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  1. ssh2_tunnel problem?
  2. New to PHP and need help with web page accessing a server
  3. Function Returning Two Values
  4. How can I do this find and replace ?
  5. Emailing files
  6. php How do I bullet a list generated by a while statement
  7. Filtering Query Results
  8. Help to a simple code change
  9. How to "Post" a XML content to an URL
  10. retrieving values of post values + a number
  11. how to search string for phrase using array
  12. Notice: Undefined index
  13. PHP and PDF file
  14. Echoing Query Results into Dropdowns
  15. How do you randomise large chunks of code?
  16. Remove all instances of a string but keep only one in php also sum amounts
  17. Help with Non-OOP Transaction
  18. How Do I Retrieve Month and Date Separately From A Date
  19. PHP Date Conversion
  20. PHP Data Conversion
  21. Suggestion required
  22. which script this site uses?
  23. PHP $_GET[] not getting the information from URL
  24. please, help with contact form
  25. php code to track affiliate redirections from my site.
  26. Search Data
  27. Issues with PHP & mySQL
  28. Filtering Query Results through URL
  29. CMS vs purely Custom, for complex website
  30. custom CMS advice
  31. snippet for getting traffic source?
  32. what is wrong with this?
  33. including email in plaintext email?
  34. want text emails from phpmailer
  35. Product recommendation page produced using PHP script
  36. Help with Saving a File to a Folder
  37. Random Fact Generator with SQL intergration.
  38. Mysql Connection
  39. Search engine
  40. how would i go about populating some form elements depending on a select option?
  41. integrating a payment gateway
  42. php drop down lists
  43. Image upload - renaming to prevent overwrite
  44. My nested if's are not working ???
  45. help me insert to one row this record
  46. Show table data in div
  47. How to use rich text box using php
  48. Scoring
  49. Google Flight RPC
  50. PHP/SQL show 'all' in specific columns
  51. Worth binding paramaters if using $_GET?
  52. phpmailer script
  53. Find Problem
  54. Toggle Sort Order on Hyperlink Click
  55. insert into mysql on page load
  56. Inserting array values into database
  57. array, getting a certain key value
  58. Sorting with Prepared Statement?
  59. couple of questions
  60. Error with connecting mysql
  61. MysqlI gotcha..
  62. please help me brother.
  63. Script output in a form input value
  64. MySql Connection
  65. Newbie: Error with PHP_SELF.
  66. Using a variable as column selector
  67. php mail script smtp
  68. Problem with php code.
  69. How do I systematiccally walk through all combinations of these sets of data ?
  70. php text/htmll mail script to 2 emails
  71. download to apple
  72. How Do I Receive Email Notifications of Submitted Info in my Website
  73. Really new in PHP, need some help
  74. Create pagination foreach loop
  75. Simplified ballot results
  76. Problem with Undefined offset in my function
  77. PHP- how to turn off autoplay?
  78. Check if a string is true.
  79. Best way to do search word structure?
  80. please help me, need help with captcha
  81. Resolved Problem with IMAP - cannot open stream
  82. Problem with my Ajax/PHP/Mysql chat
  83. htmlentities() question
  84. Insert Problem
  85. Block IP with PHP Error
  86. Php wideimage error
  87. Php includes not working!
  88. Get Date of Last Sunday and This Saturday
  89. Scheduling a PHP Script
  90. Wordpress php question - How to make a latest post appear differently?
  91. php and sql
  92. Strange characters in my link ??
  93. Get Result in html
  94. PHP MySQL Negative Value (Balance) Issue
  95. Parameter Problem
  96. Confusion about MAX in query
  97. PHP Form
  98. PHP Email Question
  99. why getting: argument for routine is not a variable?!
  100. validating a GET method...
  101. Min Length for Text Area Help
  102. Upload multiple images
  103. PHPUnit Exception
  104. PHP file viewer
  105. Left Outer Join from two databases NOT Working
  106. Storing MYSQL Results into an array
  107. .htaccess help
  108. allowing Data Manipulation Safely?
  109. Race hazard within a session?
  110. Search with multiply words
  111. Contact form Question Codeigniter
  112. Code Correction
  113. Check In Map
  114. PHP Email Response Add Delay
  115. SQL query appears to be looping once only
  116. PHP Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$comments - how to correct it?
  117. Editing Tables - Adding a Delete Row button
  118. equaling 2 date variables problem
  119. PHP show select price and everything below that price
  120. Codeigniter PHP Controller Form Validation Error
  121. Language Encoding
  122. Calling upon an PHP array INSIDE php
  123. Should this be done with .htaccess file or php script ?
  124. can not transfer the local site to the public with mysql
  125. Datebase
  126. PHP.net maintainers to reset user passwords, change SSL certificate
  127. Resolved Fatal Error: non-object
  128. Wordpress Coding
  129. New to php , need help understanding this code
  130. Converting Postcode or Address to Lat/long for google maps
  131. Using XPath
  132. PHP mail() Function Not Sending Large Email
  133. double-submit form
  134. Redirecting/Copying emails from gmail.com to my website
  135. DB Query Increments?
  136. php script for testing html
  137. About Creating Database With Doctrine 2
  138. Insert Form Value into Query & Execute
  139. import csv data to mysql using php
  140. socialengine 4.5 echo username
  141. Dropdown to Change Queries
  142. Need to alter search algorithm to only display AND algorithm results
  143. Datebase
  144. SQL Table Not Displaying Correct Results
  145. Calendar Help
  146. Returned Value: Date or String
  147. Please help me to modify this PHP code
  148. Calendar Help
  149. php My result not displaying after form is submitted
  150. Passing specific data
  151. PHP simple blog
  152. Forgot how to do this easy thing to add information to database
  153. Access Denied Error
  154. PHP Pagination problem with group results
  155. Question about PHP Session Cookies
  156. Help With Poll on Website
  157. php file not found error mysql socket?
  158. How can I view a PHP file without uploading it to my server?
  159. How do I automatically generate this table ?
  160. Collecting ip and sending data
  161. cURL login and submit data
  162. Need Help On How To Pass Controller Array
  163. Limit the results shown in a page (Mysql)
  164. Help with an API, I need a basic understanding
  166. loop not working
  167. Deleting Image Files Help using UNLINK
  168. php $_GET error
  169. STUPID syntax error
  170. Free script for Newsletter
  171. Question about MAMP and php.ini
  172. Free PHP Scripts for Hotel Booking System and Appointment Scheduling System.
  173. html form clear fields not working correctly
  174. can populate a select list from a database but can't update it to a field
  175. PHP UPDATE SET not working correctly
  176. Need some help with preg_match
  177. Using PHP code from a plugin within a wordpress page
  178. Populating secondary list from primary list
  179. run query through an if condition
  180. Form data with Multiple File Upload
  181. PHP and MySQLi security
  182. Delete multiple tables not working
  183. [drupal] hook_field_schema is not called at all!!! What happened??
  184. Increment value in a table
  185. How to Delete a File?
  186. Best way to check time
  187. php session problems and multiple tabs
  188. How can I + and - the time ?
  189. PHP Calculator issue
  190. newsletter form better code review? please
  191. Your opinions on which language I should use for my project
  192. Custom Search Box
  193. How to create a voice call application in PHP?
  194. domain url validation problem
  195. Resolved Wordpress Function
  196. Swiftmailer looping problem
  197. Configuring hours worked for timesheet
  198. post variable to another page without form
  199. Cakephp authentication from two tables
  200. Php mail function
  201. Error
  202. Learning PDO... need some help!
  203. php require once issue need help.
  204. The sequence number for $filename
  205. General Discussion about SQL Injection
  206. PHP bin2hex? issue, not quite sure.
  207. Honey Pot Spam Prevention + FormToEmail.php
  208. Help writing points field to table, Please help
  209. Best way to work out elapsed between two timestamps when including an on-hold time pe
  210. PHP Auto Email Responders
  211. Show month wise report in mysql
  212. Web Developer wanting to learn PHP
  213. joomla question
  214. [drupal] Hash character (#) automatically translated to "%23" when form is loaded
  215. I have to wonder..
  216. How to get the real physical path to load files.
  217. exif_imagetype validation problems
  218. Force Download Files on the Browser
  219. Image Upload Error : failed to open stream: Permission denied in <path>
  220. Resolved FPDF module
  221. Php extension modules
  222. Resolved Showing most recent entries in a query.
  223. Create a drupal form looks like this sample page
  224. Adding Email Values Error
  225. php
  226. A join from two databases is driving me crazy
  227. Operations with Arrays
  228. Best way to share variables across files
  229. Lock out User, and then what?!
  230. echo problem??
  231. unexpected T_CONST (php version 5.2.17)
  232. Redirect Email Page After Sent
  233. pagination return more pages than results
  234. Breadcrumbs Link Error
  235. What's your best Captcha solution?
  236. Redirect on Submit question
  237. Contact Us Form
  238. Resolved dynamic class file modification
  239. Create one image from few resources
  240. Seatbooking system
  241. imagettftext center text on image
  242. Matching Arrays
  243. Need Constant that is a Number
  244. Parsing XML from SOAP response
  245. help get data from mysql to html form
  246. bit vs. byte calculator readable problem
  247. PHP variable with heredoc
  248. how to get Random, non-repeating integers?
  249. Issues with script cause I moved which directory it was in...
  250. php-fpm + persistent sockets = 502 bad gateway

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