. Help with assignment
  46. url regex
  47. Email form
  48. PHP Image Upload Script
  49. replace ' with \' and / with \/ in a string
  50. Form echoes query but doens't put into DB
  51. Help with constructing a 3 variable url link
  52. showing the line breaks in posted comments
  53. Resolved Unexpected T_ELSE
  54. How to upload RTF editor output to MySQL database and retrieval
  55. Hai! Another question again...
  56. rating
  57. What is this doing?
  58. Need help with Keno code
  59. Uploading
  60. Done register..Now login? (How?)
  61. Modify PayPal subscription amount
  62. PHP Upload form - email notification?
  63. Can't display my image path stored in mysql database
  64. WordPress index.php question
  65. Array building help please.
  66. can php be placed within an html page? (basic question)
  67. Embedding my blog into my website
  68. can one php script call a php script on another server
  69. Invite friends
  70. Is this code secure?
  71. strpos won't work?
  72. Login script not working
  73. Simple Question (<br> to \n)
  74. program needed
  75. Need help on function
  76. Hiding Content on Page to Non-Members.
  77. Mysql database connection problem
  78. Retrieve part of URL?
  79. mysql_query syntax is right but will not SELECT
  80. Resolved Display Date in UK Format
  81. Php & Js progress bar
  82. Quick output buffering question.
  83. Resolved Display image where field equals value from another table
  84. Cleaning characters from string
  85. Sorting an array of numbers using Function cmp
  86. mysql_fetch function to get value, not field name?
  87. MultiDimensional Array Sort Help
  88. Php simple database aplication needed fast
  89. Show php in a (dot)html file?
  90. Help on creating a simple school voting system
  91. n00b trying to code PHP/MySQL Query
  92. preg_match_all not matching
  93. Problem firing stored procedure with PHP
  94. I've been looking for a simple PHP newsletter script?
  95. PHP to JavaScript array.
  96. change $PHP_AUTH_USER
  97. serialize() problems
  98. reasign/sort keys of array
  99. Simple Online Offline Script - Not so simple for me
  100. PHP... cross site scripting attacks vs. robot spam...which one is worse?
  101. Url
  102. How to Disable Text Selection and/or Right click With PHP?
  103. keep a bot from voting
  104. PHP Time Difference
  105. SimpleXML basic rules (Zend Cert)
  106. Registration Code not working?
  107. HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error C:\php5\php-cgi.exe - The FastCGI process ex
  108. Zend PHP 5 Certification: Exam Question Assistance (20 May 2010)
  109. mathematical functions with hex values (Zend Cert)
  110. Set Locale automatic?!
  111. form with php self wont show up.
  112. I need help in ajax please!!!
  113. Help please
  114. Using PHP to insert into MSSQL Varbinary(MAX) and Varchar(Max)
  115. Php dom
  116. Searching by postcode & embedding a map?
  117. Resolved External link within PHP doesnt work?
  118. help coding error
  119. Resolved str_replace help
  120. 2 forms 1 page error processing
  121. Implementing Wordpress & Include questions.
  122. upload images to mysql script is not working
  123. Unexpected T_ELSE
  124. Upload to my database
  125. Basic blog - Show images with blog
  126. Sorting files by date (newest first)
  127. check if database field is empty.
  128. PhpMailer-Fe Copy Me feature
  129. Date() string displays as link! Help!
  130. How can you access file outside the web root?
  131. Joomla, Foreach statement and parameters
  132. *Saving Data on Page*
  133. Need Help in Simplifying PHP Code
  134. How to translate parsed data from xml file from cirilyc to latin?
  135. creating a now on air php script
  136. Resolved FCKeditors anchor
  137. count how many times on download submit.
  138. Paypal IPN
  139. How to retrive data from URL and modify it
  140. How to integrate into wordpress
  141. uploading percentage indicator
  142. Advice Please : Which is safer session data?
  143. Altering image data removes image extention
  144. PHP contact form
  145. How to keep track of visitors visiting in my site
  146. Resolved Displaying image from stored path
  147. show child categories on wordpress archive pages
  148. Simple Error Check
  149. How can I let my users to upload their image to my server and be able to see it back
  150. Child Site Script now Broken
  151. $_GET and Checkboxes
  152. Resolved unlink() wont remove image from server?!?
  153. Skipping lines in php read from a text file?
  154. using SAX
  155. PHP Script Time Out Happening
  156. how to print to screen the HTML code in a string
  157. Resolved Stopping multiple reminders with CRON job!
  158. Securing Include Files
  159. Need help with php mail form
  160. Resolved Passing XSLT variables to PHP (libxslt)
  161. php5 cant display javascript
  162. table 'foo.foofoo' doesn't exist
  163. duplicate entry for key " " on form submit
  164. retrive record based on day of week
  165. PHP iterating over a string (Zend Cert)
  166. shoulnt this work?
  167. Resolved Upload Image and store path
  168. Splitting a TXT file into multiple TXT files
  169. How to widdle a large array down to the top 3 values?
  170. Stop data from entering database
  171. wrong condition.
  172. php script notify user of content update
  173. Script problem - blank page
  174. How To make SEO Friendly URL
  175. php mysql search table
  176. Wallpaper without login section
  177. Simple Help With Adding $points
  178. php variable combining
  179. PHP recipe site
  180. I need help!!!
  181. GET request Problem
  182. Resolved! -> WHERE clause
  183. Simple Questions -> Search
  184. need help on PHP!!! Keep Coming out errors....
  185. Need Help With PHP Error Codes Help
  186. Can someone help me make a cookie for this?
  187. Resolved Want error message out of URL and into error box (OSC)
  188. Resolved Problem with delete function...
  189. PHP Upload Form help!
  190. Setting Up
  191. $_GET and Checkboxes
  192. Stuck with IF ELSEIF ELSE
  193. Image upload script doesn't like _ (underscores)
  194. $query from db1.php to db2.php
  195. Help: Sorting my array while case insensitive
  196. Php - MySQL problem
  197. Code not writing to database
  198. Image upload script not submitting
  199. Socket Help!
  200. Why doesn't this code actually write to my database?
  201. I need PHP help with my yahoo small business host please.
  202. Strange behavior from in_array
  203. Resolved Php Style Changer isn't working right...
  204. How to Set a PHP Redirect Based on Third Party Cookie?
  205. Syntax error on isset please help :)
  206. need to join 2 array or 2 query and get only same values in new array
  207. Resolved Working PHP code doesn't work when applied elsewhere?
  208. Help With an Advanced PHP Mail Form
  209. Two Forms, One Submit Button
  210. Resolved Need Assistance Adding A "View All" Link To My Paging Script!
  211. Black Applied To Uploaded Images - ImageColorAllocate() doesn't work
  212. Resolved Login check wont work with the template engine
  213. PHP with AJAX, easiest way to split up results?
  214. hit counter help plz
  215. Nightmare malicious script
  216. Cookie and session problem
  217. Need help with my MVC code (Very Light)
  218. PHP Poll with Images
  219. Get the first file in a directory, recursive
  220. updating db record makes my code execute only the first record? unsure why.
  221. Need help with addition PHP
  222. PHP Coding Help
  223. Displaying Image...
  224. Problems getting image in correct place
  225. set size of image from database
  226. PHP/MYSQL Inventory Script/Database?
  227. how to pass parameters / variables ??
  228. PHP - Need help creating form
  229. PHP - Need help creating form
  230. failed to open stream warning when using stream_context_create
  231. Disadvantage Objects pointing to parent Objects
  232. Resolved Displaying images depending on variables?
  233. Resolved Registration Page returns 1!
  234. HTTPS back to HTTP in htaccess or whatever
  235. Form method = post, $_POST in php not working
  236. Resolved [template engine] default title?
  237. upload and post to mysql
  238. not acheiveing correct output.
  239. GD and PHP trouble
  240. Redirect based on browser version
  241. check box, array, table woes
  242. login sessions problem
  243. Resolved About to go insane -- visit page resets data
  244. Inserting my code - help
  245. PHP Installer
  246. PHP Regex Order does not matter
  247. Resolved Data will not fill table.
  248. Resolved Making form option show if based on radio selected
  249. Display image instead of link with php
  250. creating thumbnails (GD Library)

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