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  1. Resolved Warning: mysql_fetch_array():
  2. Determain if an array has a nested sub-array in it
  3. Simple code doesn't work
  4. user creation of table
  5. $main_url and Mirror Address for Forum
  6. How would I change this contact form template?
  7. Resolved Checkbox input fresh eyes to check please
  8. Problems installing prosper202 tracking script
  9. best PHP server program?
  10. Resolved False query not working
  11. Accessing the Folders out side the web root Folder WWW
  12. Complete Newbee Uploading Photos
  13. Shopping Cart Pain..This is ridiculous!
  14. Return Data from a Class : Catchable fatal error
  15. Php -> pdf
  16. MySQL input function running twice....
  17. Odd Traits in a File-List Display
  18. PHP checkdate function not working correctly
  19. Issue with While Loop Logic
  20. need help elimiating empty values
  21. Any way of making sessions secure?
  22. PHP LoggedIn help
  23. how to hide url in address bar?
  24. Help Please! If Else Statment
  25. MySQL Query Problem
  26. Encrypting a value sent in an email?
  27. Is there a book to learn about http headers?
  28. convert this date 24-09-2010 to this format 2010-09-24
  29. Win2003 internal server - which PHP should I install?
  30. mysql insert error
  31. How does curl work when programming an api?
  32. ORDERBY Problems :o(
  33. very very noooobi
  34. Embed php rich text editor in webpage
  35. Please, Please Help me with this CODE
  36. What would keep me from seeing a base64_decoded image?
  37. Invalid '?' markup in PHP form
  38. help getting rid of null values
  39. preg match help
  40. Whats wrong with this code snippet
  41. How to Display my PHP/HTML code (to-be-edit) in my admin webpage?
  42. Multiple Switches
  43. Unexpected chars..
  44. what does @ do?
  45. Protecting your data?
  46. array_map vs array_walk
  47. Resolved comparing
  48. WP Review Plugin - PHP Help
  49. PHP registration->server error
  50. need help with php if/else statement
  51. wtf is wrong with this?
  52. Version/update checking for application
  53. Resolved explode() from TEXTAREA not really working...
  54. search engine problems
  55. Forms Submitted Only Once
  56. Displaying results of a form entry (checkboxes and radio buttons)
  57. Trying to string strings together
  58. Help Needed Please
  59. Preventing Mysql injection attacks on my forms?
  60. highlight current page link in a function
  61. return filtered results to page
  62. Need help with simple bit of code
  63. insert into mysql
  64. Best way to set this up, point system
  65. need help making codes for email forms
  66. Adding Statement of account to banking application
  67. Echoing incremental cells upon page refresh
  68. String Formatting Help Please! (regex)
  69. Link help
  70. Passing DB connection into a function
  71. simplify if statement script
  72. Array looping and insert grouping
  73. unique number on page
  74. Is it possible to modify php/html codes with php file function
  75. Get max and min values from array through a loop
  76. help: php form results not rendering image on the same page
  77. Show if Statement
  78. How to add a new diary event to Google Calendar from my site.
  79. problem inputting data that has a single quote
  80. sphider and joomla
  81. php UPDATE code not working here, please help
  82. Creating a name filter?
  83. Help with Using simplyXML and namespaces
  84. Curl & Javascript
  85. basic if statement
  86. Get Email Sender's IP Address
  87. if with multiple conditions that isn't evaluating right
  88. PHP Calendar Help
  89. format string as currency
  90. time() or date() config
  91. Convert array to string
  92. How use a pre made script with SMARTy
  93. page navigation help
  94. loops/arrays help please! pulling out incorrect info
  95. I have a problem with my Contact Us (Feedback Page) of my website
  96. apostrophe (') Trouble from XML feed!
  97. PHP mail form authenticate senders email - showing from web hoster
  98. Problem in PHP Calendar Event
  99. Replacement for "$_SESSION"?
  100. One PHP function breaking innerHTML - Need Help
  101. How to save this in database as binary
  102. call to undefined function mssql_connect()
  103. Script checking if image is on site
  104. howto chg the order
  105. Simple preg_replace Help
  106. Resolved regular expression in SESSION names
  107. hide actual url in config
  108. Ordering your code
  109. Likely a simple coding question
  110. I need help singling out user data
  111. Upload File a little confused phpmyadmin/mysql
  112. PHP in Joomla
  113. what should i do now in php other than php-myslq
  114. how to send our form data securly
  115. Possible outcomes with relative and absolute dir paths
  116. regexp help please! need to remove part of a string
  117. Cutting field short and supplying more info link.
  118. How to use loops to get result arranged according to desired format
  119. Highlight dynamic page link inside function
  120. Popup window confirmation and submit parent
  121. Using $_POST, am I doing it right?
  122. Form to Email code problems (while - looping)
  123. smarty variables
  124. Bulk update textfield values.
  125. PHP simple text editor
  126. Php not working?
  127. How to avoid undefined index error before submitting form?
  128. problem in pagination with post variables
  129. Executing script located on different server
  130. Resolved File Upload
  131. a little trouble with num_rows
  132. Check email not already in use
  133. what's wrong with the code ?
  134. Recursive hyperlink storing using DOM
  135. need help with str_replace / preg_replace / preg_match_all
  136. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ',' or ';'
  137. While loops and math
  138. Looking for Upload File Script
  139. Is there a native function for Weekday Name ??
  140. strip_tags
  141. Updating Online Inventory.
  142. Hi Everyone? I need help with binary file
  143. PHP - Search Engine using arrays?
  144. Help: Adding a Carousel/featured content Thesis Blog
  145. PHP paging/MySQL query limit
  146. Parse error: parse error, unexpected '['
  147. editable text box
  148. IE Rendering Issues
  149. Only Letters in Fields
  150. PDO, fetching a result -> styling certain rows.
  151. Query Failed
  152. Looping through array and totalling values
  153. PHP corrupt error on download
  154. what should i already know in php
  155. how to make a loading effect
  156. I need help passing array variables
  157. Failing to pass SESSION value between pages
  158. Includes
  159. Need your help
  160. Finding if a string exists within a string?
  161. $_Post Problem
  162. Resolved not inserting correctly
  163. php screen scraping help please
  164. Also upon image upload how get actual pixel dimesions WxH?
  165. [NEED HELP HERE] Problem with links on textarea
  166. Show error on other page without displaying the error msg in url
  167. Image upload problems - poor quality on thumnail images
  168. Files run as cron won't die
  169. Make random string appear more often
  170. Re: I need help passing form variables to a second page.
  171. Warning: Division by zero
  172. Not working on Chrome?
  173. Syntax error.
  174. Php download instead of opening.
  175. Uploading files.
  176. POST data from one form to another without javascript and maitain values
  177. Retrieve data from database using checkboxes
  178. Urgent help in a Regex
  179. Resolved How Many Queries Are Too Many?
  180. Logging Changes
  181. Running multiple instances of the same script in the background?
  182. Help with sessions, cookies and user login
  183. php pulling from a database and linking to divs
  184. Resolved ::HELP:: writing a while statement
  185. Resolved PHP elseif() not functioning correctly
  186. Resolved Regex issue
  187. VBulletin - syntax error on file misc.php
  188. File creation time
  189. Ways to retrieve dynamic (Real-time) data?
  190. Slideshow with Dynamic retrieving pictures using PHP not working
  191. Rotate Anchor/Image?
  192. i need help to get data from sql
  193. inserting custom data into database
  194. is a forward slash on a link required?
  195. Php, Joomla and wordpress
  196. Efficiency VS Readability
  197. HELP! How to insert smiley
  198. Extracting parts of an HTML table and storing in $variable
  199. Resolved Need Help!!! With Random </span> Unmatched Error in Wordpress
  200. How to post the input field name in php
  201. Need help with $_post to text file!
  202. Special char input filter
  203. nl2br() function problem
  204. wtf is wrong with this?
  205. Resolved passing value in a link
  206. Resolved Redirect based on $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']
  207. help with sql and assoc arrays in classes/functions
  208. Simple look-up in php?
  209. Type casting
  210. to display all result
  211. mysql_affected_rows() and MySQL autocommit
  212. php if else statement
  213. Date formatting
  214. ini_set
  215. Emergency - insert query
  216. oop php
  217. Date functions in a mysql_fetch_array
  218. Displaying images from DB
  219. deleting rows with same value in a single column
  220. Resolved Text in generated image won't wordwrap
  221. Facebook Development
  222. how to generate XSPF from mysql in PHP
  223. ajax pagin system with php fallback
  224. Pagination class not executing query + one question
  225. Resolved Mysql insert into function
  226. PHP Email Header Reply-to
  227. PHP Input Filter
  228. Resolved $db_list = mysql_list_dbs($conn); "fail"
  229. How does PHP determine the date when using date functions?
  230. Is my MySQL data right?
  231. Curious about PHP and strings
  232. Insert Emailed Information into a Database Automatically
  233. sleep function is corky
  234. Firefox does not retain information on back button
  235. Very easy question, making custom poll wherein you can write your own answer
  236. Convert into a search engine
  237. Checking for MySQL warning with PHP
  238. Dynamic Title
  239. Simultaneous imagettftext to images
  240. shipping cost
  241. Error Message Help Please
  242. mysql escape character problem
  243. insert PHP variable in javascript code
  244. Help with update data
  245. Php time and javascript calendar
  246. How to echo user's selected value in a table
  247. Different Pages having the same Displayed URL?
  248. Can one add form validation to a PHP page without changing other elements in it?
  249. Regular Expressions
  250. Variable Mysteriously Stops Echoing

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