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  1. Help Accessing Array Values
  2. Passing an array as a $_SESSION
  3. Comparing datetimes
  4. How to add star rating and commenting to images from mysql
  5. x y in post array
  6. Help with preg_match function to extract external URL
  7. Login form, php/mysql
  8. Help using lightbox with images from mysql database
  9. text link to a URL variable from a database
  10. take 5 working days from date help...
  11. [HELP] i need to get video metadata with php
  12. array_Rand help?
  13. Looping through results and sending them via email
  14. how to check button existance in php
  15. Location-based time and weather informer
  16. exporting mssql table to excel
  17. mysql_error that doesn't display an error....
  18. Query multiple tables in php script
  19. Preloading
  20. Download Multiple Files to a Single Location
  21. Filter out bad words from my database
  22. which came first the slash or the entity
  23. Wordpress Ajax Problem: Need an Expert
  24. pagination in php
  25. Changing the code in a Simple MP3 Player from Joomla
  26. 500 Internal Server Error
  27. Get screen width with php
  28. PHP INPUT Security checking/ validating/ sanitizing
  29. Message: Missing argument 1/Missing argument 2 for User::__construct()
  30. Updating a php variable?
  31. Color loss when uploading
  32. Getting Month name out of mmyyyy formmatted date
  33. how do you create a search box for a php/mysql site?
  34. syntax error (localhost)
  35. why doesn't this if statement work?
  36. Resolved Session Global Variables Warning
  37. Resolved Help with form submission
  38. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in \html.php on line 141
  39. Top 20 lister ?
  40. sorting multidimensional array
  41. lettle help with curl
  42. Is anybody willing to teach me how to build my image gallery
  43. Grouping messages
  44. Adding Service Announcements to Page
  45. Sleep()
  46. OO Newbie: Why is my value persisting through refresh?? (I don't want it to)
  47. Searching for exact term or no result
  48. Array Key help?
  49. smarty categories display
  50. Form from Dropdown is submitting previous values?
  51. security checking input value gets lost
  52. Automatically display directory folder names in drop-down selection box
  53. Resolved phplist mails
  54. php not recognizing some of my sql columns
  55. SMTP Contact Form not working
  56. How to protect files/graphics for members section
  57. How to install Banner Ad to my forum's main page?
  58. If Statement isn't working as I expected it to
  59. Update checkboxes in mySQL via PHP
  60. Uploading images to chosen directory
  61. Forums
  62. php/soap client call to remote wsdl
  63. Can not redeclare function error - uncertain how to apply security
  64. Parse XML with PHP
  65. Preg replace chars from array
  66. Help: About Nested Foreach
  67. help to determine file size
  68. if ( strtolower($info['extension']) == 'jpg' ) Please Help.
  69. can't echo out from SQL query?!
  70. syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO - think it might be Javascript
  71. how to download a file changing in size?
  72. How to write mail(...) which uses utf-8
  73. validate for positive number or fail request
  74. Input to change position via radio buttons
  75. Cron Job Not Working WHy?
  76. Need help on verification script in PHP to insert data.
  77. Get the name of files before and after X file in a folder with php?
  78. Making drop-down menu hide, but choosing a 'selected' default option
  79. using trim on special char
  80. php/mysql image gallery, please help me.
  81. Php problem...!!
  82. multidimensional array to html table problem
  83. array explode() PHP function issue! help pls!
  84. refresh page, current link is forgotten
  85. Receiving an error in php code
  86. Z-index images Php finalizing script help
  87. more WYSIWYG email body
  88. foreach help?
  89. help about preg_match
  90. PHP / sql project...new to php
  91. Help to fix error
  92. Help with a Wordpress Sidebar
  93. Template Problem
  94. defult variable for empty $_GET
  95. running a 5-10min SW on the server and use the result right after
  96. How to show dates like in forums?
  97. please advise php tutorial on this topic
  98. insert data into database from text file
  99. remove trailing numerics from a string?
  100. Asking for a small help
  101. Formatting number outputs to have decimal points
  102. require help please
  103. What wron in my PHP form validation script?
  104. PHP imagettftext not working
  105. automatic resizing image script?
  106. PHP regex problem
  107. Creating a list of folder items
  108. form processing and viewing results
  109. What format do you give the filename of PHP objects that you've made?
  110. Hash
  111. upload my php file
  112. please explain this code to my (preg_match)
  113. How to include specific PHP code from a page~???
  114. Object vs. Array
  115. php noob
  116. List Of countries - Capitals
  117. How can I capture the file-path from a form rather than the file itself??
  118. wierd problem...
  119. Convert XLSB to Something else
  120. Call function: New Category
  121. Resouces for advanced php/mysql search forms
  122. Secure php login
  123. Login System using PHP Ajax
  124. Viewing multiple tables of data
  125. Having issues with my assignment... Again! Warning: mysqli_error() expects parameter
  126. Simple question =)
  127. I want the home page to be index.php?id=x
  128. "Best Method" for PHP Batch Processing
  129. Resolved Redirect If no session is present
  130. Resolved Make variable both GET & POST available
  131. help with php! and mysql query!
  132. Extract values from page URL
  133. Login script to redirect to orignal page.
  134. PHP read and write .txt
  135. anyone ever wrote this kind of encapsulation?
  136. Send variables in the page URL of an iframe
  137. Prevent echoing of default date data
  138. Is anybody out there willing to help me learn a few things, i really need help.
  139. help with codeigniter
  140. using include
  141. syntax error eval --- currency converter help
  142. click on first letter of town name first
  143. Advanced Search forms
  144. adding dates to a date
  145. +1 update query updating +4
  146. Executing DOS commands from PHP
  147. Text Areas and MySQL
  148. Missing something in a applying my verification sanitization
  149. Simple PHP mySQL query
  150. How to create enable/disable action for table row in php
  151. PHP script issue when I run in debugger I recieve this message Parse error: syntax er
  152. can I learn php now?
  153. DB copy script stops just short of end of records
  154. Problem to added new data in to mysql table with PHP
  155. Can Someone Pls Help
  156. PHP WordPress Error
  157. Mailto script not working on my hosting
  158. Php image uploader
  159. file upload error
  160. joining arrays
  161. function works default url only
  162. Sessions not carrying over in IE
  163. Img change on login
  164. Please explain the purpose of these characters
  165. Resolved [Doubt] Else without braces and code executing after and exit() ?
  166. generate custom PK
  167. Retreiving selected value from table
  168. form action value php variable help
  169. Linebreaks not being recognised in output string
  170. Automatically Going Next Row (in a table)
  171. printf issue
  172. how to retrieve data from database?
  173. Help - need a form
  174. css and php echo
  175. suggestions on how to write this code better
  176. please help to get widget working
  177. BBCode to HTML
  178. Email Headers & Deliverability - 90 Second Question
  179. importing javascript array
  180. js php mysql
  181. Can't access ArrayObject
  182. gdimage resize
  183. need a way to make the first character
  184. Whats wrong in my function.php
  185. need to practice
  186. Remembering username and password
  187. How do you specify an independent stylesheet to a page in wordpress?
  188. need help making a form for posting articles
  189. attachments not showing up in email
  190. header syntax
  191. count form elements
  192. imploding "OR id="
  193. Stupid question, can I automatically assign CSS with PHP?
  194. Manipulating PHP/MySQL output
  195. Open Inviter Script & Email Deliverability
  196. readfile downloads freezing site for viewer
  197. Dynamic Drop Down Lists using PHP/MySQL/AJAX
  198. Importing CSV Data into MySQL via php
  199. php mailer
  200. breaking a name into two
  201. Help with registration script
  202. timer for quiz
  203. Displaying a reminder notice of upcoming event --php
  204. Facebook oAuth Exception
  205. Copy table data from one databse to another databse table daily
  206. How to define custom value in existing script
  207. putting multiple links into input box separated by commas and making them clickable
  208. Invoking parent __call from child object
  209. Resolved need help
  210. Strange problem wirh post data not showing
  211. Find Lines and Remove Lines from a string
  212. Can't get it to dispatch an email
  213. How to show every single THANG ??
  214. PHP SoapClient SSL: fatal protocol error
  215. modify a if statment with email
  216. Database Entry Automation
  217. Featured Image Not Working Correctly
  218. Session time out during use
  219. Unexpected Output without an echo
  220. real contact form, real security.
  221. geolocation-based querying
  222. Whats wrong in my script?
  223. Resolved linking my mod into my current session
  224. Pls help me with my php fighting codes
  225. Out of office PHP script?
  226. Bar code reading
  227. Clean pipe script email variable <>
  228. Need some help with Siggen php script
  229. Auto Resize of Images - I need to remove this feature.
  230. PHP File Upload not working
  231. HELP Showing file from DIR to link
  232. Separating emails by comma
  233. Need recaptcha help
  234. Using zend_parse_parameters in PHP extension
  235. Help with Array
  236. dropping tables while loop error
  237. need help making functions call other functions
  238. PHP or MySQL to show data if user logged in?
  239. installing sudo apt-get install php5-xsl problem
  240. Session variable changes itself randomly
  241. Uploading JSON with js/php
  242. include which one
  243. [How to] set different memory_limit value only in a file
  244. Quick php help..anyone?
  245. Some help to fix error please?
  246. Weird PHP
  247. Dynamic website language translator.
  248. Resolved Pipe activation code from cell phone
  249. Parsing incoming XML RPC / JSON RPC
  250. submit to server functionality

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