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  1. Having trouble with Facebook Like Button on dynamic web page
  2. php total in the report
  3. download excel file
  4. which the best to sanitize& validate method to prevent sql injection?
  5. mysql num rows troubleshoot
  6. Prevent User From Using "Copy"
  7. database connection not connecting
  8. populate select box based on the first
  9. php code to autogenerate a table
  10. Help me with my php login/register please
  11. Modify this PHP script to style portion differently?
  12. How I can export data in 2 tables to excel?
  13. function utility finder
  14. Resolved Cookies - Help!
  15. Help Retrieving Image from mySQL
  16. Why is invalid insertation?
  17. Help with email array
  18. PHP -> Search ALL COLUMNS of a MySQL database
  19. problem with reading txt file including encoded characters
  20. Cart Help
  21. dropdown list problem urgent help needed pls
  22. Copying a file from outside the webroot into the webroot
  23. Post vars to e-mail headers
  24. Help with accesskeys
  25. pass variables to table
  26. unexpected T_BOOLEAN_OR
  27. True Vs. Not False
  28. 1 form two actions
  29. Write an "alias" in php ?
  30. echo variable without session
  31. Is it possible to get all the rows or names of a column into an array as values?
  32. Changing file names on upload not working
  33. Need php help for facebook application coding.
  34. php referers
  35. Download a Photo
  36. php check box help
  37. Insert PHP code to call prices in Wordpress
  38. PHP code example for an interview.
  39. Retrieving checkboxes values from mysql
  40. PHP + xDebugger + Netbeans + Ubuntu
  41. How do you send a json object to a php file
  42. how to preg_match the hebrew out?
  43. How Many Times to Encrypt a Password?
  44. specifying a directory
  45. Creating a site like kittenwar.com
  46. Banner with Now Playing and a request link
  47. Against SQL injection
  48. Drop down list
  49. Insert array VALUES in SQL statement
  50. How can i switch between includes with 2 buttons?
  51. Why is mysql_num_rows not working?
  52. echo date plus one day?
  53. connect to imap gmail
  54. boolean with include/require
  55. Code for product search page
  56. want ucwords() to leave conjunctions (and,or) and prepositions (by,for) uncapitalised
  57. changing javascript using php (thats not in php)
  58. explode if for loop
  59. Problem Removing bad symbols ` , '
  60. Developing Forum Software
  61. Call javascript function in php
  62. Explode URL Question
  63. Error Page Specific Code
  64. Not displaying select text
  65. php contact form
  66. File uploader
  67. Coding search engine (HELP needed)
  68. This file only search 'Begin with keyword', how to make it search 'Contain keyword' ?
  69. PHP getting forum data..
  70. Disable resubmitting information
  71. using sleep on mass email
  72. Assign row numbers
  73. PHP email formatting issues
  74. Export to CSV contains date validation Javascript
  75. Days to seconds with php
  76. Writing to text file
  77. How to repeat only <TR> with php?
  78. Simple question even for beginners
  79. php coding conventions and security tips?
  80. Count numbers
  81. Check the insert price
  82. CURL -- dynamic file upload?
  83. Why does this always display "YES"
  84. RegEx conditionals?
  85. Help with Conditional Code in Wordpress
  86. How to remove '&submit=submit' from the url
  87. Which comes first
  88. trying to make a query count switch
  89. Link submission form with youtube video
  90. Easy way to make the server think you are a browser?
  91. Resolved Select Box Problem
  92. Memory leak when using curl_multi
  93. Form Working Despite Selection Issue?
  94. Random PHP Redirect
  95. PHP script to generate text from a font???
  96. Resolved how to "else"
  97. passing values only if
  98. Choosing name, creating and then copy files from folder to another
  99. Duplicate " characters when creating links with preg_replace()
  100. How to specify url to let php do the search
  101. Resolved What am I doing wrong? Multiplication error?
  102. if a problem occurs in a foreach loop how do you
  103. Parse error - please help
  104. Extract Image
  105. Regular Expression Problem
  106. Parse error in my sign up script
  107. pass a var into select query in other file?
  108. Change chart type using a drop down
  109. Resolved Wampserver error
  110. Ms Word Special Characters and phpmyadmin Problem
  111. Birthdate input into database
  112. why hebrew shows in one page and doesn't in another?
  113. IF statement - A little help
  114. Wrong errors reporting back.
  115. PHP Login - How to retain the login status with separately linked PHP files
  116. Problem with Case Sensitivity and Table Names
  117. Need help with a very simple PHP capcha
  118. dates
  119. variable variable for looping variables?
  120. preg_replace help please
  121. Secret Word Search box
  122. Php mail() limit
  123. Ecommerce and PHP
  124. Extract article from news website
  125. interface advantage
  126. How do I code this loop ?
  127. Replacing single quote does not work
  128. Same login acroocs multiple sites
  129. user has to sign in twice?
  130. Determine how many elements in Array
  131. display update / edit button next to results retrieved from database
  132. Rename filename - Upload
  133. upload.php - Restrict size and file type
  134. Resolved concatenated variables increasing in value?
  135. Importing iCalendar to Google Calendar
  136. php Form Help [code included]
  137. str_replace string including quotation marks
  138. Dropdown Sticky....
  139. PHP FTP Upload form
  140. Resolved php referral url help.
  141. making admin record greater than 1
  142. Base64 hack on server
  143. What kind of tuning does mysql_pconnect require?
  144. hoppity hop problem
  145. multiple of 22
  146. how to search by skipping equidistant letters
  147. Keep Special Characters
  148. Not Reading PHP
  149. PHP code for user registration system.
  150. $_GET not working
  151. Stored Procedure INSERT INTO parameters
  152. Multiple Inserts
  153. Php Loop
  154. Apply fileviewer function to hyperlinked
  155. select best price between MYSQL columns and rows
  156. PHP upgrade no longer auto-detecting data types
  157. how to represent entered details using a bar chart
  158. Problems with very simple upload.php Can anyone help? Sorry, beginner!
  159. SimpleXMLElement ain't simple
  160. php retrewing jpg picture from mysql database
  161. How to make files immediately ready for download after being uploaded?
  162. PHP Sandbox
  163. htaccess question
  164. help with my loop
  165. if !empty Issue, with $_POST Arrays
  166. calculating percentage
  167. what do i need to do to display a blogsport blog on a website?
  168. Echoing
  169. Logical Operators
  170. How to GET part of a URL?
  171. Why isn't this working, sql username check
  172. Sort (Descending) on associative array
  173. Drop the last comma in query
  174. Wordpress permalinks
  175. PHP Contact Form: Functional with Mozilla Firefox, but not IE. Help please!
  176. Whats wrong in my script??
  177. signature picture getting to the report
  178. Insert into bd question.
  179. XML from PHP
  180. How to make database Search Engine searchable
  181. set default values to NULL not working
  182. retain value of drop down box on captcha error
  183. Do you see anything wrong with this select statement?
  184. how can i get result from html form page
  185. security problems with Session()
  187. Accessing Variables From A Class Function Include
  188. Manage Stored Procedures
  189. Store Unknown Amounts on Submit in Database - Form Submit Question
  190. Default php get value
  191. Creating graph with php and mysql
  192. send a link value and request it back using ajax?
  193. Possible PHP bug?
  194. search database mutliple times
  195. value for textbox doesn't retain on refresh
  196. am I properly sanitizing and validating?
  197. Session Time
  198. echoing html that has php in it?
  199. how to say "not (a word OR null)"
  200. Help to fix errors
  201. Resolved Isolating PHP Code Without Frames
  202. escape array not working
  203. Resolved Different responses
  204. Working With Stored Routines
  205. How to properly use $_GET and $_POST variables
  206. Compare Numbers script
  207. How to use 'if' inside quoted code
  208. help with a select query
  209. need some help..
  210. display array values
  211. Resolved Converting table in aspx file to a csv file
  212. Contact Form - Simple question
  213. validate captcha on same page as form
  214. [php] Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::set()
  215. When adding a Captcha my sessions stop working
  216. How to remove leading zeros
  217. Enable MySQL Support to PHP
  218. I don't understand the PCRE Meta-Character '^'
  219. need to hide H3 if there is no content - Wordpress
  220. Wordpress login page doesn't show?!
  221. Sharing a session across multiple domains.
  222. Php number converting to charater
  223. demo mode
  224. Deleting an XML tag
  225. array split problems
  226. Templating/ id's in link
  227. show list based on which county has been clicked
  228. keeping user access authentic via IPs and what else?
  229. Editing form
  230. spry validation and server side (php) being bypassed
  231. Urgent IPN Mail Query please help
  232. Opening links in main window div
  233. GD Image CreateIssue
  234. Pagination with custom post type listing - wordpress
  235. PHP 4 no longer working on PHP 5 Server
  236. Object undefined on page redirect
  237. Resolved how to show more images?
  238. troubles calling file from other directory
  239. Php code is not working inside HTML block
  240. Calling Associative Array Functions
  241. Keeping values in form text fields
  242. foreach loop with a counter
  243. Get php to read identifying information in another file
  244. PHP execution order
  245. log a user out when he leaves a page
  246. Help PHP code
  247. Compulsory T&C Tick Box
  248. Resolved Else Statement
  249. WP Error - I need urgent help
  250. Resolved verify data in columns

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