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  1. reindex associative array using next
  2. Is explode() the correct function here?
  3. search not workin on my site when logged in??
  4. Handling dropdown lists
  5. OOP5 returning object from function
  6. Basic syntax question regarding echo ' and "
  7. Have to figure out subqueries to get the data I need
  8. Not sure how to format this line
  9. adding multiple pages to results from a database
  10. Accessing Cumulative echo Statements
  11. PhP auto generate table
  12. randomizing a slideshow script
  13. Menu Tabs Not Switching
  14. Please help with this code fragment
  15. Search Database and Display Results
  16. how to fix filesize() problem??
  17. overloading and magic methods
  18. Please help me......
  19. Passing a session from one function to another?
  20. Resolved trim() to remove first and last char
  21. Pulling values from table to do str_replace
  22. simple html dom error
  23. PHP Form Data Looping
  24. MySQL query only returning 1 row. Please help!
  25. PHP cURL problem.
  26. Need help with colums
  27. Textarea and variable in a form
  28. Voting up/down post
  29. require some help please
  30. Resolved Issues form when doing a search
  31. variables on smarty tpl file issues HELP!!
  32. session variable set inside function?
  33. Form Validation Script + PHP (multiple checkbox issue)
  34. Updating Lightbox without Refresh
  35. if(print_r is empty)
  36. need help with date compare
  37. Display http:// in textarea as links on output
  38. PHP Query Results
  39. Abs newbie:Creating a cookie and passing info around
  40. Resolved Remembering values via $_SESSION variables
  41. PHP - rename error - please help
  42. Checkbox help
  43. Directory Control
  44. Cant Use Double Quote Marks in PHP...help
  45. Delivery Date - Required Field
  46. Writing A Wiki Style Web Site In PHP
  47. how can i use a php script to send emails with website
  48. Install cURL on bluehost?
  49. regex alphanumeric pattern
  50. How to get last access date of file on server?
  51. Classes Instantiation
  52. Create dynamic page from MySQL called from PHP
  53. HTML & PHP form drop menu not posting
  54. How would I do this ?
  55. php form that calls api to create a newuser
  56. can't understand a function
  57. PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ELSEIF
  58. Function Question?
  59. PHP form to call api
  60. "failed to open stream: No such file or directory" - but URL opens fine in browser...
  61. fetch & group data from database
  62. Session problem in Firefox.
  63. Display name instead of 'Array' when displaying multidimensional array in formtoMai
  64. saving in a Flat file and Fetching Data
  65. youtube api
  66. Auto Classifieds Script
  67. Deleting \n" gives me Errors.
  68. Resolved Syntax for Error Messages in Img Resize Script
  69. Why can't I do this simple task!?
  70. Resolved Syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting '('
  71. Problem with displaying data from multiple queries
  72. Saving keywords in an Array
  73. check if error == X then
  74. session variables showing and then missing
  75. ##$$Problem PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  76. osCommerce custom payment/signup flow
  77. Help With upload Script!
  78. What's wrong with this code snippet? ;o
  79. Resolved Sending post using URL
  80. Resolved passing a variable
  81. Dynamic Title
  82. Question Regarding Arrays
  83. help with php for loop
  84. splt a variable
  85. help using session variables
  86. What's wrong with this?, I can't delete from sql
  87. Help to get Script working ...Please
  88. phpadmin help
  89. create graphs from mysql data?
  90. image attachment in e-mail
  91. replacing a semicolon in a string
  92. New to php
  93. How to determine if a file is missing from my server
  94. Resolved || or not working
  95. not updating
  96. Gaming Ladder System In The Making...
  97. Mimic different geographic locations
  98. Help with php and uploads/retrival
  99. imagecreatefrompng transparent BG color
  100. PDO Help
  101. PHP Login & Redirect
  102. Reading tab delimited .txt file to array?
  103. Rempve data from XML file
  104. Quick PHP/MySQL Question
  105. seo friendly urls
  106. Form data not transferring
  107. Checking if user is currently downloading a file
  108. Problems with IE and an image button
  109. A sort of interesting problem..
  110. how to manipulate data with php
  111. Custom code to bring in Facebook fanpage photo album thumbs/titles
  112. Exclude pages from permalinks? (WordPress issue)
  113. Custom Display of Recent Videos Uploaded on YouTube channel?
  114. How to get a single record from database in php
  115. Help please. Gaming league system.
  116. Help for php commenting script
  117. Putting a PDO query in a function?
  118. incremented number
  119. how to echo images from /home/mysite/ftpfolder
  120. Friends system help!
  121. Read data from .XML and save it to Mysql, urgent please help
  122. Using include, with SSL
  123. tracking user views
  124. Resolved How do I get a specific FOREACH value outside the loop?
  125. ZendFramework - Finding out what queries are being run - Easier way
  126. How to delete added file after 1 hour
  127. check what wordpress file is displaying current page
  128. File Uploader Issues
  129. filling a textbox corresponding to a value selected in listbox mysql db related
  130. foreach href loop
  131. Getting around cookie max size
  132. mail() help
  133. Change database from mysql 4 to mysql 5 affects my calendar event page
  134. Backwards variable
  135. Dynamic form variables issue with PHP.
  136. Rename URL
  137. redirecting page to previous login
  138. Validating Email Address Universally - Share your thoughts
  139. Need Help php forum.
  140. Number Check (like excel)
  141. $_GET help please
  142. Using API Dll Functions from PHP
  143. Clicking on a link brings up the file not the actual webpage
  144. Need some help
  145. Picking Line Out of Random Column Row
  146. Select random id from table
  147. preg_match ? look into array?
  148. Quick if/while question
  149. Sessions - I think
  150. mailing list PHP form help PLS
  151. Super Admin can't update/edit the itself, please help..
  152. Need Help Intergrating Uploader Into Forum Software
  153. Variable declaration keywords??
  154. Array with name and ID split
  155. Uploading images using php
  156. Send embedded image through php mail
  157. Sending form data(username/pass)
  158. Help with webpage Contact Form script
  159. Multi dimentional array, populate from other arrays?
  160. File upload...loading
  161. What is wrong with this code??
  162. Call to undefined function resizeImage()
  163. what is the correct php script to insert multiple records in a list?
  164. Saving to the Top of File
  165. Creating php call to table to create an array of names to search
  166. Checking input for only letters
  167. adding fields together
  168. Adding new row/column to existing mysql table
  169. Creating user account page
  170. Adding new tables
  171. Mysql query not returning
  172. Manipulated Random Numbers
  173. Short DOM code to SimpleXML code
  174. Update multi rows with same ID in 1 table
  175. Facebook Publish to wall
  176. Implementing Rating system on multiple dynamic pages
  177. Need Advice on Building better seach engine.
  178. If it's not a file or directory then what is it?
  179. I strongly need help on this!!!
  180. Resolved Somethings wrong but I don't know what.
  181. Script issues, access files below webroot
  182. Need suggestion
  183. Potential *fake* traffic / with hotlinkers :ATTENTION:
  184. Pagination
  185. Update To database field
  186. Help making a Newsletter email system
  187. Resolved read text file and save to db help
  188. $_sessions
  189. Regular Expression Solution
  190. PHP DB information to JavaScript String
  191. storing content and echoing out
  192. In desperate need of a collapsable vertical menu for wordpress...
  193. Resolved Array error
  194. Undeclaring / redeclaring a function
  195. Receiving Garbage Email from Web Forms
  196. Projects I can do to showcase skills?
  197. Problems with Uppercase URLs on my website..
  198. Curl Library Error
  199. Fatal Error
  200. PHP function outputting all dates between 2 dates
  201. Searching MySQL with PHP
  202. Generate random password, email it securely and then update a mysql database.
  203. PHP Message Help
  204. Hyperlink
  205. if else help
  206. How can I subsort my result set ??
  207. .txt file upload empties content???
  208. How to add auto reply email to a non php site
  209. prevent a website from accessing my files
  210. Code outputs content outside body of page
  211. Need some help with date()
  212. Fatal error:Call to a member function on a non-object in
  213. Not all customers are receiving emails
  214. Collect YouTube Links v2
  215. multiple conditional brings fewer mysql rows
  216. Email script BCC problem
  217. link to more data from a table
  218. Weekly DJ Schedule coding help
  219. Need some schooling on regen of session id and redirects
  220. gathering referers
  221. What popular websites have been made with PHP?
  222. my contact form wont work in IE but works fine in Firefox
  223. my contact form wont work in IE but works fine in Firefox
  224. Simple PHP question
  225. Why this simple script won't work?
  226. How would I do this?
  227. excluding robots in website logging
  228. Resolved Reading a flash file
  229. Select tag array help
  230. Testing SQL Injection
  231. Are you good in PHP?
  232. strange foreach loop output
  233. List Files in Folder by Date Last Modified Question
  234. php dropdown list
  235. Find First and Last Day of Week
  236. Resolved Can't make variable names with an iterating $i attached.
  237. Webcam BB Code/php for website
  238. Getting certain results from a mysql query?
  239. Remove 'www.' from address bar without page redirect?
  240. Checking a class name before declaring it?
  241. Cannot Select DB using mssql
  242. Form with 2 handlers
  243. Characters/security question
  244. Ternary code issues
  245. headers not allow to send the mail
  246. How can I loop one by one?
  247. Need help tracking down a problem
  248. Help with styling an element in PHP code...Simple
  249. Taking data from one form and putting it in another...
  250. What's the problem w/ this? Can't build query?

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