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  1. PHP math calculation
  2. PHP Symbols
  3. &section turns into žion ?
  4. How to read URL and just FURL?
  5. CodeIgniter Insert/Edit Form Tutorials?
  6. Automatic Mail
  7. Setting variable to value of function return
  8. Best way to recognize an Admin
  9. single.php wordpress problem
  10. random session token
  11. Write Refererid??
  12. How to create schedule search
  13. How to read arrays from URL?
  14. Create XML with PHP
  15. IE php header() error for program protocol
  16. Sending data from web server to a specific computer
  17. Using Session Variables
  18. Handling multiple forms on one page.
  19. Group same variable together
  20. birthdate form, changing number of days to fit month
  21. Session not removing?
  22. How to trace message generated by mail()
  23. cron job to send birthday e-mail
  24. A peculiar problem
  25. Image cropping problem
  26. Problem in Another way of retrieving data
  27. What does "valid_url_without_query" do?
  28. is there a php equivelant to mysql match function?
  29. how to properly use <? php include_once header.php ?>
  30. Making an array of excluded files
  31. Anyone recommend a script which allows people to update a status and everone can s...
  32. Form help
  33. Click on column header to sort (asc, des)
  34. increment next fields' number in a database.
  35. Best way to store and retrieve dates from database with php
  36. Reglular expression for this piece of code
  37. Contact Form Spam Prevention
  38. Newbie div help
  39. Warning: mysql_result() [function.mysql-result]: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL res
  40. Resolved DESC LIMIT 4 Problem
  41. Retrieving data from database and displaying in textbox when the button click
  42. Simple form redirect
  43. 'php' tag before 'html' tag does not work
  44. Proper use of mysql real escape string
  45. If/Else Only Does If
  46. php catcha form not redirecting
  47. site email script not pop/imap
  48. Newbie coding help required
  49. Resolved capthca code not working....
  50. Get Statement with "OR" in URL
  51. Easy problem. Need help with duplicates in array
  52. Current page active link.
  53. Selecting sql data using get
  54. Logout 404 Trouble...
  55. PHP XML API Integration
  56. PHP Licensing?
  57. List of events, want to keep same days together
  58. displaying the date in a loop
  59. How do you disable the request for new username in a Wordpress Blog?
  60. problems getting last value from array in class
  61. Admin Cp
  62. Empty Data Check php-mysql not functioning properly
  63. PHP Ignore Function Errors?
  64. php email script not sending emails
  65. Split variables (sorry can't figure out a better phrase - Fou)
  66. File include error
  67. indeed.com API help
  68. uploading more than 25 files at a time
  69. Resolved mail() not working...
  70. [HELP]I need PHP KeyGen
  71. Concatenate
  72. Passing variables from a PHP page and display on an HTML page
  73. Registration form trying to add if empty thing to it... Page shows up white.
  74. Send e-mail after registration is completed
  75. Help trying to add attachment to email form
  76. Help with function do csv export.
  77. How to put a button into a cell through php?
  78. Resolved sql search with checkboxes
  79. ajax/php search function modification help please
  80. If calling page's URL is not equal to "x.html", echo "blah"
  81. Help Sorting This Data?
  82. Notice: Undefined index: email in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/forgot_pass.php on line
  83. ChangePassword function/string not working
  84. help me find my error
  85. Help LIMITING a SQL result?
  86. Creating a Login Site
  87. from database to tables
  88. Resolved Getting an error called: Call to undefined function mysql_fetch_rows()
  89. Resolved Change the database connection type
  90. Getting the last record inserted
  91. Export data from mytable to a .txt or .csv file
  92. Regular Expression Question
  93. How post method treat fields ?
  94. uploader not working
  95. seach string for values from array in "if" statement
  96. unexpected T_IF - please help
  97. crons and credit cards
  98. Registration ignoring referrer
  99. The second word in a string
  100. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid...
  101. using SELECT to get 2 columns from a table
  102. Run Function on one Table row then move to the next
  103. Merge Files
  104. My timestamps are off, and I'm hosting from my machine. ????
  105. Resolved simple update query not working and adding cash
  106. returning a blank page
  107. Need help with IF/THEN situation
  108. PHP Forum
  109. Using PHP
  110. PHP tag cloud
  111. Resolved How to "use" a folder that doesn't really exist?
  112. Password Update doesnt work.
  113. Trying to skip a row in MySQL until argument is true
  114. 2 query's 2nd not working please help
  115. two buttons, one form
  116. Best way to remove Quotes in a string?
  117. Resolved how to show image?
  118. Resolved Inserting form values to multiple table
  119. Drupal 6.x Module Development
  120. can i check a string to see if it contains a 'year' value?
  121. cURL to get First Four Google Results for query $x
  122. Including PHP variable in <a href> -- please help!
  123. Generate all possible permutations of a string.
  124. split name
  125. Why am I getting this error?
  126. session update problem help !
  127. Resolved wont insert into DB
  128. Scrolling window for the report
  129. Are they using PHP
  130. Not able to prevent prevent "submit" button to run session
  131. Simple PHP code to geospoof coded by me :P
  132. Resolved Session not remembering...
  133. Youtube Scrape
  134. If statement with dropdown data
  135. PHP/MySQL connection not working
  136. Problem with isset()... help!
  137. $_server url path help
  138. How does facebook know this is a fake email?
  139. Confused in using if condition
  140. Login/Registration w/Control Panel
  141. swf file not being accessed through php
  142. search engine indexing of SEO url's
  143. Index Page Help
  144. truncating and removing unnecessary stuff from string
  145. newbie one questions please
  146. please help with array_push into multi level array
  147. What's the best way to get the user's ip country
  148. running database connection from form drop down selection
  149. Resolved INT into database
  150. php date : know when hour over
  151. How to set the style of a table inside php
  152. Resolved File index -> divx web player
  153. captcha in random alphabet
  154. Random Word Generator?
  155. Trying to post e-mailed data simultaneously to browser using output buffering...
  156. If statment not working
  157. display number with decimal at 2 points
  158. Object Oriented Question - Get functions not working properly???
  159. Changing a foreign site
  160. using array keys, what am i doing wrong?
  161. PeoplePods Development Help!
  162. Resolved ManagerID = preg_replace help
  163. str_replace for digits
  164. Compeitors Separation
  165. I need help making an "I'm feeling lucky" type button that will randomlly....
  166. Help me do a regex
  167. Generating a thumbnail from video files
  168. PHP DATA Extract
  169. PHP Image Collage
  170. If and Then
  171. need help sending text message with php
  172. Keep ID to another function
  173. function call with an include()
  174. $_REQUEST Help to $_GET My Form $_POSTed
  175. Temporary Email Forwarding Script
  176. Need help modifying some PHP
  177. Form won't post
  178. creating word documents using php
  179. mysql update fails
  180. using 'DO' in a query string for function calls
  181. Dividing negative,0,positive value of a field by 5?
  182. Reliable-PROVEN Groupon like script needed
  183. echo numeric characters ONLY in a string?
  184. Resolved update mysql database depending on number typed in a form
  185. Ajax Post Issue !
  186. How may I insert html into $lang = array_merge (PHP)
  187. How to display multiple (unknown) mysql query results in one html?
  188. Coding Help
  189. Problem Looking For 2 Variables In String
  190. catching in array the values posted from a form
  191. phpmyadmin backup
  192. problem start session
  193. Not seeing the end of the problem
  194. Error querying database :( HELP!
  195. How to use PHP pspell_config_repl
  196. free php hosting
  197. help with Varchar(no#) result
  198. urlencode/decode question
  199. Resolved No error reporting in upgrade to 5.3.4
  200. extract data from Function
  201. Need a script repaired
  202. Twitter's robots.txt question:
  203. Hiding the URL.
  204. Page creation through multimedia files
  205. [help] most annoying error
  206. Get XML Data into Magento via the Magento API
  207. custom mysql database search assistance
  208. get DIV content to textarea !
  209. Delete Entry that has apostrophe
  210. Help with SMTP email
  211. form Security protection
  212. Why record is not inserted in the DB
  213. Need help with ssl curl - flight schedule
  214. how to delete it?
  215. Advice about this form of password encryption.
  216. News website
  217. CKeditor - Removing \r before submit to mySQL
  218. Using php Function
  219. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
  220. Adding a unique record to DB
  221. displaying an image from a MYSql database.
  222. php giving me trouble with my tables?
  223. php code to click/visit urls submitted from forms?
  224. Putting php variable into html text box
  225. SQL injection
  226. inesrt Query need some help !
  227. Inserting value from one table to other table's column for specific user
  228. split the class
  229. Link to content
  230. Live video streaming
  231. Billing, Cpanel and webmail login form.
  232. Signin page to direct user back to their original page
  233. Form Validation and Submission
  234. Resolved Prevent email form from being sent if URL is provided in message
  235. Get textbox value into php without submitting form
  236. Pass Data from One Form to Another
  237. Foreach help?
  238. Alternative To .NET Report Viewer Control
  239. simple oop question
  240. types of submit switches
  241. Header Redirect Security
  242. Using php to change content depending on day of week
  243. highlight search terms after PHP search
  244. Non-Standard newline character
  245. Create a countdown clock whos base value is a UNIX timestamp...
  246. Question about status updates
  247. cookies
  248. Check if SESSION exists after login
  249. If / Replace
  250. php/mysql next and previous rows

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